Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WFMW ~ Greatest Hits Edition

It's "Greatest Hits Edition" Wednesday at Works For Me Wednesday this week. This is my favorite WFMW originally posted on August 16, 2006 and here it is in it's original form:

This week's Works For Me Wednesday is something that really helps me out with my kids in praying for them. One of my heart's desires for my children is to develop Godly character early in their lives. I know they cannot do this without prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit. Therefore I was so thrilled to find this 31 day prayer chart entitled: "31 Character Traits and Virtues to Pray for Your(Our) Youth" . Personally I get very overwhelmed when I look at the big picture of everything I need to pray for the youth of today. And, I hate to admit, sometimes I get so overwhelmed, that I do nothing. But this prayer chart breaks it down into 31 traits for 31 days of the month. That still gives me time in the day to pray for specific things my own children are going thru or need right at that specific time.

I found this on someone's site when I first started to blog and have no idea where, I did not keep track. So if anyone knows who that might be please let me know and I will gladly give them credit and link them. The chart originally came from Mom's In Touch International. To link specifically to the chart and print yourself a copy go here. Being a list person, having a chart to help me lift my own and other's youth before the Lord works for me.

The wonderful thing about this prayer chart is you don't have to have teens to use it. Believe it or not. All you need is a heart for a specific youth or the youth of today in general. So go for it and get yourself a copy. A youth somewhere will benefit from your prayers.

For other great ideas to make your day easier or to link to your own idea visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.


Shari Ellen said...

Thank you. I am so glad to know about this prayer chart. I've already bookmarked it. I'll have to join in on WFMW, next week.

ellen b. said...

Well let me be the second ellen to say thank you for reposting this. I'm a list person too and I find these kinds of charts helpful. Blessings on your day Susanne!

Faith said...

I love the chart...thanks for directing us to it! A friend of mine wants to start a Moms in Touch prayer group for our school district!

Me said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for this. I don't have children yet, but my brother and his wife are expecting. Aunts can pray for their niece or nephew, right? :)

God Bless!

Michelle said...

it sounds quite interesting..thanks susanne.

Kate said...

This is a great tool. Thanks so much for sharing. Like you, I often get overwhelmed when thinking of the picture. This will surely help.

Anonymous said...

This is so great and right where my heart is right now.