Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Random Dozen

Linda has thrown us another random dozen. If you'd like to join in just grab the questions and sign in here.

1. Tell me the absolute best way to watch a movie? I have to admit I love going to the theatre to see a show. With a big bucket of theatre popcorn and a coke. But I hate to spend that kind of money on a regular basis, so our other option is at home. Love to curl up on the couch next to hubby with a bag of Lay's original chips and a selection of chip dips, herb & spice or dill pickle for me, onion for hubby.

2. Do you ever think about your own funeral? If so, do you have specific ideas about how you would like it to be? In all honesty I have never thought about it.

3. Are you more of a giver or a taker? Boy would I love to say I'm a hundred percent giver, but then I'd have to do some repenting for lying. I think it depends on the situation and if I'm feeling burnt out at the time or not. Sometimes it's easier to give of material things than it is to give of my time. I tend to be more selfish with my time. I wish I wasn't but I'm being honest.

4. Vacations: planned activities and schedules, or play it by ear? Both, though we do lean more toward being spontaneous.

5. What is one often overlooked item in your home that needs to be cleaned regularly? Definitely the top of my dresser. It seems to be the catch all and I ignore it until I can't stand it anymore or I run out of room, which ever comes first. I don't know where I got that because my mom is meticulous and her dresser is always neat and cleared off. As is my hubby's cupboard. Sigh. But it's a constant struggle for me.

6. Name a cause that means a lot to you. I love supporting Samaritan's Purse. I love that they are involved in helping those who are desparate need in so many ways both locally and world wide and I love how I can choose into which area my support will go. And bottom line is the gospel is going forth. You can click on their button in my sidebar to see all the great things they do.

7. Do you eat a regular old peanut butter jelly sandwich, or do you customize it? And by the way, jelly or no jelly? I don't often eat pb&j. Although once in a while I do like peanut butter and banana sandwiches with a nice cold glass of chocolate milk.

8. If we were having a conversation in person, how would I know if you were nervous? I had to ask hubby and he says when I'm nervous I laugh a lot in the conversation. Go figure that one out. A therapist would have a hey dey with me.

9. Do you have an elaborate bedtime routine, or just the basics of toothbrushing and jammies? Check all the doors and make sure windows are shut, turn off cell phone, click the car lock button making sure the car is locked and toothbrush and jammies. Oh and can't forget the the wrist braces for carpel tunnel. Then when I lay down, I lay on my right and immediately flip the pillow over taking the top and making it the bottom. Always top to bottom. Weird.

10. Have you ever regretted something you wrote on your blog? Not that I can think of at this moment. I'm honest but just believe there are some thing you don't put out there for the world to read. I'm very mindful of my family's feelings about having their lives put out there and make sure I respect that. And I like to lean more toward the be kind/be encouraging kinds of posts rather than venting kinds of posts.

11. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a famous person or celebrity? Did you agree? Nope, although once when I was babysitting the family phoned home to make sure I was there because they saw a girl in the bar who looked just like me. But that's not celebrity so ...nope.

12. If you were going to dedicate a song to a loved one or friend, what would the song be and to whom would it be dedicated? "The Voyage" and I'd dedicate to my hubby cause he's my first mate and I'm his.


Judy said...

I struggle with the top of my dresser too. When it bugs me I move it to my desk, which is a roll-top. But then that becomes so piled high I can't close the roll top! Then I have a purging session and am amazed at how much I usually throw away. Could have just done that to begin with and not gotten to that point, huh? :)

SouthLakesMom said...

What a beautiful song! Wow, Susanne, I hope hubby feels very publicly loved today!

What kind of little bird is that on your photo? It is beautiful!

We visited Canada this summer and loved it. Everyone we met was nice...just nice!

Joyce said...

Thanks for visiting...I love Samaritans Purse too..a wonderful organization.

#12-very sweet : ) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I love that Celtic Thunder and PB&J is the bomb :) There's an award for ya on my blog :) Aloha

Janet said...

I really like Samaritan's Purse too. So practical. In previous churches we could participate in the shoeboxes at Christmantime, but our current church doesn't do that. :-(

Love your honesty in the giver vs. taker answer.

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your answers!

Melli said...

Oyyyy... I struggle with piles on my dresser too... and on the chair next to my computer... and one on the very end of one of my kitchen counters ... Toooooo many piles in my house!

That song is gorgeous! I have only recently been exposed to Celtic Thunder... and I have really LOVED everything I've heard from them thus far! I am definitely going to look into acquiring a CD or two...

Funny about the babysitting parents! hehehe...

Barbara H. said...

I almost listed The Voyage -- I like the version by John McDermott, and my husband made a video of pictures of out family to it for our anniversary last year. But I've always thought of it as from the man's point of view, though it could be from either.

I do prefer movies at home, but I hate missing out on the "buzz" when a new movie comes out.

I so agree about it being easier to give of material things than time.

Jamie said...

The theatre with a big tub of popcorn and a coke (diet coke for me) is a rare treat at our place too...but I love it.

the voice of melody said...

I agree, Samaritan's Purse is such a great organization and certainly worthy of support.

That pillow thing you do had me laughing, I also like my pillow "just so". Hope you're enjoying the new season! :)

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

I feel the same way about my #3 answer.

And the top of my dresser gets pretty cluttered too, until I can't stand it anymore. My mom was the same way as yours, so maybe there IS a connection! :-)

And BTW, Samaritan's Purse has just in the last week been a blessing to our community when we had one of the worst floodings in several lifetimes here. Great organization! :-)

Catherine said...

#3 is exactly what I was thinking (but didn't take the time to write).

Great song!

Mountain Mama said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Yes my dresser seems to be a catch-all. Once a month or so I realize I can't see the things under all the clothes etc, and clean it off.

I love Celtic Thunder too, especially the little boy with the BIG voice.

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Amen to Samaritan's Purse.

Chocolate milk with a pb sandwich- never thought of it. YUM!

Brook said...

#8 I love reading your blog...now I am curious what I would think of you in person...would you giggle around a bloggy friend? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by. I will have to notify you when I share the Nacho story. :)

I love Samaritan's Purse. We had a friend adopt a child and that child had received a Christmas shoebox. So great! I'm heading up the campaign at our church this year.

Jerralea said...

Great answers, Susanne! I love it when you said, "I'd dedicate to my hubby cause he's my first mate and I'm his." Awww, how sweet!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I love Samaritan's Purse, too.

I have to say I'm not surprised by your bedtime routine because you seem so organized. That's why I'm shocked you've never thought about funeral plans.
#11 cracked me up.

Thanks for participating, sweet friend.

Deven said...

HA! @ #11.

Flipping the pillow is effectively getting a fresh case every night. :) I saw an ad once that talked about "as cool as the other side of the pillow." It's one of my favorite word images to this day.