Thursday, March 12, 2009

In which my bedroom regurgitates all over the house

My bedroom has spewed it's contents. It's as lovely as it sounds. This renovating stuff really does overtake one's home and days. Even though it's my hubby doing all the renovating it still spills all over the rest of us and our daily lives. Case in point. This is now my hallway:

Looking down the hallway towards my daughter's room is my great big dresser. Then turning the other direction looking towards our room is my husbands great big highboy dresser. Try putting away folded laundry into them monstrous things with about 10 inches of clearance to squeeze your body into. I guess that is one incentive plan to not gain any weight. Because I tell ya, 5 pounds and I won't have access to my hallway or things in my dresser!

And of course there is all the tools that go with the job all over the place. And this, oh my goodness, is the spare room that just got renovated:

When I took this pic a couple of days ago it was actually not bad compared to today. Now the whole of the contents of my closet have also exploded into here. It makes me wish now I would have participated in one of Laura's Monthly Organizing Round-Ups in which she did closets. Sigh. I knew it would turn around and bite me someday. Well today's the day, I guess. But I can tell you, all this will not be going back into my room. I am going to get vicious this weekend and show no mercy and clear some of this stuff out! You might want to say a prayer for me. I tend to attach a lot of sentimental stuff to things so it makes the whole purge and sort thing quite hard.

So back to the renovating tour. Can you believe we actually still had to sleep in our bed which was still in the room. Hubby hung plastic to keep the dust away from the half of the room he's not working on. And we cover the bed in drop cloths during the day to keep it free from the floor dust as hubby sands. And thank goodness we thought to do that added bit because at one point the sander caught the plastic sheet and pulled it down and all that dust suddenly saw freedom and took off through the room and the hallway at warp speed. Sigh, I do believe dusting is also on the to-do list this weekend.

I don't know if you've ever slept next to a draping, wall to wall plastic sheet hanging right next to you, but I'm telling you it is not fun. Talk about claustrophobic issues rearing up. And then I had visions of the darn sheet falling down in the middle of the night without me knowing and suffocating me. Yeah, like I said, issues rearing up. If you look really close you can see hubby working behind the wall of plastic.

And this is what he's doing. Taking out the ugly berber carpet that was there before.

There is really nice original real hardwood under this but it is ugly orangey-yellow. So he's stripped that and then sanded it, revealing this gorgeous hardwood. We decided to go au-naturel and just put varnish over. No stain. And it's lovely! Here he's putting on coat number two of about four or five.

It dries a beautiful blonde natural color.

So that's what happening around here and why the ole blogging might be missing a day here and there. With dayhome still going it's just a lot trying to keep 6 kids amused and avoiding the end of the house where all this is happening. But I'm definitely not complaining. It's just a fact of life right now, and thanks to my wonderful, hard working hubby I'll have two new bedrooms when it's all said and done.


Brenda said...

So true, we put up with mess for a short time and then we have a great result!

Islandsparrow said...

Same thing going on here - 2 bedrooms with lovely new hardwood floors - but their contents are spilling into the hall, the computer room and where ever else we can stow it.

Your floor is looking lovely!

Karyn said...

LOL...I've had my hallway (and even my living room) filled with stuff from whatever room is being 'helped'. I feel for ya!

The hardwood floor is gorgeous! What a lot of work.

Be brave and ruthless in your purging - I've just done that in all my upstairs and it feels wonderful!

The end result will be so worth it! Can't wait to see the 'after' photos!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I adore your hard wood floors. Looking at my 40 year old avacado green shag in my seminary housing unit makes it difficult not to covet your beautiful flooring!

gail@more than a song said...

You're so right, it's never fun to live in it while remodeling! When sanding the dust gets everywhere, just everywhere. We lived in ours for a while too. But your floor is looking gorgeous!

ellen b. said...

Oh that floor is going to be so nice! That's some hard work happening around your place Susanne!!

Linda said...

I understand Susanne. I've often thought I'd almost rather pack up and move to a new house rather than do any renovating.
It really is coming beautifully though.

Barb said...

Oh my, Susanne. I had no idea. I'd have issues with that plastic hanging where I'm sleeping too. But you're so lucky, to have that beautiful wood under the carpet. You have to wonder why anyone would ever put carpet over wood like that. I'd just put varnish over the natural wood too. It's beautiful.

What a mess. I'm trying to imagine a houseful of little ones while all this is going on and it's not computing. LOL

It'll be worth it though.

Willow said...

In the end you'll love it and have all the horror stories to go with it! The good thing is that you start in the newly remodeled room with clean closets!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Oh Susanne! I would LOVE to have wonderful hardwood floors like these! I'll be glad when all the mess is finished and you can just enjoy! I know that in-between time can be so stressful. Eyes on the goal!

Grace said...

I, too, would find the plastic sheet stifling. But it'll be worth it, huh?

The hardwood floor is GORGEOUS! Hooray for a handyman hubby! Keep him. :-)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

It is sure to hectic for awhile...but it will be so nice when it is all done!

Barbara H. said...

I can't imagine sleeping with plastic drapes around -- I think I'd have some of the same issues!

The floor looks nice! Renovating is a pain, but the results are so worth it.

Laura said...

Oh I know it seems like a long haul when you're in it but just keep reminding yourself "this too shall pass". Hopefully sooner than later :)

How nice it will be to have the hardwood floors.


Shalee said...

What a pain to have to go through all that work, but look at that gorgeous outcome! Kind of like the way our souls are before and after coming to Christ...