Monday, June 16, 2008

Men Plan and Monday Mish Mash

Monday: leftovers from the yummy Father's Day grill yesterday

tortellini salad with added grape or cherry tomatoes

egg salad sandwiches, fries, raw veggies

penne pasta with meat sauce, salad

crockpot pork tenderloin (still hasn't happened from the last two menus)

dinner out to celebrate 25th Anniversary

grilled burgers, veggie/macaroni salad

Well there's the menu, such as it is. I tell you, since hubby has started this noon - 9 p.m. shift, the menu has gone a little haywire. Almost a hit and miss thing. Last week about half of what I planned, got made. Throw in two teens who also have different work shifts and aren't always around for supper and who want to make a big meal when there is only 2 of us here to eat dinner. So the menu's there but there might be a lot of play in it.

So, last week I'm talking to a young lady we know and we start talking American and Canadian Idol. Well, it turns out she tried out for Canadian Idol this year. She made it before the judges but unfortunately, didn't get the coveted golden ticket. Now all you AI addicts would understand how much more exciting it is when you actually know someone who tries out. It's hard to explain unless you are a fanatic into the show. Anyway, I came home and Youtube-d the Canadian Idol auditions to see if she made it onto the tv cut in her tryout city because I couldn't remember her on there. Couldn't find her, but....

Rewind about a year and a half, when we went out to my favorite restaurant, to celebrate Tia's and my birthday. We had a really nice, friendly waiter, who we found out is a singer. After begging him not to get all the staff to march to our table and sing Happy Birthday, he instead brought over and signed a CD he had made locally. Pretty nice for the birthday girl. Tia, that is. Anyway, we chatted more music with him for a minute as we noticed on the CD we knew the producer of the CD, too. Nice friendly waiter, great meal, and a little extra gift for Tia out of the deal made for a nice birthday night out.

Okay, back to youtube-ing. Can you guess where this is leading? In looking for the young lady we know, we rewatched one of the fellas who really stood out to the judges. I remembered his audition when I saw it a couple weeks ago on the show because he was very nervous. And this time I noticed his name and city. And I'm thinking, hmm, that's really cool. He's from my city. And then I take a good look at him while he's singing. And it hit me. I started yelling to Tia to get that CD and bring it to me and lo and behold, it's our little singing waiter. And guess what, he got the golden ticket and is off to Toronto.

Now the excitement level around here has just gone up a million few notches. We actually know someone on Canadian Idol. If he makes it into the viewer voting I can see what I'll be doing every evening. Voting my fingers off. For our singing waiter.

How was everyone's Father's Day? Ours was wonderful. The weather was perfect. We had my Dad over for grilled steaks and the meal turned out perfect. Answered prayer, I tell you. I felt the pressure. My dad used to grill perfect steaks on the old briquet barbques when I was a kid so I was so nervous that his steak turn out well. Every thing was yummy and the steaks came out just right for everybody. The only thing I was disappointed in was the dessert which I had bought at Safeway on a spur of the moment decision. Banana Cream and Coconut Cream Pies. Looked soooo good. And Hubby loves Banana Cream so I nabbed them. But when I opened them, it wasn't real whipped cream at all, but some phony stuff, probably like Cool Whip or something. Sad, sad, sad. Anyway, for this "real" family, it was a huge disappointment.

After my Dad and his wife left with full tummies, hubby watched the blu-ray movie the kids got him for Father's Day. This show had mixed reviews but we really like it. Interesting story of a guy who can see two minutes into his future and an FBI agent who figures that out and is trying to get him to help stop a national disaster. Then we took the dog for a walk. Cause we're just like that, a thrill a minute family. LOL.

Whoa, I can now see I'm being chatty Cathy today and this post is turning into a marathon. If you stuck with me through to the end....bless you. So, onto another week and I have to go set my PVR to make sure I don't miss Canadian Idol and our singing waiter.


Faith said...

That's neat about the waiter!! Have fun watching your Idol show.

Our Father's Day was hectic but good. Gorgeous weather...HOT but not too humid finally!

Come on over to see my baby in her ballet costume...the dance was awesome...but I'm glad life is gonna slow down a bit now!

Islandsparrow said...

I had lunch with a friend yesterday - she and her daughter are heading up to Toronto to watch the Idol Show - she's so excited!

Glad you enjoyed your Father's Day celebration - we barbequed as well.

Barbara H. said...

That's really neat that someone you know made it onto Idol!

Sounds like a great Father's Day. We enjoyed ours, too.

Yea, dinner's hard when people are coming and going and you end up with just two people. I used to cook for just two when we first married but now I tend to want to go out or just do soup and sandwiches then. Have you ever looked at the Cooking For 2 magazine web site?

annie said...

How do you make egg salad? I think I'd like it but have never made it!

Sandra said...

Yummy menu Susanne and how neat about the singing waiter :)

I really enjoyed your post, it felt like I was sitting down just chatting with you!


Michelle said...

How cool ..I must watch Idol EH???? and vote for the waiter !!!! our father's day was good ,nice and sunny..great menu susanne..

ellen b. said...

It was fun the year that Blake Lewis almost won (He was in my son's class in high school) Makes it so much more fun to follow the show. Oh and now I'm craving an egg salad sandwich...
Enjoy your week...

Jamie said...

Sounds like your Father's Day was enjoyable. Ours was too. It was a relaxing day.

Too cool about the singing waiter. That should be fun for you to watch.

And your menu for the week looks great!

Org Junkie said...

Hey that's pretty neat about the Canadian Idol guy...that makes you almost famous :)

gail@more than a song said...

That's a fun story about your waiter and Idol! Will be even more fun to watch.
That tortellini salad looks good, might have to try that one.

Carol said...

Your 25th is coming up? Wow! Congrats to you!

My kids call my sister Tia. Who is your Tia?