Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Mish Mash and Menu Plan

If you're here for Menu Plan Monday, welcome! The plan is at the end of the post but you are most welcome to grab a coffee and visit.

This morning I could have used a few more minutes of sleep, in fact, I could have probably used a few more hours. Heck, let's throw in a whole day off. I'm still reeling from the busy, busy weekend.

Saturday found me and the kids, with their youth group standing in a parking lot on the edge of town, donning reflective red vests and work gloves and hitting the ditches between here and the next town doing highway clean up. Me with only half a cup of coffee in me in a parking lot at 6:30 a.m. Let me tell you, I was a draggin' and we hadn't even started. The youth leader, God bless him, bought me a coffee an hour later on one of the gas station bathroom runs. I am forever indebted. A word of advice if you ever do a highway cleanup or have to walk for 6 1/2 hours in one direction in any circumstance, when applying your sunscreen in the morning, DON'T FORGET TO APPLY IT TO YOUR NECK! And if your partner, who is lugging a huge bottle of the stuff in a little backpack, offers you some at least 3 times throughout the morning, TAKE IT and stop telling her you've already applied. Because if you don't take the offered sunscreen you will have a very lovely, very painful, very obvious, glaring "farmer's" sunburn on one side of your neck in church the next morning announcing to all your stupidity.

Just saying.

Oh, and another little hint. Make sure you have a massage appointment set up for as soon after as is possible. Your gonna need it. And it will feel like heaven. And you just might almost fall asleep during it. Again, I'm just saying.

After all that, there was still hair appointments to get to and shoes to find and I still don't know exactly what I'm wearing. Sigh. But a little joy and God's blessing was finding a great deal. I love me a great deal and especially now that my budget has seriously been restricted, I found both Kay and my shoes for under $40.00. Payless had their infamous bogo sale on and I got a pair of nice black sandals and Kay some dress flats which she needed for her dress for graduation mass on Friday evening. And hers were on sale, and then the bogo on top of it, I paid all of $6.00 for these adorable shoes. Six bucks. Regular $32.99. Now is that a blessing or what! That kind of a deal almost makes me giddy at the best of times. Now it almost made starting breaking out in the hallelujah chorus at the till. But I restrained myself in order not to embarass Kay.

But seriously, aren't these the cutest things? But, shhh, don't tell Kay that. She doesn't do "cute". So use the word "nice" or "splashy" or something like that. But not cute. Don't use cute.

Sunday found us at a dear friend of Kay's baptism. We had invited her for lunch because her family is not here, but the celebration found that about 5 of their friends showed up to see her baptized. So our little lunch swelled just a touch. Good thing I had this in the crockpot is all I can say!

But with all that, grocery shopping just didn't get done so for Menu Plan Monday I'm sorta flying by the seat of my pants, because I have no idea when I'm going to be able to get to grocery shopping with everything I still need to do this week. Can I say I'm a tad bit tired. Anyhoo, here it is such as it is:

Monday: bbq burgers, buns, coleslaw,

Tuesday: sweet & sour meatballs, rice

Wednesday: chicken breast supreme, noodles, brocolli

Thursday: leftover ham, cheese scalloped potatoes, roasted carrots

Friday: taco salad

Saturday: grad banquet

Sunday: our traditional Kentucky Fried Chicken

Thanks to Laura for hosting MPM's.


annie said...

I read your menu night menu and thought it said blog burgers lol. I had to re read to see it was bbq burgers. I was thinking hmmm what are blog burgers ????
Yes, I'm a dork.
Cute shoes. I hit bogo too! Love it.

Susanne said...

Annie: that is hilarious! I'll have to think that one through and see if I can come up with a concoction to name "blog burgers".

Barbara H. said...

What a great deal on shoes!! And they are very nice!

I wouldn't be good for anything after 6 hours of road clean-up duty!

Re blog burgers -- one day when I experimented with a recipe I had seen on someone's blog, when I told my husband about it, he said, "We're having blog food?"

Faith said...

I LOVE the shoes. Isn't Payless great???
Praise the Lord!
Your daughter graduates this week????
The teens around here would be envious. They graduated the 3rd weekend of June.
Congrats and enjoy your week!
(and your menu looks so good!)

Susanne said...

Faith: the graduation ceremonies are this weekend but they still have to go to school to the 3rd week of June and then write exams. Crazy isn't it?

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I hear ya on the sunburn...ouchie!!

And sounds like you know how to eat the gospel bird on Sunday's LOL!☺ sure and come see me as I'm having a Mother's Day giveaway and I wouldn't want you to miss out!

Beck said...

I LOVE those shoes! I wish I lived closer to a Payless...
Your menu plan makes me HUNGRY!

Kelsey Smith said...

Your menu sounds great! Yumm!

Sandra said...

Great menu :)

I love bogo and the shoes are just too cute, great find!

Linda said...

Hi, sweet friend. Just dropping in. Sorry I've been so out of touch. Love the shoes; I believe my katie has a pair just like them. Sweet deal for a sweet friend. Be sure to take lots of pics, PLEASE!

Pam said...

Susanne, I totally think those shoes are cute! I wanted to buy them myself, but our store here was out of them. I still may buy them online, but I do have to restrain myself.

I just happen to have last fall's version of those same shoes, but mine are in a cranberry rather than cherry red like yours.

Enjoy! They make my feet happy every time I wear them.

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Isn't it great when you can find something hip and cool, and get a good deal with it!
Ah yes and good tip about the sunscreen.....sorry to hear you are paying for such a good deed.
And as a teacher, I don't get why they have graduation and then go back to school???

Org Junkie said...

Oh I'm saying SASSY, oh yes I am. I usually stock up on Payless shoes whenever I'm in the city, which isn't as often as I'd like.

I've got burgers on the menu too, I've been so craving them!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

oh Susanne hope your neck feels better soon

nice shoes

get some early nights my friend


Shalee said...

The Girl and I think that your shoes are adorable! I need to find a good bogo for her. Her feet, they are agrowin'!

Oh Susanne, I know this is an emotional time for you. Your baby's thinking about leaving the nest... That makes me want to well up with tears too.