Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Mish Mash

Well, I was a naughty girl on the weekend and skipped church on Sunday. Life has been so busy lately with much running around and no slowing down. Last week when I started to feel sick, again, and it got progressively worse as the week wore on, I knew I needed just a day of rest.

I hate being sick. And for the most part, I never am. Considering all the germs that come with having 6 children coming daily to my home, and all the colds and running noses and coughing throughout the year that comes with that, I really don't catch their bugs. Thank God. But this winter, this is now the second time. It seems I just finished really getting over the one I had in December and now here I was again. And the thing with my job? I cannot take a sick day. Oh, I can call a sub in, but there is still 6 kids running around the house and because my bedroom is on the main floor, there really is no privacy to just lay around. I can hear them no matter where they are in the house, and then I'm stressed because things aren't being done by the sub the way I might do them. I know, I know. I have issues with delegation.

So anyway all that to say, my body finally was screaming to just do nothing. So comply I did. And it was wonderful. I sat around with a coffee and book, and then made a simple lunch of premade frozen teriayaki wings I bought at the grocery last week, a very simple fried rice and steamed cauliflower, then sat around and read some more before watching the Superbowl. A quick milk and nacho ingrediant run to the grocery store with hubby during half time was as hectic as the day got. Watching the last touchdown happen, was the greatest stress of the day.
I definitely think I need more days like that.

Is everyone ready for 6 more weeks of winter? It seems all the weather predicting groundhogs around have seen their shadows and scurried back to their holes. I have mixed feelings. I'm so sick of wind that some more snow almost feels welcome to me. Shhh, don't tell hubby I said that.
Along with Groundhog Day come report cards around here. And parent teacher interviews. I'm going to admit something here and I hope there's not an ugly backlash, but I totally hate parent teacher interviews. Around here, they are set in 10 minute slots including the time it takes to get from one class to the next, the teacher's are always behind, because invariably 10 minutes is never enough especially if a child is experiencing struggles, and whether it was the parent before or actually yourself that caused the late, then it all just snowballs and you're running like a maniac to make it on time only to get to the other side of the school to find that teacher is also late. I feel like a kid myself while in them especially if there is a particular area my child might be struggling in, and sometimes what my kids tells me goes on in class really gets my britches in a knot and I find it hard to know how to deal with that. And it's always the same old, same old. I really wonder what is all this really accomplishing? Am I the only one who feels this way? I have to admit. I rebelled this time around. I totally did not make a single appointment. I know shocking. Fifty lashes with a wet noodle await me. If you're one of my teacher readers, or even a parent who does well at these, please help me out and maybe leave a suggestion in the comments that would make these quickie interviews go better and leave me walking away from them thinking they were worth it! (And remember my kids are in their teens now so that might have an influence on your suggestions.)
So off to start my week, with what else but a groundhog craft. Whoo Hoo!


Tammy said...

Yes, we all definitely need those days to rest...and really, God wants Sundays to be restful!
Oh man...did the groundhog predict 6 more weeks? I'm off to check it out...and print out a groundhog craft or worksheet for my two girls! :)

Faith said...

Well, the Sabbath was meant as a day of rest, right?? HOpe you are feeling better soon. I am on my 5th head cold of the school year. Usually I only get 1 per year! But...I try to take it easy soons I walk in the door of my house!
As for the Parent Teacher conferences. We only have them for grades K-6th once a year (first 10 weeks) and they are in 20 min slots. I have only had to wait once for about 10 min because the person before me was late. Teacher asked if we could get all mine done in 10 and I said Absolutely. My child was getting all A's anyways and had no issues!! Good luck!!!

Barb said...

I hear you, Susanne. I feel like I'm dodging bullets, what with all the germs coming into my house, and I only have ONE child coming here every day. Six? I'd just resign myself to being sick all winter long I guess.

You're not getting any backlash from me. I hated parent teacher conferences too and I finally just stopped going to them. It was awful, standing in long lines, waiting your turn to talk to a teacher for five minutes. I always figured if there was anything I really needed to be concerned about, I'd hear from that teacher.

Britches in a knot. LOL

Cyndee@Riezzee's Place said...

We do a lot of the teacher stuff online now. Parents can check grades on a regular basis and email if there seems to be a problem. Here is another correlation - the parents that should show up, don't. It is the parents that are involved that have great kids and don't often need to see me but feel obligated. We have almost gotten rid of them completely, but still have an open house type format so that parents can meet us face to face. Just my teacherly imput.

Barbara H. said...

I need days like that every now and then, too.

I feel the same way about parent-teacher conferences. We didn't have them timed, but we still had to wait in long lines to get to each teacher -- of course, when they get into jr. high and high school they each have 6 or 7 teachers. And they usually didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. So we stopped going, too. I would hope if there was a problem they'd tell me. If I had a problem, I would probably call them and ask for a one-on-one conference rather than wait in lines trying to squeeze a quick discussion in.

Oh, I wanted to let you know I tagged you for a bookshelf meme, if you have time and want to participate in it.

Karyn said...

Glad you got to have a quiet day yesterday.....hope you are feeling better.

We are OK with 6 more weeks of winter at our house (although we've been having spring lately) because colder weather means a longer work season for us (oil patch).

sorry, can't relate to the PT kids are all grown - and they were homeschooled anyway.

Linda said...

I confess to having a sunday like that every once in a while myself. I'm so glad you got to rest and enjoy the day.
One of the things I love about having an empty nest is no school-related stuff. I can sympathize but I don't have any creative suggestions to offer. I think those conferences are just necessary evils for everyone involved. It would make so much more sense to just have a conference with the teacher when it was needed. So you're off the hood as far as I'm concerned :-)

Linda said...

Not the "hood" the "hook". Mercy - will I never learn to edit my comments?

Linda said...

Not the "hood" the "hook". Mercy - will I never learn to edit my comments?

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

We all need a day of doing a whole bunch of nothing! I'm glad you took advantage of one for yourself!

I also heard the dreaded prediction of 6 more weeks of winter. *sigh* Do you know, has Mr. Groundhog ever been wrong??

Willow said...

Shall I tell you that First Grade went out and checked and we will have 6 more weeks of winter. And then the temperature got up to 86!

Teachers hate the conferences too! Especially if you have to be politically careful and never use words like lazy, naughty or disobedient. I LOVED homeschooling for that reason. I'd have a parent/teacher conference every evening at the dinner table.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I've never heard anyone talk about this before, but your experience was just like mine. They never went as scheduled. And they're so uncomfortable, stiff and formal.

You deserved a day real rest!

Sandra said...

I still don't get the parent/teacher conferences thing. I go in there and sit down, she hands me the kids work and says they're wonderful and amazing...bye bye. What the heck was all the anticipation for then? LOL

Hope you feel better.

gail@more than a song said...

I hope you're feeling better this week! I skipped church last night because I got sick this past week and my cough is just taking a toll on me so I stayed in.