Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday Mish Mash

My head is a bit unfocused because life in general has been unfocused these last few days so it's time for another Monday Mish Mash. Grab a cup of coffee and let me catch you up.

Let's see. First, it's been hot, hot, hot. Now for my friends down in Texas you'll probably be rolling your eyeballs wishing it only was this hot down there, but trust me when I say an almost 2 week run of temperatures in the 90's, ususally the high 90's is above our normal. And it's been humid the last few days. And all that heat and humidity resulted in thundershowers for the southern part of our province and last night some areas recieved hail. B.I.G. hail. Some got golf ball sized and one area even was rained down upon with tennis ball sized hail. Now that is scary. We didn't even get a breeze or a drop of rain in my city. It totally passed us by.

Saturday was the funeral for my wonderful Godmother. (That is why I didn't get Word for the Weekend posted. It was just too busy! I really did miss doing it though). The earth lost a wonderful, loving, gracious woman. But I know she is now with Jesus and one day we'll all get to see her again. I wrote about her legacy here. Some people leave a legacy because of how rich they were, the crazy lifestyle they lived, or how famous or infamous, as the case may be, they were. But my Godmother's legacy was one of extending mercy and grace to all God placed across her path. She will be greatly missed.

Let's see what else. Oh yeah! My Kay has been having a great time at her summer of training. They had an intense 2 weeks of bible study and devotions in the morning and then dance and drama training in the afternoons. They have had some fun times too, so all in all, she has totally enjoyed this experience. They are now on the road in teams going to various churches and cities ministering within the churches and doing park outreaches. She is loving it. She actually shared her testimony in church yesterday. What a great thing to learn to do at her age. Sharing our testimony with groups and one on one is what it's all about. Telling others about the goodness of God in our lives and Jesus' saving grace that is available to all who would ask.

Yesterday we got a phone call from Kay on the road. She very solemnly says to me to please come pick her up at the bus depot. What??? I'm not supposed to get her until a week tomorrow. Come get her she says. She's there waiting because she got kicked out. What???? What do you mean kicked out? Yup, she says. She got caught playing with fire so was asked to leave the program and put on a bus to go home. After the initial drop of my stomach into my feet, I thought, just a minute here, she sounds a little too chipper & surely they wouldn't put a kid on a bus without first informing the parent. And I said so. After just a bit more trying to convince me to come get her she finally 'fessed up to trying to pull a fast one on me. Good thing she was out of my reach! LOL! She was however, at that very moment, blowing right through town with the team and they couldn't even stop. They were late getting to the next town they were supposed to be at. I even tried to tempt the whole team with DQ but it was a no go. Do you know how hard it was after not seeing her for two weeks knowing she was driving by about 10 blocks from our house and I couldn't even give her a quick hug around her neck? Sigh. But just one more week before we really do pick her up and not because she was kicked out. And I might even have an opportunity to see them do park ministry as the town they are in right now is only about 1/2 hour away from here. I'm really looking forward to that and as it just so happens I am totally free to go even if it's the afternoon because my dayhome is closed this week for maintenance. How cool is God that He worked that out like that.

More coffee yet? Special creamer? I've got Southern Butter Pecan!

Let's see, speaking of maintenance, sheesh, I've got a big list. The entry way and kitchen is getting painted by moi. It's amazing how 6 little rugrats and their backpacks can knock the paint off walls and generally make lots of wear and tear on walls. I'll be cleaning the carpet down the stairs leading to and including the rug in the playroom. All the toys will be sorted and thoroughly washed down. I'm hoping to get rid of a whole bunch that nobody for the last year has played with. There are so many that they just dump out and scatter over the floor but never really play with, so all those are going to either get trashed or if in excellent shape will go to the thrift store. My craft room is totally going to get clean and sorted. As a dayhomer you tend to collect all sorts of junk tidbits that you think you can use for a craft and it just builds up and never gets used. And I'll be taking inventory of toys and crafts that I really do need to have on hand. So today my projects are a general vacuuming and cleaning of my upstairs just to make it livable, taking everything off the walls in the kitchen, washing them with TSP, and shampooing the living room furniture. One good thing about the heat is that it will dry fast! Oh and I can't forget swim lessons every day for Tia and I did want to get a trip to the lake in here somewhere.

So if I'm a bit scarce around blogland this week, please bear with me. I just need to be a busy beaver. I'll try to get around abit but no guarentees.

Menu Plan is going to be super simple this week as I'll be busy, busy, busy!

Monday: Penne with meat sauce

Tuesday: bbq sausages, baked potatoes, green and yellow was beans

Wednesday: Grilled tandoori chicken, macaroni salad

Thursday: Baked ham & cheese sandwiches, garden salad

Friday: sloppy joes, potatoe chips, veggies, dip

Saturday: Scrounge day

Sunday: Grilled brown sugar pork chops, grilled veggies

So there's everything rolling around in my head for today. Hope to be around a bit this week, but if I just can't, I'll see you all for Word for the Weekend, for sure! Hope you all have a great week!

