Friday, November 09, 2007

Book Review ~ The Many Loves of Marriage

This book by famed "painter of light" artist, Thomas Kinkade and his wife Nanette is a beautiful testimony of what has worked in their own marriage. With easily read chapters it is like sitting down over coffee with the pair and just chatting about what one can do to keep a marriage alive and vital and loving and a testimony to a world where marriage has become a disposable item.

With easily defined chapters that start with "Where Love Begins" and continues on with chapters such as "An Enduring Love, An Attentive Love, A Spontaneous Love, A Sheltering Love" and others, Kinkade and his wife explore what has made theirs into a strong, friendship based, deep running relationship. The bulk is written by Thomas with sections in each chapter written by Nanette for her perspective on the same topic. Full of wisdom, humor and real stories from their own marriage the book really emphasizes that "romance is only the beginning and that experiences and memories made together" are a strong base and that each love practised and maintained is love that will unite and become a beacon for a purpose bigger than just the couple. Their love for each other shines through each page.

I loved the easy layout and easy reading aspect of the book. I approached it as a study book with journal and pen ready to take notes. I hated to highlight or underline because it is a beautifully published book with lovely thick pages and pictures of Thomas' paintings inside. I wanted it to stay lovely as a "keeper" book. And because I approached it as a study, it took me awhile to get through. (I originally had it as a Spring Reading Thing listing.) But I think I will reread it as just a sit down and read book so I can get the full flavor of it without the pressure of a study.

This book would also make a beautiful book to give a couple as an engagement or wedding present or as a Christmas present.


Islandsparrow said...

I'm going to see if I can find this one at my library - or through interlibrary loan. Thanks Suzanne!

Tammy and Parker said...

This book sounds so uplifting and encouraging. I'm adding it to my list.

And you pray for Kelli too? I love that girl!

Faith said...

This book sounds great! I am going to look for it to purchase for my parents xmas gift! I was wondering what to get them....they seem to have everything but this sounds perfect!

Laura said...

This sounds just beautiful Susanne! I loved the T. Kinkade books he co-authored with another writer. They too are so beautiful and intertwined. I can't remember the names of them though, sorry.