Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank January 3, 2008

Today I'm going to combine my Thursday Tanks Tank with a fun list that DCRMom at Musings of a Housewife posted yesterday. The list is simple: Things I Love Right Now. I think that goes wonderfully hand in hand with a Thankfulness post, don't you?

The things I love right now and am very thankful for are:
1. My hubby. We had such a wonderful time off together during the holidays. We don't get much time off that happens to coincide so that was really nice. And he's such a great help when we have a house full of company, making sure the coffee pot is always full and and cold drinks are always offered. That takes such a huge load off.
2. My kids luaghter. It's been nice to hear that laughter throughout the holidays. It's become extra precious as I know come September one of my chicks will be leaving the nest.
3. This movie. We went to this for my birthday and it was such a fun ride. I love this series. The humor was fun, the adventure like a roller coaster. Yes, there was a couple predictable moments but we all left the theatre smiling and I'll definitely be buying the DVD.
4. The Sound of Music. The perrenial holiday movie. Kay gave me the DVD for Christmas. She'd been looking for a couple years for it for me. I never get tired of watching it and what would a "These are a few of my favorite things" list be without it?
5. The snow outside. I love the snow. The weather has been quite mild. We haven't had any -30*C weather out here. It's been just nice.
6. The grapefruit vanilla reed diffuser in my living room. It's such a lovely, subtle smell.
7. My new camera. So much better than my old one. Very user friendly which this techno illiterate user needs.
8. My van. I wanted a van for so many years that everytime I get into mine I say a prayer of gratitude. And I've had it a year and a half now. I'm just so thankful for it!
9. Lunch out with my friends. Such a rare treat. And I get to go this Saturday.
10. Chocolate covered coffee beans from Bernard Callebaut. Two addictions in one small package satisfied. If you have a minute peruse their site, especially the interactive chocolate map and drool. And guess what? They do ship to the U.S. You'll thank me for that tip.
If you'd like to join in and fill up your Thanks Tank go over to Pam's and let her know you've done one in the comments. Or if you'd like to read other favorite things or do a post of your own you can visit Musings of a Housewife.


dcrmom said...

Great list! And can you send some of your snow my way? ;-)

ellen b. said...

Nice! Now pass me one of those chocolates...

Lisa writes... said...

We are National Treasure fans as well! This summer when my husband and I visited DC one of our must-see's was the National Archives!

Rochelle said...

Saw #3 and had a blast. It was a dinner movie theater. It was really cool!

Linda said...

So, those beans, do you grind them just like regular beans?

Linda said...

That's a wonderful list Suzanne. I am back from my break and trying to get all caught up. Happy New Year wishes to you. Blessings for the coming year.

Org Junkie said...

Gosh wish I could say I love snow (I don't) but I am trying to make the most of it :)

Do you know I have never seen the Sound of Music straight through. I've only seen portions of it throughout the years but not all at once. I would love to buy it.

Islandsparrow said...

I'm with on snow - which is a good thing since we're under about 4 feet!

I'm checking that movie out too - we got movies passes for Christmas.

Sandy said...

Oh we do have so many things in common! I also enjoy The Sound of Music, I love snow and sledding with my kids, we just got a van for the first time, and I LOVE it, and who can go wrong with chocolate coffee beans. Great list, I may just post it on my blog and say it's mine! LOL!! :)

gail@more than a song said...

We went to see National Treasure a few days ago and I loved it! My idea of a fun holiday movie.....saw Sound of Music on tv and wanted to watch and most of the kids laughed at me! Guess I'll have to get my dvd out.
What kind of new camera did you get?