Monday, January 05, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ Jan 5/09

Outside my's is a fairly clear day but oh, so windy! After 3 or 4 weeks of being in the deep freeze this week is predicted to be quite nice just hovering around the freezing mark.

I am hearing...the heater running, the kids playing and the wind howling.

I am thinking...of all the things I want to get to to get some order back into the house. There's vacuuming to be done, dusting calling my name, dayhome toys to re-organize. I want to get my bedroom straightened out once and for all (hopefully), Christmas cards need to be taken down. I still need to get the 2009 calendar up on the wall. I know, I'm a tad behind.

I am thankful for...a fresh new year. There is something about just the thought of a fresh start, new plans, new goals. Of course because of Jesus, we always have a fresh start, each and every day, but you there is something about getting the house back to normal after holidays and making new plans for the coming months.

I am wearing...sigh, the same old, same old. I know I've listed this one before. Purple fooler top, black jeans, white sport socks. This question might be getting skipped as I think you can only read about my very limited wardrobe so many times before you start dozing off.

I am hoping...that the new babe starting in dayhome this week has a smooth transition.

From the dayhome...snowman crafts, starting the letter "D" this week.

From the kitchen...bbq beef sandwiches, Potato Ham Bake, Hamburger Soup, Paprika Potatoes, Citrus Broiled Salmon Filets.

I am reading...Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury, Only Nuns Can Change Habits Overnight by Karen Scalf Lineman, The Love Dare by Stephen & Alex Kendrick. By the way, FamilyLife has started a Love Dare Challenge to help make your marriage better. Each day they will post or send in your email a different Love Dare to do that day. They'll send one a day until it wraps up with a date with your spouse on Valentine's Day. If you'd like more info on this wonderful challenge you can go here. Hurry, it started today.

I am creating...routine back into my days.

Around the nice new bookshelves are up so now I can start packing my books on. Yipee!

One of my favorite things...the settling back into routine after the busyness of a holiday.

A few plans for the rest of the week...leading ladies study group tonight, meeting with youth leadership tomorrow, violin lessons for Tia start back up this week and a trip to the library sometime.

A picture thought I am sharing with you...

The Cranberry Hazelnut Biscotti I made for Christmas gifts along with a bottle of flavored coffee syrup was a smash hit. And super, super easy. I'll share the recipe sometime this month. It's a great gift anytime of year. Or to take to a ladies study group. Hmmm. Maybe I'll make another batch for tonight!


Faith said...

Enjoyed the daybook entry and the pics!
I'll say a prayer about the new baby starting in your home....Enjoy the week!

Tammy said...

The biscotti looks incredible!

I'm working on getting back to a routine, is our first day truly back to school (at home) and it's nice...but we're easing back into it!

Happy Monday Susanne!

Doris said...

Yum, the biscotti sounds delish.

Willow said...

I love this daybook idea. I'm thinking of doing it...

hey, same old same old clothes are the best and comfortable!

Sandy @Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Oh don't worry about wearing the same thing......I can relate also! :)
The biscotti looks yummy......and how do I say looks soft. I thought it was hard, maybe it just looks soft? :)
BTW, I liked Between Sundays, I am a sports girl, so I really enjoyed it.

Beck said...

I have a not-too-small wardrobe BUT I tend to have a lot of very, very similar clothing - brown cords! Hoodies! Turtlenecks! So it all would be very repetitive to write about.

Barb said...

Oh, do share the biscotti recipe, Susanne. I never did make any this year, but yours looks wonderful and you say it's easy - that combination works for me. LOL

It's funny how we all get so excited about the holidays, how much fun it is to decorate the house and cook for hours and hours. And then we all breathe a sigh of huge relief when it's all over and we can put it all away and clean up our houses.

I think a lot of us share the same sense of newness and relief that a fresh start brings. I centainly do.

I'm making the potato ham bake this week too. All I need to buy is the fresh asparagus. :-)

Barbara H. said...

I enjoy that transition back into routine, too, and the fresh start of the new year. I need to sit down with some quiet time and a notepad and make a master plan of things I need to do. I get lots done when a deadline is looming even though I don't really like the pressure, but I tend to lollygag and waste time when they're not a deadline.

I hope the new baby transitions well for both your sakes. :-)

What is a fooler top?

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I love biscotti! Yours looks absolutely wonderful!!!

Jen said...

Oooohhhhh I want that recipe for the coffee syrup. Good idea. I'm curious. I have a friend who makes her own Kahlua.....