Monday, October 06, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today:

Outside my window... A calm, cool morning. With blue skies and puffy grey clouds. Lots of leaves on the ground, with some green leaves still hanging on for life on the trees, school kids playing soccer for phys. ed across the street

I am thinking... My girl is coming home this weekend, my girl is coming home! Oh my, my girl is coming home. I have so much to do!

From the dayhome... today we'll be doing tp roll trees with thumbprint fall colored "leaves. And something "turkey-ish" for Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend.

I am thankful for... my church and pastor. He has been doing such a great series on Stewardship. And not just of finances, although that was one week's topic. But stewardship of you talents, time, and life. So encouraging and yet so convicting all at the same time.

From the kitchen... Apple Pie Cake, crockpot sausage and beans.

I am wearing... a green and white light knit sweater, jeans, socks

I am reading... Finishing up "A Time to Mend" and having to get to "The Shape of Mercy" as the blog tour is next week. I'll be giving one away so check back next week.

I am hoping... my hand stops feeling numb and painful before I need to do all the Thanksgiving cooking this weekend. It's such a pain. Literally and figuratively.

I am creating... a new room for my son along with his help, a Thanksgiving menu for this weekend.

I am hearing... the kids playing downstairs

Around the house... Oh my word. So much to do. 'Cause did I tell you, my girl is coming home this weekend? We need another coat of paint on my son's new room, which is her old room, we need to get him moved down there, then shift the beds around in the two rooms upstairs (not the master). I need to finish organizing the rumpus room downstairs and get the unused exercise equipment out of there to make more room. Then I need to start getting together what I'll be cooking and baking for Thanksgiving.

One of my favorite things... that first sip of coffee in the morning, especially when it's ready and waiting for me. Thanks, Sweetie!

A few plans for the rest of the week... uhmm, read the above around the house.

Here's a picture thought I'm sharing with you...

I just have to show you the lovely set of dishes hubby bought for me. I just love them. Somehow food just tastes better on lovely dishes.


ellen b. said...

How fun that your girl is coming home this weekend. The dishes are fabulous!!

Barb said...

I wish Bloglines would make all the red exclamation points I'm seeing next to half the people I subscribe to, just go away. It's not telling me when you post!

It seems like you just moved her to college. And now she's coming home for Thanksgiving. I know just exactly how long it feels like she's been away.

Your new dishes are adorable!

Michelle said...

How wonderful that your Daughter is coming home for Thanksgiving.

Faith said...

I LOVE those dishes!!! Awesome.

How nice that your daughter is coming home for your holiday! ENJOY

Jenn said...

Those are lovely dishes. I hope you week is peaceful and full of laughter.

Jenn W
One House Schoolroom

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

oh how exciting
make sure you guys enjoy your weekend together :)

pleased your enjoying church

bless your hubby
yes theres nothing quite like that first coffee of the day
and those dishes are lovely

have a nice week and an even nicer weekend

Smilingsal said...

Love the colorful dishes. Nice hubby!

Linda said...

I love these posts. I'm so glad your daughter is coming home for the weekend. It will be such fun.
That silly red exclamation point is showing up on so many blogs - I figure I just need to check in with everyone.
Love the dishes - so colorful.

Love Bears All Things said...

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome home to daughter.
Mama Bear

Laurie said...

What cute dishes! Thanks for sharing your daybook!


Sandra said...

I hear you on bloglines, I can't tell when some blogs update and there's a LOT of exclamation points.

Hope your hand feels better soon :)

annie said...

Love your dishes!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

I was wondering if blog lines was up to something:) I just came by.

Praying for your hand and loving those dishes:).

Have a good week.

Org Junkie said...

Oh my word did you get both colors? You lucky girl you, they are awesome!!

I'm so happy your daughter is coming home for Thanksgiving...yay!!

Bloglines is killing me :(

Lana G! said...

LUV the dishes! Have a wonderful time with your daughter!

Shalee said...

"My girl is coming home this weekend, my girl is coming home! Oh my, my girl is coming home. I have so much to do!"

Oh how exciting! Really all you have to do is cook her favorite foods and give her lots of love and all will be well.

LOVE the new dishes, Susanne!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Those dishes are beautiful! Enjoy time with your daughter!

Barbara H. said...

Hoe exciting that your daughter is coming home this weekend!

Would love to see what you're doing with your son's room! We just redid my youngest's last week but still have a few finishing touches to get to.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Susanne! Ha, just threw in that exclamation point. I LOVE the dishes.

Jen said...

I hope you are enjoying Kay and your family. i have been catching up on bloglines....I know you are having a ball. Enjoy your time with her.