Monday, November 24, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook Nov 24/08

For today:

Outside my's very windy. The sky is sunny to the east, but dark blue to the west. It's supposed to be a nice day today. We'll see.

I am hearing...the wind blowing, the kids making siren noises, playing with the ambulance and tow trucks downstairs.

I am thinking...of the Ladies Church Christmas Party. I'm in charge of handing out the gift prizes and I'm trying to think of good questions to find winners. Such as "Who's got a Christmas list in their purse? Who has bright red lipstick in their purse? Who's got their tree up already?". But I used those last year, so I have to think of new ones. And I've got a ton of gift prizes. So I'm throwing it out there. Give me your best questions that I can throw at the ladies. Please. I'm resorting to begging ya! :v}

I am thankful for...Ibuprofen. I know that sounds weird but after having three headaches in a week, one a whopper, and having to care for 6 little ones, I can't just take to my bed for the day. I am so thankful that someone invented Ibuprofen.

I am socks, navy jeans and lilac colred knit shirt.

I am hoping... for payday to come quickly. I want to get my Christmas shopping over and done so I can relax more in December and not be so stressed.

From the dayhome... still learning letter "C", carrot & caterpillar craft.

From the kitchen... chicken parmigian, crockpot pork & mushrooms, goldfish chicken, cowboy cookies

I am reading...oi, still finishing "Snitch", Romans 9, What's Cooking magazine from Kraft

I am creating...not a thing

Around the house... the kitchen cupboards are getting nice and white thanks to hubby and a can of paint, as usual the dusting awaits (I don't know why I always put this off. I've hated dusting since I was a kid and it was my assigned chore).

One of my favorite things... celebrating birthdays which we did on Friday for hubby.

A few plans for the rest of the week... the ladies Christmas party, grocery shopping, start to sort through the Christmas decorations, put up the tree this weekend. And how could I forget. Remember the whole Canadian Idol hoopla of the summer? Well we're going to the top 3 concert.

A picture thought I'm sharing with you...

Housekeeping philosophy #18: A well placed end table hides a multitude of cord sins.

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Michelle said...

Hi Susanne :)
McKenna thanks you for linking the Chicken Goldfish :) I'm loving the recipes in the Kraft Magazine as well especially the chocolate ones!!! Of Course. Have a great day & enjoy the chicken (all of the recipes sound delicious.

Barbara H. said...

LOL at the last line! I love our electronics, but, my the cords are a mess.

Hoe does the gift thing work? Whoever answers or first answers gets a gift? I'd love to see your questions. We exchange gifts at ours but sometimes have little games with prizes, too.

I had Ibuprofen listed as something I was thankful for, too, one week. :-) Wonderful stuff.

Faith said...

Your meals sound delish. And boy am I every thankful for ibuprofin as well!!

How about for your questions:
Who has a Dec birthday?
Who has an anniversary in Dec?
Who celebrates St. Nicholas day? (12/6)
Which of the 4 Gospels is the only one that mentions the 3 Wise Men??

Islandsparrow said...

Hmmm - thinking of questions - One that I got caught on was "do you have a picture of your kids in your purse." I didn't. We always do the oldest - the youngest - the one with the most kids.

Maybe you could do a scattergories theme with them? Or see how many words they can make out with the letters of "Christmas".

Hope you have fun Suzanne!

Katrina said...

Hmm... I'm trying to help you come up with some questions. Some thoughts off the top of my head:

* Who has a matchbox car (or pacifier or other kid item) in their purse?
* Who did some Christmas shopping today?
* Who drove the farthest to get here?
* Who is hosting the greatest number of people for Christmas?

Hope this week is headache-free for you!

ellen b. said...

Who forgot what they bought at Christmas clearance last year? Who has mailed out their cards already? Whose serving tacos instead of something traditional for Christmas? Who has more than $20.00 cash in their purse? Who decorates more than one tree in their home?
Have fun at the party!

Barb said...

I didn't know you had an aquarium. It looks like we might have exactly the same one. :-)

I laughed at your cords. Compared to the rat's nest under my desk, yours look seriously tame to me.

Sandra said...

I enjoyed the daybook Susanne, and you're so right, an end table is perfect for hiding all the are plants....couches....desks...LOL

Linda said...

Hi Susanne,
I'm with you on the dusting thing. The worst part of it is - two hours after I've finished dusting I can see dust beginning to settle on everything all over again. It's a thankless job :-)
Whenever anyone asks for clever ideas my poor little mind goes completely blank.
I was at a get-together a few months ago where one of the questions was: "Who has their natural hair color?" And lots of ladies did - so come to think of it, that may not be a good one.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

The top 3 concert should be a lot of fun!

As for the questions, it's kind of late for my brain to be thinking well, but have you ever done a purse scavenger hunt? Asking things like, the most number of lipsticks, and who has the oldest receipt, or the most writing utensils.

Jen said...

the cord thing is cracking me up...looks like my entertainment for those questions....
Who likes fruitcake?
Who drinks egg nog?
Do you wrap with big bows?
How about paper or bags/
Do you have candy made yet?
Do you have menu's done yet?
Who has a bobby pin with them?
Who has a red or green ribbon with them?
Thats all I can think of ...good luck.

Chappyswife said...

Happy belated birthday to your husband.

Hopefully I will get my decorations up at least before Sunday, but at the rate I am going, I am NOT making any promises!

karin said...

Enjoyed your blog! Loved your snow picture and am grateful we don't have it yet. It's November and I've still been going barefoot in sandals in Edmonton!! That's a first!

How about asking:
1. Who has a gift ready for a nursing home resident?
2. Who has shopped for all their gifts from local artists and not at the mall?
3. Who has handcrafted all/most their gifts?
4. Who has bought a gift for a lonely neighbor on their street on their floor if in an apartment?
5. Who is giving their time as a gift instead of purchasing something? (Babysitting services coupon!)
Have a blessed Christmas Party!