Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Randomness, Otherwise known as I got nothin'

1. I feel exhausted and drained. Physically, emotionally and creatively. I don't often get this way but when I do I tend to draw introspective, hence the "I got nothin'" in the title. And lucky for you, you get the random sentences of whatever comes out of the keyboard.

2. I survived leading ladies group once again. Though it was a hard one and I had a sense of panic a couple of times. We're doing a study by Patsy Clairmont on untangling our emotions and the topic this week was anger. That one's a toughie because the study can really turn into people feeding off of each other's points of anger and it can take quite a downward, negative turn. Add to that we have a couple of ladies who are not afraid to speak their minds and you never know what they will say. The leading of God was really needed to stay on topic and to keep bringing everyone back to how to deal God's way with their different points of anger and how to bring glory to Him in our overall attitudes. Praise God for His grace whenever I do something like this, is all I can say.

3. The main bedroom is coming along. For those who asked we picked the color "Jute" which is sort of a beige brown base with hints of green and yellow and even some gray, depending on how the light is hitting it. I satisfied my more earthy color need and hubby's darker, more saturated color need. These pics aren't quite the way they are "live" but not bad. See how it looks a bit different depending on the angle of lighting. And of course I had to use flash so that makes it a touch different than natural light too. At night it's deep and rich.

And yes, the '90's wall paper is coming down. No more burgundy. But hey, it used to be big purple flowers thanks to the folks who live here before. So burgundy was a vast improvement! And no, that is not how messy my bedroom usually is. Everything is piled into the middle and on top of the bed. What we'll do when we redo the floor is at this point beyond me. We might be breaking out the tent and sleeping bags. Which could be a tad chilly in Alberta at this time of year.

4. It is really noisy down here. Man, oh man. Put 5 boys and one rambunctious girl into a small playroom and it's amazing the decibels they produce.

5. American Idol was dullsville last night except when the visually impaired fella sang. Seems to me Canadian Idol talent last season was way above this years American group. Sorry my American friends, 'tis true. And I felt heart sick for the poor kid who accidently knocked over the mike stand and the judges couldn't let it go no matter how many times he said it was an accident. And then Ryan rubbing his nose in it was over the top. I thought the kid was gonna cry. I hope Ryan apologized after. I sorta like the blonde girl who hasn't been able to get it together with image. I hope she makes it through too.

6. My dog, Samson, desperately needs to go to the doggy hairdresser. He looks a bit like a crazy mop.

7. It is beautiful here this week. Do I dare to believe maybe, just maybe, spring might be on the way?

8. And with that comes spring cleaning. If you need motivation for that go here and scroll through the post for about the last 3 weeks. My word, my friend is a vertitable cleaning superwoman and if it doesn't motivate you to at least do something, well, I don't know what will.

9. I wish I could be like my cat who is now curled up and sleeping beside me on the top of the couch. To sleep when you want and have no one give me a rough time, have someone make me breakfast and dinner when I demand it, act cute or snooty as my mood strikes, have attitude and still have them loving me and vying for my attention when I choose to give it, never have to scrub a toilet or dust. Sorta sounds like fun.

10. I need to win a trip to somewhere beachy and lovely.

So I'll stop there. I'm sure there is only so much randomness even the best of bloggy friends can handle. If you stuck with me through this, bless your heart!


Casondra said...

Love the color you picked out for your bedroom. I like the rich colors too. Not sure of the exact color names, but we did a chocolate brown accent wall in the master bedroom, a deep wine color in my kitchen, and a golden color in the formal dining room (that we are currently using as our computer room).

Scrap girl said...

You sound exhausted and a bit fed up! Just think soon it will be spring and hopefully spring cleaning will be done. Though I try not to venture into too much spring cleaning. Bad for the asthma! Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

praying for you Susanne
may the Lord give you refreshment, strength and His power to deal with the things you need to deal with

that study sounds interesting
Id love to about that topic
Im dealing with this in my life right now and yesterday it scared me
I am angry with my ex :(
would you care to share? pretty please


Brenda said...

I love the color you chose for your room.

When you want to go to the beach, call me ;) I'm due a trip myself!

Linda said...

Beachy and lovely sounds perfect to me Susanne. I know how you're feeling. March just seems to be one of those blah sort of months.
The paint is lovely. You'll be able to mix so many other decorative colors with it.

Michelle said...

You do sound very tired..I hope that you get some time to sit and relax.

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

LOVE the color. It reminds me of a good coffee with lots of half and half.

#10 Take me with you!

Sandra said...

Love the color Susanne :)

Yeah American Idol has been a bit of a disappointment but I'm pulling for Danny and Lil :)

Donnetta said...

I'm with you, feeling like I don't have much to offer right now. Maybe it's just the time of year?...

Nice color choice.

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Karyn said...

Hate to tell you, but spring is only just on its way...not here yet, cold temps on their way again. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Good for you to find a color of paint that satisfies both you and your hubby! As far as I'm concerned, color is always good.

Barb said...

Well, I stuck with you because I love random. LOL

The new color in your bedroom is really nice. I can see where it made you both happy - it's a very nice earth tone.

Did you watch American Idol tonight? Can you believe they're bringing Tatiana back tomorrow night for a shot at a wild card postion? And were you surprised that she was crying so hard she couldn't talk? Good grief! :-)

Guess what. I'm washing windows and blinds now and that means I'm almost done. Once those are all done, it's down to washing the walls (I'm not crazy - just determined to get all traces of smoke out of this house) and steam cleaning the carpet and then I'm done with spring cleaning in time to actually enjoy spring for a change! Yay!

Yes, it would be wonderful to be a cat sometimes. I hope you start feeling more rested soon. xoxo

Grace said...

How can we not stick with someone with whom we can relate? You sound so normal! Sorry, but the Bible study sounded funny. A gold star for you keeping the women on track! I like random, too. Good post.

ellen b. said...

I agree with you about American Idol. So far they are boring me! I hope the final twelve shows will be better. I hope you have a chance to be refreshed and rested soon!

Laura said...

Hello! Your bedroom color looks beautiful. I tried to comment on your paint post but blogger was giving me the gears. I too have always wondered about the person that gets to sit and name the paint colors...I totally want that job! LOL.

Hope you are feeling better soon, I'm praying for you.


Barbara H. said...

I enjoyed this post. :-) The cat's life does sound pretty good when you describe it that way, LOL! But I wouldn't like cleaning myself by licking and coughing uf hairballs...

gail@more than a song said...

These rounds to get the final 12 picked for Idol have sort of underwhelmed me too....but I really like Danny Gokey that made it the first week! He's one of my favorites...but gotta go for Jasmine too that made it last night, because she's from my state!