Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Mish Mash and Meal Plan

If you're here for Menu Plan Monday it's at the bottom of this post but welcome and feel free to read on through if you like!

This is typical in the winter here in Southern Alberta. As I type the temperature outside is -20*C (-4*F in US speak) and by this afternoon it should be 3*C (37*F) by this afternoon. That is if the forecast comes to pass, which last week it didn't. This rise in temperature doesn't happen daily in the winter, we've been sitting in a deep freeze for a week, but it sure is nice when it does come. Almost makes me want to break out shorts and t's. Almost. The blizzardy weather that dropped another blanket of snow all day Friday and Saturday will most likely be a big slushy mess by this afternoon. Our backyard will be a mess as we have our own mini tobagganning hill back there from the snow shovelled off the top end of the driveway. But before that can happen we're going to head out and try to get a few slides in.

UPDATE: It is now noon and the temp has warmed up to 0*C (32*F) already. Pretty amazing isn't it? As the saying goes around here: "If you don't like the weather , wait a minute."

I was absolutely lazy this weekend. I didn't even clean the house in any way, shape or form. Meals were quick and simple. I made this on Sunday and everyone really enjoyed it. I did change a couple things up on it. The things I would do different would be to use two cans of soup instead of one, but my hubby disagrees. He liked it just the way it was. But that's typical, he'll eat pasta and rice just plain and I like mine doing the backstroke in sauce. Oh, and salt and pepper the meat. And I used a 28 oz. can of diced tomatoes, (14 oz. was not near enough). And way more cheese. There is no way 1/4 cup in that whole recipe was enough for two layers of noodles. The recipe said to bake for 1 hour but I found after 35 minutes it was piping hot and ready to feed my starving family. They are always so hungry after church on Sundays.

Saturday found me at the Christian bookstore. I thought I'd treat the fam to a chai tea in the coffee shop. But, heaven help me, it was $40 later that I walked out of there with cards and books. Again. I did that last month too. And I even told myself this time I was not going to let that happen. But they had cards on sale, and I'm a stationary fanatic, and the books I bought were all on sale. Not one book was more than $9.99. But such as that it is, my book bag is now overflowing. Literally, onto my bedroom floor. Help me. I cannot go into that store anymore until I read all the books in my bag, as obviously, I have a sickness where I'm compelled to not pass up any book that has a sale sticker on it. Just take at look at the evidence of my reading and book sickness passion. And I still have 4 to get read from the library. I really do need a job where I can read books for a living.

Sunday Hubby and I were on the hunt for an 18th birthday present for Kay. I absolutely cannot believe I just typed that sentence. Where on earth did the time go? Man, 18 years. Next week she'll officially be considered an adult. I don't know if I'm ready for this. It really hit us when we realized she can actually vote in March in the provincial election. But ready or not, the days keep stepping along and it will be upon us. Anyway, we got a really great idea for an 18th birthday present but I can't tell you yet, because she might read this. And speaking of Kay, she starts a new job today at Pizza Hut. Should be good. She's hoping to make lots of tip money to help herself with bible school and missions. Hmmmm, wonder if they give a family discount at that place. We all know how I love my pizza.

I better wrap up this Monday Mish Mash with my menu plan before I put you all to sleep. I'll have a book review up tomorrow of a biography that moved me to my core.

Monday: West Indian Curried Chicken, rice, baby veggie mix

Tuesday: Cajun cabbage casserole, veggies/dip

Wednesday: beef stroganoff (didn't happen last week), macaroni, beans

Thursday: For valentines, Hubby's fave pork/brussel sprout dish, brownies with homemade ice cream

Friday: scrounge day

Saturday: Asian Pork Tenderloin, rice, stir fry veggies

Sunday: invited out


The Trier and Jen said...

woah!!!! -20*C stay warm!!!!

slides in.

sounds like a nice weekend

hope Kay new job goes well


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely tobagganning! Our snow didn't stick around long enough. Keep warm!

I love books too. I had to control myself on Amazon yesterday!


annie said...

That is so cold!!
Try to stay warm.
Yummy menu!

¸.·´¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’ * Annie *

Beck said...

I hope Kay likes her new job!
It's -23 here today. We're staying in.

Org Junkie said...

My goodness what a nice newsy post. First of all I see those words again (brussel sprouts ~ can't believe I just even typed them) that make me want to run and hide. Horrors of horrors!

