Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WFMW ~ Meatloaf Revisited

At the end of October, I wrote about the crazy exciting topic of meatloaf. If you recall, I shared with you the issues I have with this family staple. And then I shared a recipe for Moroccan Meatloaf which put an interesting spin on the old stand by but still did not make me fall in love with meatloaf. If you just can't seem to recall that memorable post or if you're visiting here, then by all means go here and read it. But make sure you come back, 'k?!

Okay, moving on but still talking about meatloaf. Well, guess what? Dare I say it out loud? I actually found a meatloaf recipe I like. No, that I love! You read that right! Let it be put in writing for the record! I loooooove it! So I'm gonna share it! 'Cause I love to share!


-1 egg
-1/2 cup sour cream
-1/3 cup salsa
-3 - 4 Tbsp. taco seasoning (store bought or my recipe down below)
- salt to taste
-1 cup crushed tortilla chips
-1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
-2 lbs. (1 kg) lean ground beef)

In a large bowl, whisk egg and add all ingrediants except ground beef. Mix well. Add ground beef and mix well. Shape into loaf in baking dish. Bake at 350 F for 60 - 70 minutes. Time will depend on how thick you made your loaf.

While hot place on serving platter. Top with sliced tomato and grated cheese. Loosely cover with foil so the residual heat from the meatloaf melts the cheese. Meanwhile, prepare any combination of shredded lettuce, chopped green onion, chopped black olives, sour cream and extra salsa. The picture above is how I served mine.

Now does that not just make your mouth water? How yummy does that look? I served mine with "tater tots" which we call Mexi-fries around here. Yum, yum. I actually doubled the recipe and now I have a loaf in the freezer just waiting for a day when I don't feel like cooking, which may be sooner than I planned now that I'm looking at picture and my salivatory glands have kicked in big time.

Now if you don't have a packet of taco seasoning laying around, here is a great Mexican Spice blend that I mix myself and store in a jar. Just make sure you shake it up before using as the ingrediants settle.

Mexican Spice Blend

-1 Tbsp. chili powder
-1 tsp. cayenne pepper

-1 1/2 tsp. ground cumin
-1 Tbsp. oregano leaves
-1 1/2 tsp. onion powder
-1/2 tsp. corriander (optional)
-1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
-1 Tbsp. garlic powder
1 Tbsp. black pepper

Blend ingrediants together well.

For more WFMW ideas, head over to Shannon's Rocks in My Dryer.


Kelli said...

Sounds yummy! In the recipe bin :)

FrazzMom said...

I like meatloaf, but it's not my kids favorite. I'm guessing they would love this version tho'. I'll try it this week. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love meatloaf and I love Mexican food. I will definately make this!

Laura said...

Sounds delicious! I've got it bookmarked and will see about putting it into my menu plan for next week....yumm!

Beck said...

Hey, and it's GLUTEN FREE! Awesome!

Jen said...

I just saw something similar to this in our local newspaper..they do a recipe a day in family loves Mexican so I will be trying this one...thanks for sharing it gal.

Lisa Spence said...

Not big fans of meatloaf here either, but I'll definitely be checking this one out! Thanks for sharing!

Faith said...

This sounds delish. And it's perfect timing as meatloaf is kinda on my mind for tomorrow evening but I just don't have a fun recipe....I'm gonna try this one! Thanks!

FlipFlop Mom said...

OHHHHH Honey pie.. that DOES look YUMMY!! I'm GONNA try that and let you know how it does taste.. mmmm!!!

gail@more than a song said...

Oooh, that looks really good; what's not to love with the cheese, sour cream and tomatoes! Yum, thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Now there's a loaf I need to try...
Blessings Susanne!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You rock. I will try this one.

Shalee said...

Yum! (and I love meatloaf too...)

GiBee said...

I adore meatloaf, and this twist on the old standby sounds delicious.

Have you ever tried Martha Stewart's All American meatloaf? It is so delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks very good - and a nice variation.

My family loves the plain old version where you add a can of tomato soup, egg and oatmeal and a squirt of ketchup. I don't think they realize that you are supposed to be bored by meatloaf :)They actually say "Oh yummy meatloaf!!"

Anonymous said...

Okay! This one sounds just as delicious as the Moroccan one! Will have to try it!

Lana G!

Anonymous said...

Saw this over at the Lazy Organizer's site and wanted to try it. I too have been in search of that meatloaf recipe that my family likes. I'm anxious to try this one out - looks so good! Thanks for sharing!

Lorie said...

Came over here from Monday Menu Plan at Lara's. This looks yummy for sure!

Kelli said...

I made tonight and everyone LOVED it! Thanks for the keeper :)