Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Into Flavor

Another edition of "Fall in Flavor" hosted by my friend Linda @ 2nd Cup of Coffee is on. It's all about the yummy, rich fall comfort foods that we all love. Check out her site for more recipes and add one yourself!
My contribution for this week isn't a recipe that's been passed down, in fact, we had it for the first time a couple weeks ago, and I made it up. But everyone raved about it and said I should put it on the 'ole blog, so here it is. Let's just call it, uhm...
HARVEST SOUP ...that sounds good. Harvest soup it shall be.
-1 lb. ( 1/2 kg.) lean ground beef
-1/2 tsp. garlic powder
-salt, pepper to taste
-2 Tbsp. butter (There it is Linda. I got the butter in there. :v))
-1 large onion, diced
-1 stalk celery, sliced
-1 squash of your choice, peeled, deseeded and diced
-1 cup tomato juice
-8 cups of water
-4 carrots, cut in bite size chunks
-1 cup wild rice mix
-2 tsp. curry
Brown the ground beef seasoning with garlic powder, salt and pepper in a dutch oven or soup pot. Remove and set aside. Drain the fat from the pot and add the butter, diced onion and celery. Saute over med. heat until celery is tender crisp. Do not turn too high or the butter will start to brown. Add carrots and squash and saute about 2 more minutes. Add all other ingrediants and bring to a soft boil. Turn down heat and simmer covered until the rice is cooked, about 35 - 40 minutes. If you really want to make it rich tasting, add 1-2 Tbsp. butter just before serving and stir until melted.
Wonderful with warm homemade biscuits or buns/bread


Smilingsal said...

Sounds good.

Mocha with Linda said...

That sounds like a great soup!

Michelle said...

sounds so good thanks Susanne.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Even though it's not from Grandma's recipe box, the butter and rave reviews qualify it! I love soups. I will def. try this one. Today it's in the 80s here in Indiana, but the temp is supposed to drop this week, and we'll be thinking, "SOUP!"

Michelle said...

i've tagged you ;-) again yes..

Sandra said...

This sounds great :)

Kelley said...

Sounds really good.

The Patterson 5 said...

I love soup especially on cold days! I can't wait to try this!

Barb said...

I swear, Susanne. I think you're the queen of soups. This sounds wonderful!

PastorMac's Ann said...

This looks delicious. Think I'll give it a try.

ellen b. said...

That sounds very tasty Susanne!
Thanks for your prayers for my dad. I appreciate them and you :0)

GiBee said...

Wow! This looks so yummy and comforting!

Ballerina Girl said...

I will certainly try this one!
Thanks for visiting my blog...hope to see you back again soon!

gail@more than a song said...

Yum, sounds good!