Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Great to be Me

I got tagged by Carol at She Lives for a meme. An "It's Great to be Me" meme, listing all the reasons why it's great to be me. Hoo boy. This is really hard for me, as it was for her, because I'm so not one to toot my own horn. But for your Carol, I'll give it a shot.

It's great to be me because:

-if I wasn't me then I wouldn't have my great hubby. Who totally knows how to fix it my computer when does strange things. And who takes me to coffee shops for my favorite coffee. And who puts up with my books laying everywhere. And who does item runs to the grocery store for me when I've forgotten stuff. And who has put up with my once a month emotional meltdowns for coming up to 25 years this June.

-or my 3 kids. Who are pretty darn good kids if I do say so. In fact, they are the best.

-I live in a place where I get all four seasons. Which I love. I can't imagine not having snow, or the colors of fall, or the newness of spring.

-my parents are still with us and live in the same city, so we get to see them on a regular basis. Some would not agree, but I can't imagine living provinces or states away from my parents. In spite of struggles we've had, they are an absolute blessing.

-I get to work at home.

-I'm a pretty low maintenance kind of gal when it comes to looks. I can get ready in the mornings within a half an hour. And that's from getting up, showering, hair, and makeup. Now that is not to say I wouldn't rather get up and sit around having a couple cups of coffee first, reading or watching the morning program, but when push comes to shove I can be ready to go in less than half an hour.

-We attend a church we really love

-I have the incredible privelage of reading the Word of God freely without the police knocking on my door. I never want to take this for granted.

-I think I'm a pretty good cook.

-I've met some pretty nice people and made some really good friends through this world of blogging.So I want to know. Why is it great to be you? I tag you all. Let me know if you've done the tag.


ellen b. said...

Sweet Susanne! I love the graphic at the end. I love living close to my parents too!

Michelle said...

Hi Susanne ;) good meme.the graphic at the bottom is great.have a great day

Beck said...

I think you're wonderful. What a lovely meme, too.

GiBee said...

Good----NESS! That is a HARD meme to do! But you did it wonderfully, friend!!

I haven't been able to read Carol's blog for a very long time, but now that I've downloaded Firefox at work, I need to give it another shot!

Carol said...

Ooooo.... Very good list! I think it's great that you're you, too!

Linda said...

I'm glad you're you too Susanne. You did a great job with this. All of those wonderful things make you the sweet person you are.

Tammy said...

We really do have so much in common...except you happen to technically live in another country! ;)
Loved reading this my sweet friend...and I love my computer for the same reason...because people like you live in it! :D I just love that graphic...can I borrow it?

"See" you tomorrow when I put everyone's names in a hat and have my five yr old pick one!

Barb said...

You're so lucky to have your parents nearby, Susanne. I know I'm fortunate to still have my parents - they're getting pretty old - but how I wish they both lived nearer.

Makeup? Oh dear. You're waaay ahead of me. LOL

Laura said...

You know we all need to look at the positives sometimes to realize just how much we really having going for us. You are so blessed to have your parents near, mine are so far away and it is so sad to think about what my kids are missing out on :(

Cyndi said...

Oh, this was fun!! I'm so glad you're "you," too, so I can read your blog. ALl of these reasons were great. :)