Second I love my food doing the backstroke in sauce funny!

Loving that stack of books you bought. Our Christian bookstore is in the next town and when I go to the next town I always have the little one with me it seems so I never get to just spend some quiet time there :(

I'll be posting pictures of my monstrous snow hill in our front yard soon, stay tuned!

Faith said...

I love books too! I especially like Barnes and Noble and Christian Book Distributors..their prices are awesome! (I tend to order online ALOT of books!). BRR...we are having bitter cold winds the last few days but not like what you guys have up there (we have no snow other than a half inch on the ground).
Oh and the curried chicken dish sounds delish!

Sandra said...

Wow that reminds me of the temps in Idaho, I actually miss them believe it or not LOL

You know how much I love books, I am not allowed near bookstores for that reason, Curt will actually take my wallet from me to make sure I don't overspend LOL

Great menu Susanne, everything looks delicious.

Michelle said...

hi susanne ;)the curry sounds so good.good luck to Kay on the job.books and i are really good friends ;) lol

Cyndi said...


The books look wonderful, and the meal plan is delicious. I love reading how you care for your sweet family. :)

Linda said...

Yep, you got us beat chill-wise, but it's frigid here, too. The 18th birthday ... ah yes. I remember my daughter's first election. It was a big deal to both of us. I also stressed, "You are adult now. This also means that if you do something unwise, and the police are called, you are seen as an ADULT." I think this had the scary factor enough!

ellen b. said...

Oh may God be with you in a close wonderful way as you let your little babes turn into adults...
I can't help but feel guilty about the weather here in So. Cal. even the weather people here are apologizing to the North and Midwest and northeast for the contrast...

Linda said...

I totally sympthize with that book sickness thing - I am a victim of it as well. For me it is the Half Price Book Store. If I told you I had over 100 books on my closet shelf that I haven't read yet and I still cannot resist buying more every time I walk into that place - would you believe me? It is all too true!
It really is amazing how quickly those years go by. I have a granddaughter who turned 16 this year. How in the world did that happen?
Have a great week Susanne.

PJ said...

It is incredible how fast kids grow up. Mine are 34 & 36. It seems just yesterday they ere 3 & 5 years old!!!

And it was 0 - Fahrenheit -- that's -18 Celsius. Brrrr. yesterday, it was -8 F about -22 C

Shalee said...

First of all, I could only visit you in the summer. Brrrr!

That dish you made after church sounds delish. I'm going to make it since I have everything already...

18... Oh I remember being that age only 18 years ago. Sigh. Where does time go so quickly?

But PH is an awesome job! Mr. Right worked at one in high school. He said that he loved how they all got to eat the "messed up" pizzas, which means that they messed some up on purpose at times. And he still loves PH to this day. Working there didn't change his mind on that at all.

And if you find that job for reading books, would you submit my application too? I think we could take the reading world by storm!

Cyndee@Riezzee's Place said...

I am with you on the cold weather thing - afterall, isn't Minnesota almost Canada? We love the cold and snow, but definitely cherish the warm weather. Blessings as you prepare to send your oldest into the adult world - mine is 14, how the years fly!

gail@more than a song said...

Oooh, cold there! And silly me, I was fussing about it being 32 here yesterday morning!
That recipe you did Sunday looks good and I like the notes you added in. I should have done a menu this week but just haven't gotten around to it yet. does seem to come so fast doesn't it! And it does change things but sometimes that's a good thing too.

momrn2 said...

Brrr... I hope it does warm up a bit for you, even if it ends up turning into a slushy mess.

That's what we have going on now. All that snow that has fallen is now melting. Now we are having flodding and ice at night when it freezes back up! What fun What fun! :-)

Happy birthday gift shopping and happy reading!

Brittanie said...

We had bad weather (tornados and striaght line winds) here but no snow in the deep south.I love the Canopy by Angela Hunt. It is one of my all time favorite books. :)

Barb said...

I'm now officially going to stop complaining about being cold. Compared to your weather, we're having a heat wave (we have snow forecast for tonight but it's warm snow compared to yours). LOL

If I worked in a book store, I'd get fired the first day. I'm pretty sure they want you to work, not sit around reading a book all day. It would be like a little kid working in a candy shop. But my gosh, wouldn't that be a dream job?

I know exactly how you feel. It's a shock when your firstborn turns 18. You'll survive, but I do know exactly how you feel.