Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Mish Mash

Well, better late than never! I'm not quite sure what is up with my life this summer, but I seem to be soooo busy. I just can't even seem to be getting here to blog. Each day I struggle with the choice between writing a post or leaving a few comments. And when I do post it seems to get on here so late in the day. Sigh. Such is my life. Hopefully, once the big event of moving my daughter to another province for school is all arranged, and moving my best friend into another house is done, when hubby gets off this crazy noon to nine shift when a new job starts, then, hopefully then, my life will return to it's regular rhythm. I'm looking forward to that.

But I made it here today. Yeah for me! First, I have to ask, is the weather bizarre any where else except here? It has been weird. There has been more thunder and lightning storms this summer and tornado watches than I ever remember. For a couple of weeks it seemed there was a severe thunderstorm warning nightly. Now that is just bizarre. But with those there were some really neat clouds too. One night we could literally see the clouds racing across the sky.

The sun finally poked out of these clouds but with the sun came hail. Yup, hail. Toonie sized hail for us, golf ball sized where my mom lives on the other side of the city. For those of you who don't know, a toonie is a Canadian two dollar coin. Just over an inch across.

All those white streaks in the pictures is hail pounding down. My poor flowers are already living the survival of the fittest lifestyle. So I was out there lugging my plants under the roof ledge to try to save at least the ones in the baskets. All the while, going "OUCH, OW, OUCH!" as the hail was hitting me. It seemed even the sunshine part of the sky was laughing at me.

The next night we had strange looking clouds going by like this one that reminded me of a chinese pagoda. That same night brought a huge wind storm through that broke all sorts of branches off the great big trees you see there that are out on the boulevards down our street.

And yesterday and today are hot, hot, hot. Strange. So on the weekend we grabbed my sister and her family and got into the cool airconditioned movie theatre and went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D. Oh my word! What a ride! We totally, totally enjoyed it. We were thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. It was a little pricier because you had to pay for your 3D glasses but I'd do it again in a second. What a great family movie! Fun story, good humor throughout, totally adventurous, no swearing at all that I heard, no s*x, no innuendo. The 3D was amazing. We jumped out of our seats a couple times and then turned to each other giggling that we adults had done that. Total fun. If you take small children bear in mind that there is a scene with dinosaurs which is really intense, and of course because of the 3D, it's in your face. You'll be able to tell when it's coming though, because of the dinosaur bones in the scenes. So a bathroom break might be in order if your child gets scared from that. If you click on the link it will give you some idea of the intenseness on the trailer. And not every theatre apparently has the 3D version so check with your local theatre. It's totally worth it.

In dayhome, I discovered that when you put a preschooler together with a bowl of tomato soup, crackers and fresh peas in their pods it makes for one fun activity lunch for the kids. They totally had a great time shelling those peas into their soup and then eating it. It was fun to the watch the different personalities with this. One dropped in one pea at time and then ate it, some shelled them all in at once before they ate. Some ate more out of the shell than they dropped in the soup and one just threw the whole thing, shell and all into the soup and was right happy with that. LOL. Who would have thought that something so simple could turn into so much fun.

And last but not least, I've been so remiss in acknowledging this wonderful award. Faith from Gold in the Clouds has blessed me with this Share the Love award. This is such a special award because of the meaning of the originator. It's for those whose love and friendship have enriched your life and made your world a better place, in honor of the donor of the heart that saved her little boys life and to raise awareness of organ donation. . You can read about it here at Memiors of a Mommy. Thank you so much Faith. That really blesses me!


ellen b. said...

Your skies really do show how active the weather has been in your area. We are getting a change tonight supposedly but it's been pretty much the same for about a week. I'm so glad you let us know what a toonie is! I hope you find time to relax in the midst of everything that's going on in your families life right now! Blessings

Tammy said... have been having strange weather! We're not right now (hey, our weather isn't in sinc this time!) but instead we've had some really nice sunshine and hardly any humidity! We complain a lot about the weather here in Oregon, but for about two months of the year, it's bliss!

