Saturday, April 12, 2008

Word for the Weekend ~ Acts 4

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"Now when they saw,

the unfettered eloquence of Peter and John,

and perceived that they were unlearned and untrained in the schools

-common men with no advantages-

they marvelled;

and they recognized that they had been with Jesus."

Acts 4 : 13 Amplified bible


Kelsey Smith said...

Love that verse!

Becoming Me said...

I love that. How others can know when we've been with Jesus.

Tammy said...

Susanne, I was just reading your post below, too, and though I don't watch AI, I heard about it through some other blogs this morning. I have to agree with you- I think God is moving!
It could be easy to try to analyze it, but no matter how you slice it, God was praised, and it may have spoken to many, many hearts!

(Oh, and sorry to keep you hanging again on the road trip saga...I knew I was going to get tomatoes thrown at me, but I originally had planned to reveal the calamity in Part 2...there was just way too much more to tell!) ;)

Linda said...

Oh to have someone look at me and somehow know I had been with Jesus!
Absolutley beautiful Susanne.

Faith said...

I would love for people to say I have been with Jesus...that should be our prayer each day...I want the world to know Jesus is my friend! Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

I love that scripture too. It gives me hope even when I have brain fade, God can use me.


Lisa writes... said...

How I long for Jesus to be so obvious in me!!