Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reciepts Galore, No More

Remember the little saying about the weather that Southern Albertans like to quote (from yesterday's post)? The one about if you don't like the weather; wait a minute? Well here's the perfect example. Blizzard and cold on the weekend. Tuesday, beautiful and mild with the snow melting like crazy, this morning we woke up to the wind howling and light snow and cautions for all highways. This was my view through my living room window:

That is not gently falling snow you see through the window. That is drifting, blowing snow that the wind has literally plastered to the window. Although it's not too cold out, that wind cuts right through a person, so it's definitely an indoor day today!

If you remember my friend Laura, from I'm An Organizing Junkie fame, is having an Organizing Roundup and the kitchen is this month. I keep reciepts from just about everything in an envelope in my cupboard. With the way they make things nowadays, you just never know when you'll have to return something, so the idea is to keep them for a month or two. At least that's what I tell myself. Let's just say my reciepts have got a tad away from me. Here was the pile I pulled out:

I put the coffe cup there for perspective, not because I'm addicted to caffiene and have to have a mug near me at all times, or anything. Ahem. Now really, I did not do this much shopping in two months! I actually found reciepts in there from 2004! Crazy. There was reciepts in there whose ink had faded so I didn't even know what they were for anymore! Can we say "clearout time"? So after a few minutes work, I got it down to this much more respectable pile.

Small steps. Right, Laura? Now let me ask: How's your reciept pile? Do you keep reciepts or do you chuck them right away? How long do you hang onto to them if you do? How do you store them if you keep them?

And the most important question of the day: don't you think I should win some kind of prize for my oh so catchy, clever title today?


Julie said...

Cute title indeed, Susanne. We have SO MANY receipts that we have TWO small accordian files...A-L and M-Z. We file all receipts in it for the year, then buy new ones the following January and start all over.

By the way, your window looks beautiful with all that snow plastered on it. Today it's actually (sort of) similar here...cloudy, rainy and windy. Very unusual for Florida, but a VERY nice change of pace. I have candles lit in the house and it's so cozy!

Susanne said...

Julie: You won't believe this, but those are just my reciepts for purchases. That pile does not include any household expense reciepts for such things as utilities, groceries, insurance, etc. We do have an accordian file for "important" reciepts. Oh the shame of it all! :v)

Faith said...

Love the title...very catchy!
I left ya a comment after yours about american idol. I'll check out that book!
I keep receipts/bills for utilites, phones, household stuff for 3 years. (mainly in case we ever get audited). we have a file folder in our basement office for each co like "verizon", Visa, etc.
as for clothing/books/gifts,etc. I just save until I get the credit card bill and then compare and shred as soon as bill is paid. I HATE desk clutter. congrats on getting your pile smaller!

Beck said...

That storm is supposed to hit us, today! I hope you guys are all safe and cozy!
We SHOULD keep receipts - we're so spacy about where our money goes...

Org Junkie said...

On days like today aren't you so glad you work at home and don't have to leave?

Great title, wish I'd thought of it :)

I keep my day to day receipts for a year by the month in separate envelopes.

Were you surprised at how quickly it was to go through them?

GiBee said...

I'll tell you what... you can win a title when you can come to my house and organize my receipts... and, KITCHEN! lol!

You go girl... little steps indeed!

Anonymous said...

Lol your weather is very changeable isn't it? We are revelling in sunshine...well we were before it got night :) Though you never know tomorrow might be blizzards, it's a strange old world.

I've been working my way through my receipts recently. I keep my supermarket receipts until I get the statement from the bank just to check nothing extra has gone through, then I shred them. I keep appliance receipts for about 2 years. I keep major household receipts for as long as the guarantee lasts.

Bev said...

I file my receipts in a check organizer (which nobody needs anymore since the bank doesnt send your checks back). I put them behind the month, and next year when that month rolls around, I go through the old receipts and send them through the shredder. That way I know I have a receipt for anything that has a warranty which is often one year. Very quick, very easy and nice and neat on my office shelf.

i_am_4given said...

I have tried so hard starting this year, to keep all my receipts in order, and so far, I am doing pretty good!!! But I do know what you mean, they do get out of control quickly..LOL


Barb said...

You know, for years and years, it's been a habit of mine to save every last receipt from Christmas shopping - in my underwear drawer of all places. I figure no one will ever look in that drawer because grannie pannies are just too scary. LOL

I do save receipts for things I've bought that could stop working before the ten minute warranty expires or DVD's and CD's, until I know for sure they work. Other than that, not so much. But I always tape the receipt for anything that comes with a manual, inside the book.

No receipts in my kitchen. Lots of other junk, but no receipts. :-)

Tammy said...

Look at that snow coming down! Brrr!

At least you have your receipts in an actual pile there...mine gets tossed in my purse at stores until it's almost overflowing. Then I finally go through them!

Jenny in Ca said...

oh, good for you- getting that done! Mine are around the house in different envelope would be an improvement for me..hmm...

I liked the title, very clever!

the snow looks cold..I think I will stay right here in So. Ca, thankyouverymuch!

Laura said...

Well done! Now, if only I could get all the receipts in one place, instead of just wadded up in my diaper bag and purse!

Hope you win!

Michelle said...

Great's true rob always says "wait five minutes"for the weather to change too.I usually chuck the reciepts unless it's a toy or clothes or cd .something important it stays somewhere else.:)