Susanne, I really hope things begin to settle down for you a bit and you can just relax.
Too bad you can't come over this week while my family's gone...we could sit in lounge chairs and read to our heart's content!

Barb said...

The weather around here has been a little strange too. For one thing, spring lasted forever, much longer than usual for where I live. We haven't had nearly the high winds we normally have this time of year.

Last night, from out of nowhere, from a perfectly clear sky, we had one huge loud thunderclap. We have no idea where it came from. Just the one. No rain. No lightning. Very weird.

Congratulations on the award. You definitely deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I tend not to get posts up until mid-to-late morning most days in the summer.

Those are amazing sky pictures! We've had a series of thunderstorms but little rain -- we're still in drought conditions.

The temperature in my car yesterday was 102 F!

Anonymous said...

Its been weird down here Mexico too!

Beck said...

WE've had crazy weather too - and often your weather system rolls over my way, which explains it!
Fun lunch idea! You're so creative with your day munchkins.

Shawna said...

Susanne, those pictures are so amazing. Beautiful. We seem to go through crazy weather spells like that, but thought it was just here. haha

Now, though, we are in our hot phase. Hot and humid. High 90s with a heat index of 100 this week. My husband is on a job working out in the sun with a hardhat on.

The soup for lunch sounds like a fun time. I bet they told their parents all about it.

I wondered about that movie. I will have to see if they are showing the 3D version here.

And yes, I wondered what a toonie was! What a fun name.

I've been reading when I can, just not taking the time to comment much, but I wanted you to know I surely have not forgotten you! Have a happy Tuesday, Susanne!

Anonymous said...

BTW -- I tagged you for a meme and left you an award today. :-)augxccp

Jamie said...

Wow, that is some serious hail!!! We haven't had anything to crazy in the weather department...really hot here and we had a pretty good windstorm last night, but nothing to bad.

Congrats on the award! It was well deserved.

Sandra said...

I love the pictures of the hail Susanne, there's nothing like the sky during a thunderstorm.

Hope you start to relax a bit and things calm down around you :)


Much Ado said...

the random busyness of summer seems to affect my blogging must be the lack of routine or something. Anyway the big plus is getting nice long posts like this to read! :)

If there were a bloggy award for the "weirdest weather" you would definitely win it! One day we had 38 degrees (no idea what that is in Fahrenheit) and then a few minutes later we had hail, it was fun seeing everyone get caught out by the weather! Ourselves included!

Donnetta said...

I'm glad we are not having similar weather now like we were so often this winter! It sounds like you truly have had some crazy stuff!

Congrats on the award!

Trusting things will slow and settle into more of a routine for you soon!!

Laura said...

I went over and read about little Noah and the new heart he received. Wow what a miracle!

Our weather has been pretty terrible here. We haven't had a day above 20. So depressing.

Michelle said...

WOW. I remember the hail when I last visited my brother .Hope the weather changes for the better. And how cute it must have been with the children and their pea pods :-)

Linda said...

I think a lot of us find ourselves in a "busy season" Susanne. Perhaps once the summer is over and our various family members are settled in their new homes, life will settle down (both my sons and their families are moving within a couple of weeks of each other!)
Our weather has been consistently hot and miserable - not nearly as exciting as yours. However, Dolly is threatening to change all that. We aren't too worried about being in the main part of the storm, but we could get lots of wind and rain. It is typical for us - either drought or flood. I heard someone describe our weather the other day as drought with occassional periods of flooding. Pretty well sums it up.
I can just picture the kids sheling their peas. When our kids were little we lived next door to a farm, and they had a great time shelling peas and popping them into their mouths! A great way to get them to eat their veggies.
Take care Susanne. It's always great to hear from you when you have the time!

Hen Jen said...

Susanne, the movie sounds good- I'm going to have to take the kids, it is so hard to find a clean, non-offensive movie to take the kids to! -I have to see it, I've had a small crush on the star, since he did "George of the jungle" oh my! I don't go around having crushes on movie stars, so this is big, that I am admitting it!

The soup activity sounds like so much fun, I'm going to have to try that with my littles.

take care!