Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wanted: To Start Immediately, Warmth and Sunshine

Oh I'm telling ya, if I see one more frost warning out for the nights, I'm going to stage some kind of protest. Not quite sure yet to whom or what shape that will take, but it's worth a try. I wonder if mother nature listens to petitions. But in any case, we cry "uncle" to these cold nights.

For 3 nights in a row, in June, that's June with a capital "J", I have been out covering plants with buckets, towels and sheets. And if you don't think having your sheets on display for the neighborhood and anyone driving by to see is not just a little strange feeling, then give it a try. I'm sure there has been a passerby or two questioning my decorating taste as I've been using a few old sheets that I've had shoved to the back of the linen closet tucked away from when we were first married in the '80's and let's just say the patterns and colors are not of today's styles. LOL.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd show you just what it is that is worth saving and warranting my putting my "vintage" linen closet out for display.

This is one of my favorites this year. A Sunset Shade Begonia.

Little violas with Deep Orange begonias peeking out from behind.

Kenilworth Ivy with it's delicate tiny, tiny purple flowers.

Purple violas. I love these little flowers. I wonder if they'll reseed themselves. I hope so.

My other favorite find this year is this Pinwheel Periwinkle Felicia. So cute. So far this is the only bloom that's opened but it's got about another half dozen or more buds just waiting for some warm weather to tickle them open. Notice how the delicate petals are curled under? That's what it does at nighttime or if it's colder or cloudy outside. When the sun kisses it, those little petals straighten right out and bask in the warmth.
You hear that Mr. Weatherman. We all to want to bask in warmth. You best listen.
I think I'll have to make this a "To be continued" post. There's just too much to show and well life is beckoning. Have a wonderful day!


ellen b. said...

Oh definately worth saving every one!! I love that pinwheel one. I don't think I've ever seen that before. So sweet!! I wonder what old sheets I still have tucked away :0)

Barbara H. said...

They're all pretty, but that top one is gorgeous! Hope they all make it!

Faith said...

I LOVE all your flower pics!
Especially the purple violas.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness those are so beautiful and so worth saving. I can see why one would be upset with that weather your having. I'd like to see a picture of your sheets in use LOL. It's not nice to fool mother nature LOL Have a good one and I hope the weather gets warmer real soon ;)

Finding Pam said...

I will gladly send you some of our 90+ degree weather. I am sure you would not like it because it burns everything up.

Sheets are the best item to use for frost. It gently protects them and stays in place.

Lovely photos.

Jientje said...

Can't wait to see more, this was wonderful! If you get a chance ( when Mr Weatherman sends some warm weather, please take a picture of that lovely flower basking in the sun?

Linda said...

I'm sure you're more than ready for a bit of sunshine and warm weather Susanne. I would gladly send you some from Texas if I could figure out a way to do it. We have more than enough to share.
I love the little pinwheel flower - it is just adorable. Hopefully there will be sunshine soon and lots more of them.

Grace said...

Those lovely blossoms are definitely worthy of their vintage coverings, and your time and effort. I'm vote for a warmer June for you, too. P.S. I'm with Thom...I was hoping for a photo of those 80s sheets, too! :-)

Michelle said...

The flowers are beautiful Susanne here's hoping you get summer weather soon.

Karen said...

The orangey-peach begonia is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely worth airing your laundry to the neighborhood! I laughed at that. My husband's "bachelor" sheets are our paint dropcloths. I can imagine how I'd feel having them spread out in the yard for the neighbors to see! They would definitely question my decorating style.

I can only imagine how ready you are for summer. The thunderstorms and cloudy days are starting to wear on me as well.

Beck said...

So very, very pretty!
It's SO cold here that we're back to drinking hot chocolate and wearing sweaters again. NICE, weather. Real nice.

GiBee said...

That's a great camera! What are you using???