Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: cheeseburger soup, drop biscuits

Tuesday: Italian marinated chicken drumsticks, whipped potatoes, mixed veggies

Wednesday: Out for supper for Kay's 18th birthday

Thursday: Perogies, chicken breast, ceasar salad

Friday: sweet and sour pork, rice, stir fry veggies

Saturday: Greek chicken pitas, tater tots, veggies/dip

Sunday: crockpot roast, whipped potaotes, baby veggies

Check out the great menus at Laura's at I'm An Organizing Junkie.

I'm taking a small break from blogging today as it's Family Day here in Alberta. And I'm going to, you know, spend some time with my family. Tomorrow I'll be posting at Faith Lifts. Please come on over there and join in the conversation about the Word of God.


Linda said...

Enjoy your day with your family. I wonder what the history of this day is?

Beck said...

Have fun today! Your week sounds DELICIOUS - what sort of restaurant are you planning on going to on Wednesday?

Org Junkie said...

Do you know BC doesn't have Family Day. What's with that! Enjoy your daughter's b-day this week. Where is she picking to go for dinner?

gail@more than a song said...

Have a fun day! I love cheeseburger soup, one of my favorites...and hope y'all have a FUN birthday celebration for her 18th on Wednesday!

Julie said...

Well guess what, Susanne? I can visit you now on Mondays and not feel all depressed...cuz I have a menue done every week now, too, thanks to your inspiration! (Well, that's my goal...)

Today we're doing chicken enchiladas with mexican-style rice. Tomorrow is beef stroganoff and then there is Moroccan chicken & couscous and spagetti with meat sauce. YUM!

P.S. Happy 18th to your not-so-young one!

The Trier and Jen said...

tagged you for a meme because I know you like reading

FlipFlop Mom said...

Happy Family Day!!! Ours is presidents day.. but my kidlets still had school.... oh well!! Ü

Michelle said...

Hi Susanne :) I hope that you had a great day.Happy 18th birthday to your daughter.All the meals sound yummy especially the cheeseburger soup.:)

Sandra said...

Great menu Susanne :)

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Faith said...

Have a great day with your family. Your dinners all sound delicious!

Barb said...

Aha! You're making Caesar salad! Good for you!

Kelly said...

Could you share your cheeseburger soup recipe? I thought I had that one, but could not find it:)