Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Famous Firsts

I found this really fun meme at Barbara's who found it at Melli's who found it at Thom's who seems to have stolen it from a meme that steals memes. You got that? Whew!

First job: other than babysitting was working in the food shack at our local public golf course. It was fun, the golfers were the best tippers I have ever run across, it was outside. The only downfall was that the ripped open relish and ketchup packets would attract a mega amount of wasps. And well, can we just say I have a very healthy fear of the darn things.

First real job: cashier at Safeway

First favorite politician: this made me laugh. It's almost an ironic type of question. Like the words "favorite" and "politician" somehow don't go together. LOL. But I'd have to say it wouldn't be some famous for-whatever-reason politician. It would be our federal Member of Parliment who has served this constituency faithfully and well now for many a year.

First car: can't remember the year but it was a silver four door Ford Granada. I loved that car.

First record/CD: My very first record I ever got was a reward for a good report card in grade 2. It was this one. Oh how I loved it. I knew every song by heart!

First Sport played: I played a wicked tether ball and was the playground champ many a day.

First concert: My very first concert I ever attended was a Tommy Hunter concert and I went with my Mom and Godmother. I was a pre-schooler and I don't remember anything about it except that my sister had her first anaphalactyc shock reaction to a chocolate bar that had peanuts that night. The first concert I ever attended as a teenager was a Bachman Turner Overdrive concert who's opening act was a Canadian group named Trooper, who later became my favorite group as a teenager. And no, my Mom and Godmother did not come with me! ;v)

First foreign country visited: Hungary at the age of 10.

First favorite TV show: From what I can remember it was this one and this one.

First favorite actor: Mark Lester who starred in 1968's Oliver! and 1971's Black Beauty.

First favorite actress: Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins

First boyfriend/girlfriend: a boy in grade 7 named Greg who asked me to "go around" with him. I said yes and then was so freaked out I totally avoided him. That lasted about a week before he broke up with me. LOL.

First encounter with a famous person: I once quite by chance got about 15 feet from Donny and Marie Osmond and the rest of the Osmond brothers but I couldn't get an autograph because the elevator doors were closing.

First brush with death: When my Mom caught me lighting up a smoke behind a truck on my way to school with another girl in grade 7 and told my Dad. LOL.

First house or condo owned: A cute little 1000 square foot 2 bedroom right across the street from the school where I worked.

First film seen: I was 4 years old and the film was Mary Poppins.

First favorite recording artist: Donny Osmond

First favorite radio station: 1090 CHEK

First book I remember reading: A beautiful hard cover edition of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that my Mom and Dad gave me for my birthday.

First meme you answered on your blog: It was this one that Shalee tagged me for. But it was not the actual first meme I ever did. Before I got my own blog, I used to hijack Shalee's comment section and answer her meme's. I had no idea about blog etiquette. It's a good thing she was such a sweetie!

Thanks to all the original stealers. This was fun.

If you'd like to join in the stealing of this meme, let me know in the comments so that I can come and read.


Anonymous said...

Your brush with dearth is awesome LOL. I really like julie Andrews also. And the Granada. What a boxy cat that was no? LOL. Great answers.

Everyday Flotsam and Jetsam said...

Hello! Read your comment over at Musings of a Housewife. I also call foul on American Idol tonight! The whole show was driving me CRAZY! Neat idea with the "famous first". I may have to copy you over at my blog if ya don't mind :)

Jen said...

I enjoyed this so much I did mine this morning....took me down memory lane for awhile.

Barbara H. said...

LOL @ your brush with death. I can totally picture it! And your jr-high crush -- so sweet!

Tether ball! I didn't think of that, but four-square was my playground game of expertise.

I loved "Oliver!"

ellen b. said...

Hey I was a tether ball champ too :0)
Loved your brush with death!
Oh my I'm way older than you if you saw Sound of Music when you were 4!!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Well that is a fun meme!! :) Your Ford Granada sounds priceless! What kind of radio did it have in it? :)
Congrats on being Tether Ball champ. :)

Faith said...

It was great reading more about you! I don't have time to do this today but maybe later in the week before I head out of town....

Shalee said...

Girl, I told you I never minded a bit that you hijacked the comment section. I loved that you felt comfortable enough to do it in the first place!

Much Ado said...

Is it bad that I laughed at your first brush with death?? :)

Great meme, loved reading this.

Barb said...

I was going to say what Thom said - your mom catching you with that cigarette cracked me up. I'm just going to assume that's what you were smoking. LOL

What a fun meme.

quilly said...

I just found this through a link on Thom's blog and had to come read.

I remember Davy & Goliath and Auggie Dawgie, but I didn't remember their names.

And your first ever record was one of my favorites in my collection, but it wasn't mine. I "borrowed" it from my grandmother for about 7 years! LOL!