Monday, November 17, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook Nov 17/08

For Today:

Outside my's cold, grey and cloudy. After a weekend of awful winds thankfully today there is none.

I am hearing...the weather forecast on the morning news on tv. Hopefully the awful freezing fog in the city 2 hours away won't hit us today. Brrr.

I am thinking...of our Christmas budget.

I am thankful for...furnaces. So thankful for heat in my home.

I am wearing...jeans, burgundy sweater and nice warm socks.

I am hoping.... that the Advil I took gets rid of my migraine soon before it becomes a full out whole body migraine, if you know what I mean. I'm hoping I can get through today with all the kids without too much noise and on only 5 hours of sleep.

From the dayhome...coping today, but for the rest of the week we are moving onto the letter "c", TP roll caterpillar craft, packing 2 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

From the hamburger sandwiches, crockpot pork/apples, hungarian goulash,
banana-pecan muffins
I am reading...still reading "Snitch" (I haven't been in a reading mood lately. I think the last couple of books I read are still really running through my mind), Chapter 1 of "I Second that Emotion" for study, Romans 7-9

I am creating...a cleaned out closet

Around the house...the aforementioned closet, laundry to do, the trim is slowly getting painted, Tia's room to paint will be next on the list.

One of my favorite for and packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with my kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week...ladies study tonight, church business meeting, grocery shopping, dinner out for hubby's birthday

A picture thought to share with you...


Smilingsal said...

Well, now, if you're busy cleaning out a closet, no wonder you've a headache!

Barbara H. said...

Oh, I hope your headache goes away soon!

I have one closet I am itching to clean out, too.

Mimi said...

ooohhh I hope your headache gets better. I just said a prayer for you.

Linda said...

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words :-) I, too, pray your headache is gone quickly.

Faith said...

I can relate..I've had a hormonal migrane all day and I'm gettin' tired of 'em!
Enjoyed your daybook...we just delivered our boxes yesterday and praise be to the oldest daughter on her own (!!) volunteered to help load the truck at church next sunday afternoon....that blesses my heart. I'm glad you do this with your kids is an awesome ministry!

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed your daybook. Hope your headache eases soon.

Barb said...

I do indeed know what you mean by a total body migraine. I guess I'm lucky since I get the weird aura of bright lights before the actual headache. It gives me time to gulp down some Excedrin Migraine which seems to greatly reduce the headache. But it takes me 24 hours and a good night's sleep to completely recover because it really does wipe you out from head to toe.

Other than that, I love your list. And I hope the headache wasn't too bad.

ellen b. said...

So sorry to hear you have to deal with migraines. Dear gets them regularly. Christmas is going to be different for us this year. We've warned our kids not to expect the same this year. It will be fun to have your daughter home for an extended time...

Tammy said...

Oh, hoping your migraine goes away soon, Susanne!
I don't get actual migranes, but have always gotten the occasional big, big headache that basically makes me worthless for awhile, so I can empathize.

I'm doing Operation Christmas Child with the girls, too...we're going to finish packing it this week. :)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Oh, I hope your headache didn't get too bad! Migraines are miserable, aren't they?

I've got a closet or two I'm really hoping to get cleaned out soon.

gail@more than a song said...

What kinds of things do you put in your shoeboxes? We just did our 2 and got them turned in at church!

Chappyswife said...

I love reading these lists. I intend to do this every single Monday, and I am either too busy or forget until a different day. Grrr! I will try very hard to do this this Monday.

Your meals always sound soooo delicious. Where do you get your energy?!

Jerralea said...

Cleaned out closets make me feel so good when they're done!

Enjoyed your daybook!