Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Mish Mash

Coming up for air in the midst of all the scholarship paperwork. Kay and I had a nice talk over the weekend about what is really on her heart. And bible school it is. So that lessons the load somewhat. At least until next year. Now I just need to look through and see what scholarships are transferable to any school she chooses, and which ones are school specific and which have to be put on hold until she's ready for college or university and which can be applied for now and held until she applies. I thought it seemed a little easier until I typed that sentence and read it back. Now it doesn't seem so easy again. LOL.

Because of the above and also because of a very busy week this week, I will be popping in and out sporadically. I've got a new little one year old at dayhome this week. This is his first week of being here everyday. And being here ultra early in the a.m. to boot. His mommy works shift work, so some weeks he comes early, some weeks he only comes for a few hours after lunch, some days he doesn't come at all. To say he's having a rough time adjusting is an understatement. Poor little duffer. There just is no routine for him right now. To say nothing of the fact that uncle told me this morning that the little duffer basically gets held 24/7 at home. Sigh. That makes it very hard for little ones to adjust when they have to go into daycare. But God's peace is bigger than that, and I've just been praying that He would grant that peace to this little guy.

Speaking of dayhome, I did a cute little craft last month when it was Canadian Thanksgiving with the dayhome kids and it was very popular, so I thought I'd share for those of you with little ones. It can easily be adjusted to the age and ability of the kids and makes a cute decoration in a thanksgiving table centrepiece or lined up on a fireplace mantle or to use as placecards at the table.

The template for the face, wings and feet are here. The basic instructions are at at this link from DLTK's site. Here is what I did to change it a bit a suit it to us.

~Instead of cutting the construction paper and wrapping the section of TP roll with it, I just had the kids color the roll itself.

~Because my kids were all preschool, I did the cutting out of the pieces after they were colored. If you've got older children they could help your preschoolers with this.

~Instead of the rainbow accordian folded paper for the tail, we taped in feathers.

Adorable, isn't it? The kids loved the glueing and taping, of course. And they looked absolutely too cute when they were done.

Let's see, what else? Oh yes, if you are an Osmond fan, you've got to give Linda a visit at 2nd Cup of Coffee as she discusses the Osmania resurgence in the last few months. And prepare yourself for jumpsuits galore, well, jumping before your eyes in the video she's posted. And guess what? Be still my heart. She's giving away a Donny Osmond Christmas CD. So go enter and tell her Susanne sent ya.


Faith said...

The craft for your preschoolers is adorable. My youngest made me something similar when she was in PreK. still have it displayed!
I will keep your new charge in my prayers.
Enjoy your week!

jen said...

Praying for you
how neat that Kay wants to go to bible school

ellen b said...

This will be a popping in and out week for me too. Blessings on your week!

Beck said...

Oh, poor little man.
And good for Kay for knowing her heart and taking the time to make the right decision!

dcrmom said...

Oh how CUTE are those turkeys?????

Islandsparrow said...

I think my daughter will also be doing either Bible College or a mission trip with YWAM. She hasn't quite decided yet. 4 out of our 5 did either Bible College or a mission type experience before they went to university - it really helps to ground them in their faith.

momrn2 said...

You always have the funnest and most creative things for your kiddos. I hope that will help the new little guy to adjust a bit better!! :-)

Linda said...

How cute. I still have some little handmade crafts from my kids, too. I just may try to find me some contstruction paper turkeys and outfits for nostalgia's sake this week. I'm glad for Kay. How proud you must be of her. I am proud of her and have not met her. Tell her your Hoosier friend is proud of her!

Heather Smith said...

Adorable craft! Hope the little one gets adjusted!

Carol said...

You mean I have THAT to look forward to?!?! The scholarship form thing, I mean. Can't we just go back to cutting out colored turkeys? It was so much more fun.

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

Oh that craft is sooo cute:) I'll have to see if I have all the supplies, I probably do:)

I've had little ones just like your new little guy to care for... sigh ... I will be praying for you!

And my husband goes to a WONDERFUL Bible college in the states:) If Kay would like to come here for school, I'd LOVE to open our home to you to visit it..... it is Moody Bible Institute;)

Anyways I pray the Lord leads clearly!

Sandra said...

Will keep you in my prayers :)

Molly Coddled said...

Oh why yes, the whole college forms thing sounds so much easier now, NOT! I sure wish you the best through it, clarity of mind, guidance and a big ball of money to drop from the sky so you can skip the scholarship search.

Thanks for pointing out the Osmond stuff 'cause I certainly haven't seen enough of them lately. {Humming - One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl...} :)

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I'm so happy for Kay! She will love it. I'm glad you're with her to walk through this exciting time together. You encourage me, as always!

gail@more than a song said...

I think that's a wonderful idea your daughter has, bible school for a year before college! She sounds very wise and mature; hope y'all get everything worked out and keep us posted.