Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Well you all will be happy to know I actually survived grocery shopping in the deep freeze that was my city on Saturday. Barely. I did have a mishap in the parking lot where the bag of 50 bows that I had bought split and fell out all over the ground and there I was trying to pick up 50 bows in the freezing cold. I would have cried except I knew it would freeze in icicles to my face. Sunday was much nicer. A very decent -17*C at evening time. That would be 1*F. That's 1 above! I'll take it!

Barb at A Chelsea Morning and Karen at Over the Backyard Fence tagged me for a meme/award combo.

The meme is to list 5 things you love about Christmas.
1. The decorating. I love all the sights of Christmas. The pretty lights, the stockings, the candles, the snowmen. I love it all. It makes me feels so happy, somehow.
2. Food, glorious food. LOL. I love all the treats of Christmas. The turkey, the ham, all the baking that is only done at this time of year, all the munchies. And of course, I love sharing them all with family. It'd be sort of boring without family and friends to share it with, chowing down all by myself, it just wouldn't be the same.
3. Christmas trees. I love, love, love Christmas trees. I love to see everybody's personalities coming through in the trees. Love special ornaments and the stories behind them. Love the lights at nighttime with the tree all lit and sparkling.
4. Traditions. I love building traditions with my kids and knowing that they look forward to them each year. Simple things like the recieving of their own ornaments, hanging their own each year, how we open presents, how we read the Christmas story together on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I like knowing that they balk at the suggestion of not doing any of them. It's what helps cement us as a family.
5. Nativities. I love nativites and seeing all the different ones that people have. I love them most because when I see them, they center me and remind me of the real reason for all the giving and celebrating. It reminds me of the great love that God had for us in that He gave us Jesus, who humbled Himself and came as a tiny baby, human yet God with us, that we might have salvation and deliverance, that we might know the love of God today and have a hope for our future and a home in heaven to go to.
There are so many more things I love about Christmas but the rules state 5. So thank you Barb and Karen. That was fun.
Now as it follows:
"Very simple. Good manners dictate thanking (and linking to) the person who gave you the award. Then simply list five things you love about Christmas and pay the meme forward by tagging as many people as you'd like to. To keep the Christmas spirit flowing, be a good sport and tag at least one person."
So I'll tag the following blogging friends who have spread Christmas cheer. If you'd like to do it go for it, but no pressure. I mean it really is only 3 more days to go so I know how busy you all are.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You are so sweet, and that comes through in your answers. Love you, friend!

Karen said...

I love your answers. It IS fun to see all the different Nativity sets. They always draw me in, to see what figures are surrounding the holy family, what the stable is like. It's been fun reading this meme. Everyone has something different to offer.

Barbara H. said...

I love all these things, too. I love Christmastime.

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

You know you're tough when you keep from crying so your tears won't freeze.

Faith said...

Love your 5 things...and thanks for the award! I wasn't gonna blog until wed but now....!
Enjoy these last few days before our Savior's Birthday.....our a.m. temp at 6 a.m. was only 7 degrees! That is pretty cold for us here in Albany, NY for this time of year....but...we're a little warmer than you all!

Carol said...

So glad you survived the shopping. I was worried about you. Sorry 'bout your snow-bow crisis! The good thing is that it wasn't windy enough to send them flying all over tarnation.

And now you're at a whopping one degree!

Sandra said...

Thank you Susanne, you are so sweet, I'm going to do this one right now :)

Loved reading your list, I think you pretty much listed all my favorites too :)


ellen b. said...

Hi Susanne!! Oye about the bag of 50 bows! We're so hoping our 4 kids can make it out of Seattle tomorrow night to L.A. for our first extended family Christmas Eve get together in 15 years. Yikes these storms are really amazing this year! Enjoy your time together Susanne. I'm sure you will...

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I love all those things about Christmas too, especially nativities!

Hoping it warms up for you real soon! Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Barb said...

It's just way too cold where you are Susanne. It's cold here, but not THAT cold. I might have left the bows laying there. I'm a wimp in temperatures that low.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. xoxoxo

the voice of melody said...

Congratulations on your award!