Thursday, December 04, 2008

Friday's Faves #16

Here we are at yet another Friday. I'm finding the days going so quickly now, counting down towards Christmas. Before I know it Christmas will be upon me. But for now, I'm going to concentrate on my five favorite things from this week. Please join in. I find it so uplifting as I visit your sites and read your favorites. Details are here and don't forget to sign in on Mr. Linky so that we can drop by your place.

1. Dinner out with hubby's fellow employees at a favorite fancy schmancy restaurant. What made this staff dinner so good is that in the office here there is only 3 employees so it was a really nice intimate dinner with wonderful food at a really nice restaurant rather than a great big banquet with about a 100 people as in former times.

2. Cute, cute, cute black dress shoes that I got at Payless shoes. I so desperately needed new shoes and these are so cute, fit great and it was BOGO so I got Tia's shoes that she needed for half price. Can't beat that. I wanted to give you a link because they really are too cute but their site is down. You'll just have to trust me.

3. My oldest, Kay, who's away at school, telling me she bought the bus ticket to come home for Christmas. Yipee. I can hardly wait to see her! She'll be home for about 8 whole days. That is the greatest present you could give me. My family all together for Christmas.

4. A hubby who knows how to fix the breaker box when it goes beserk. I so appreciate that he knows so much about home repairs. The breaker box had something go wrong withit yesterday, right in the middle of me curling my hair for the aforementioned dinner. So there I was holding the curling iron in my hair in the pitch dark. When the light came back on it was fading in and out. Quite scary, actually. Not creepy scary, but fire safety scary. And he knew what to do and had it fixed in no time. I wouldn't have been able to call an electrician until morning otherwise and it probably would have cost us a mint. Not to mention I would have worried all night. I'm very thankful for his handiness!

5. Santa Hubby arrived early this year to my house and I now have a lovely new fridge and stove. Yeah! There was something wrong with the timer on the other oven and I couldn't delay start the oven so forget coming home to a roast or something in the oven from church on Sunday. And it was cracked in a couple of places. So I'm thrilled and seeing I love cooking this was extra thoughtful on his part. I can hardly wait to start cooking on it! Thank you Hubby!

What are your favorite things from the past week?


The Correspondent said...

Oh, how I love intimate dinners at fancy schmancy restaurants.

And hooray for Handyman Husbands as well as Santa Husbands!

Brenda said...

I need black dress shoes!

And I too am thankful for a husband who can fix things around the house!

Barbara H. said...

What a treasure trove of favorites!! I am so grateful, too, for a husband who knows how to fix things. I don't know what I'd do without him -- probably spend a lot of money on repairmen! That incident would have made me fearful of fire hazards, too.

I love dinners out! And with a small group like that it can be so much fun.

Cute shoes at a good price! And new appliances! And planning for a daughter to come home! You've had a great week!

ellen b said...

The smaller work celebrations are always so much nicer. How nice to have new appliances. Bet the new fridge is quieter than the old one, too :0)
I understand the joy of looking forward to seeing children that are away. Enjoy your weekend Susaanne!!

Anonymous said...

Now those are important gifts from "Santa"! I bet you are thrilled to be cooking with working appliances!

Barb said...

The most exciting thing about Christmas is anticipating the child who doesn't live with you any more coming home. I'm eagerly anticipating Mandy and Aaron coming for two weeks, so I know how you feel about having Kay home for a long visit.

And the best thing about new appliances, besides the fact that they actually work? They's so CLEAN! LOL

Boy, you DID have a great week, Susanne. :-)

Jen said...

You did have a great week!
That's wonderful that your daughter will be home for Christmas! I remember how much it meant to me to get to go "home" when we were first on our own. Thanks for reminding me how much it meant to my folks!
Enjoy those new clean appliances!

Have a great weekend!

Cyndee@Riezzee's Place said...

I was wondering if Kay would make it home! What a great time that will be.

PS Thanks for the wintery blast! We are enjoying an early cold snap - feels like January!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Oooo, new appliances, how nice! I bet you will really enjoy cooking with those.

I finally got it together and posted my faves for the week. Thanks for doing this!

Tammy said...

Oh, wow...these are all great things this week, Susanne! :D

One of my favs this week would be similar to girls needed new black shoes for their Christmas program (ten...count 'em, ten performances!) and we went to payless shoes and found the perfect ones- on sale! :D Love Payless!

Lana G! said...

Your Fave Five list is so wonderful! Tis the season!! Joy, Joy, Joy!

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Where did this week go? I think back over it and can't think of one substantial thing that happened but know I was busy... *sigh*

Oh, a new stove just in time for the holidays and all the baking that may come with it! Merry Christmas early and enjoy!!

Happy Friday!

Org Junkie said...

Wow talk about an exciting week girl! I'm so so happy for you that your daughter is coming home for Christmas, such great news!

mom2triplets04 said...

new stove and fridge sounds great. Enjoy them. Unfortunately my husband doesn't fix things around my house.

All Rileyed Up said...

Definitely good when someone in the house knows their way around the breaker box!

Mountain Mama said...

I love shoes. I have too many right now and need to part with some but it's so hard to do that.
COngratulations on your new kitchen appliances.I need to get a new range but have been putting it off.
Have fun preparing for Christmas. It's so fun when you know the kids will be coming home.

Faith said...

I love going out to dinners like that!
Love your list....mine is finally up. Sorry it took so long but after work I had housework, my oldest had a hair appt and then after dinner we all went to church to see The Nativity was awesome!

annie said...

Great list again this week!

Karen said...

I'm late getting mine up today, but it's still Friday here!

Robin said...

I'm late too, but didn't want to miss it!

Thanks so much for hosting this :)

proudgrits11 said...

I was a late entry, too--but that's "the most wonderful time of year" for ya, huh? :)
We had the fancy dinner in common this week!
WOW on the fridge and stove, what a wonderful gift!! And family home, too, of course! heehee

belovedaimee~ said...

I found this a day late but I will be making my list next week for sure!!

Beck said...

We have a work party for my husband's part-time job next week. His main job is staffed mainly by Jehovah's Witnesses, so there won't be a holiday party.
I wish I lived near a Payless! Lucky!

Jenny in Ca said...

how wonderful that your daughter will be home for Christmas!

I love having a husband who can fix almost anything, we have saved so much money by him doing everything himself.

My oven is on the fritz, too...the ready beeper will not stop, so we actually turn it off and on at the breaker, hill-billies that we are..

nice list of thankfulness!

Carol said...

How come I can't ever find cute shoes at Payless that actually fit me? And don't hurt my feet after 6 minutes?

I do much better with kitchen appliances. (Yay, you!)