Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Mish Mash & Menu Plan

I'm a bit chatty today as I haven't posted in a while and I just have to, shall we say, talk. So if you just want Menu Plan Monday, scroll on down aways. But please feel welcome to stay and chat.

Well, other than Sunday's Word for the Weekend, I can't believe I haven't posted since last Wednesday. For a person usually spilling over with too many words, this is most unusual. Life, as I know it, was just a little crazy last week. Between getting myself ready for an interview for a new child in dayhome and trying to get 3 teens ready for a weekend camping trip it was a might busy. Thank goodness Kay pretty much just gets herself together. She's been on enough camping trips, youth conferences, and trips to know what she needs to pack. But being she would be the oldest of our family at the camp out, of course, I had instructions for her a mile long.  She very patiently let me ramble all my instructions about medication and acting responsibly and being safe.  

The interview went well and I'll be having a new lovely family in my dayhome starting September. And the kids got off to the camping trip without leaving one thing behind. A miracle around here! LOL.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful. Funny how quiet everything around the house is when 3 teens are removed from it. Hubby and I actually got three dates, count 'em, three dates in on the weekend. Friday night we walked to Starbucks, ordered our fave drinks, a vanilla bean frap for him and a cinnamon dolce latte for me. My fave is usually a white chocolate mocha, hot or iced, but I've had a few of those lately, which is what happens when Starbucks moves into your neighborhood within walking distance, so I thought I'd be wild and crazy and change it up a bit. I know. Nothing but excitement in my life. How do I stand it? LOL. Then we sat on their patio for about 1/2 hour and watched all the fancy muscle and classic cars driving by as they cruised the strip on the car club's special Street Machine weekend that they have once a year. Cars from all over come for this and they put on quite an event filled weekend. Cruising, 100 ft. competition and show and shine, where the public can come and ooh and aww up close over all their fancy cars. Some of the cars are really nicely fixed up and some put on quite a show revving their big engines and showing off. There is no stunting allowed though, and the police are out and about enforcing that rule.

Saturday I went shopping with my mom and spent way too much moolah. But alas, it was on nothing frivalous. It was all stuff that was needed. But more on that tomorrow. In the evening hubby and I went and enjoyed a bowl of won ton soup at a little Chinese restaurant that is on a second story on one of the city's more main streets. We got a window seat and again got to watch the fancy dancy cars going by again.

Sunday found us at down at the river bottom park Samson, the dog and furry, four footed member of the family, having a hamburger picnic and enjoy the gorgeous day.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Birds chirping, the sound of kids farther away by the playgrounds, the sounds and smell of the river. Hubby and doggy by my side meandering the trails.   Ahhh.  One of my favorite places.

I tell ya. Maybe I need to be sending these kids off of more camping weekends. The "dating" thing is pretty nice. LOL

So back to routine and Menu Plan Monday. I've been seeing it's got to simplify. Between hubby working evenings and the two oldest working their own work shifts, I have been cooking way too much food and the fridge is burgeoning with leftovers by the end of the week. Sometimes that no one is eating. Last week the "Inside Out Ravioli" was a huge hit and made 2 meals for us. I did add about a cup of drained cottage cheese to the sauce because we like cottage cheese in our ravioli. It was delish!

Monday: Layered potatoes and sausage, mixed veggies
Tuesday: Marinated grilled steak and veggie bites
Wednesday: mac and cheese, carrots
Thursday: Slow Cook Thai Chicken (I'll post the recipe on Thursday), rice, brocolli
Saturday: BBQ burgers, potato salad, fresh veggies
Sunday: not sure yet

For more great menu ideas and recipes see our host for Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie


Michelle said...

Hi Susanne I'll have to try the inside out ravioli if it was that popular!!! I'll be watching the waiter tonight as well as our local ones..Have a great week.

Tammy said...

Loved reading your, all three teens out of the house and three whole dates! Woohoo!

So glad you got a new nice family joining your day care this fall!

Well, I'm back from my visit to my mom with the girls and have pictures! :D

Have a great week Susanne!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was unusual not to hear from you! I came over to make sure that Bloglines was working ok.

Sounds like a lovely weekend! It's funny how, when any of the family is gone, I miss them and yet there are pleasant things about it, too.

Faith said...

How wonderful that you got to spend so much time together as a couple.
I am dying to get blogging but right now I can't...if you visit you'll see why.
I'll have tons to write about at week's end though....I'll be back to visit by Friday or Sat.
Enjoy your week!

ellen b. said...

sounds like you had a fabulous weekend Susanne. How sweet it is. I think I'd be tempted to sign them up for more weekend retreats too! :0)

Linda said...

Isn't it fun Susanne? I admit, it's sad when the kids begin leaving home - but trust me - you get used to it!! And they do come back often enough to keep you from missing them too much.
It sounds like a blissful weekend.

Islandsparrow said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend with your hubby!

Laura said...

Slow cooked thai chicken, you are talking my language! I'm so happy for your dates but oh so jealous at the same time :) Sounds heavenly.

Boy have you been busy. How many dayhome kids will you have in September then?

Lori said...

Makes you look forward to retirement in the future. Not that you want them to grow to fast =)

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

what a nice weekend :)
dating ones hubby/partner is nioce isnt it and good for the relationship too


Jamie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And a great menu too.

Barb said...

I for one can't wait for your Thai chicken recipe. I'm quite tired of cooking the same old things all the time.

I love your Monday mish mash posts, especially when I've been absent for such a long time. It's great to catch up with you.

Your weekend sounds perfectly wonderful, fancy dancy cars and all. I'd be in big trouble if a Starbucks were within walking distance though. I love, love their frozen frappacinos.

Congratulations of the new family - I know it's important that a new child in your dayhome be a good fit and it sounds like this is going to be one.

I'm glad your book arrived and it's very nice to catch up with you again. I missed you!

Donnetta said...

It sounds like you filled your weekend with some wonderful moments to follow a busy week!

Anonymous said...

What a nice weekend!

Beck said...

Those dates sound WONDERFUL!
I made your taco meatloaf AGAIN last night - what a hit with my kids!

Tori Leslie said...

What a sweet weekend you had. Family is so special! Great menu, looks yummy!

GiBee said...

Is that a Maltese? I have a Maltese, too! She's old and frail now -- 15 years old in August. Wow! She's the best dog we've ever had!!!

Sandra said...

I have to try that inside out ravioli, it sounds great :)

You had a ton of fun last week didn't you? *snicker* It's good to see you back posting though, I missed you :)

FlipFlop Mom said...

Congrats on your new little family!!!

No teens... hmmmm...that sounds like FUN!!!!!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Yummy! It's after 8 pm and i haven't had supper yet so reading your menu's made my tummy roar!

How nice that you & hubby had such fun dates, I hope you get a lot more of those.

My teens have been gone from the house for a long time and believe it or not I really miss all the commotion.