And as all of blogville knows Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie is the organizer of Menu Plan Monday.


Barbara H. said...

This was a fun visit. :-) I can just imagine how you felt at your daughter's phone call! What a prankster! Oh, that would have been hard to have her so close and yet not be able to see her.

Hope you have a profitable week!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Thanks for the coffee. I was so busy listening that I didn't even gulp down my first cup.

And I'm from Texas, and I believe that it's hot. I do laugh when it hits 84 here for 2 days in a row, and people complain, but anything above 90 is fair game!

Barbie@ Mamaology said...

I like the catchy title:):)

How blessed you are to have a daughter who is serving the Lord like that! You seem like a great role model to her, no wonder she seems to love the Lord so much. I pray my girls are the same someday.Even the prankster side of her:):)

A whole week off of your day home! Whooo Hoooo:)Don't work too hard, enjoy yourself a bit:) I go back in about 4 weeks:( I am enjoying every bit of time off with just my girls:)

Jenny in Ca said...

you do sound like a busy beaver! try to stay cool!

tegdirb92 said...

your menu plan is sure focused :) Sound wonderful!!

Kelli said...

Ahhhhh! That little girl needs a good kick in the touche when she gets home. After you hug her neck, of course. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

And creamers? Try this on for size. We saw it at Basha's last week-


Gah! What were they thinking????


Ok, well, back to work, I mean, back to watching everyone else load the truck. I'm not allowed out because of the heat. So, I'm amusing myself with someone's WiFi in the neighborhood.

Can you say 114 and humidity of 57? Gah.

Susanne said...

Oh. my. word. Kelli! 114??!!!! Humidity 57!!!

I think I would just up and melt into one very large puddle!

Org Junkie said...

What a stinker your daughter is, you will definitely have to do something to get her back. Put a thistle in her bed, that'll get her :)

That's so awesome about her sharing her testimony. I still haven't done that, terrible I know.

Okay all that work you've got on your plate exhausted me just reading about Take before and after pictures, I love purge piles!!!

Sounds like a great menu to get you through the heat!

Sandra said...

Great menu, thanks for sharing!


Linda said...

I love these kinds of posts Susanne. It was fun catching up with you. Sounds like a full week for you.
Your daughter is adorable. I really hope you get to see her. I can just imagine how you felt when she first said she had been kicked out. Yikes!!
I think it may be hotter in your neck of the woods than down here in Texas. We're having a very strange summer.
Have a good week - and don't work too hard!!

Lisa writes... said...

Thanks for sharing a slice of your life with us!

Jen said...

wow did that hail cause any damage???
im thoughts and prayers are with you regarding your godmother

pleased Kay is having an awesome time

Tammy said...

Wow, it was nice sitting down with you over coffee for this big update! (Actually, as much as I love coffee, it's evening now so am sipping a can of Smoothie nectar drink...yum!)
We've had just a few days of it being that hot...and you're so far north! What a heat wave you all are having!

I'm sure it was emotional saying good-bye to your godmother, but so good to know where she is!

And it sounds like you and I were both on an organizing kick this week! :)

Next long post of yours I'll read in the morning, so I can have a taste of that Southern Pecan creamer! :)

Carol said...

Yeah, this Texan is laughing. What you've experienced for a week is what we experience for months.

Sorry about your godmother. Won't it be great when you do get to see her again?

Hah! That Kay! Ha!!

Your maintenance list scares me.

Linda said...

Geez Louise, woman! Next time I get an invite to an amusement park, I'll just pass and re-read this post. Up and down and all around--you ARE busy. So much to say; I'll have to email later. I join with you in rejoicing over Kay and her experience. This experience will make an indelible groove in her heart. You all were smart to encourage her to go and to tough out the parental angst. God is so good.

Cyndi said...

Thanks for catching us up! I've been praying for Kay. What a prankster! My kind of girl... I did that kind of stuff to my mom all the time, LOL. You are one busy, busy woman! (Great menu, too.) :)

ellen b said...

Yep, my Texan brother just rolls his eyes at us when we complain about Northwest weather! About the joke your daughter tried to play on you...don't you wish sometime you could push a little button on your phone that would send a loving little shock blast back at them! :)

Barb said...

I'm very sorry about your Godmother, Susanne. Knowing that we'll meet again in heaven someday was the one thought that comforted me when my mother-in-law passed away. I know it comforts you too.

Oooh. You must have wanted to strangle that girl. Playing with fire? I'd say, yeah, she was definitely doing that when she tried to con you. LOL

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Wow, that coffee with that butter pecan creamer was delicious, as was your mish mash. I'm so sorry for the loss of your godmother, and loved catching up on the other stuff. You sound so incredibly busy; I hope you have a great week and get everything done you hope to do. Take care and enjoy this time too!

Anonymous said...

You sound so busy! We could do with a bit of heat too could you send some hot weather our way just to dry up the rain!

Julee Ann said...

Noticed your banner for Blog Awards For Writing Excellence. I clicked on it and it took me to generic photobucket. What is this? And is there a link for it? Been enjoying your blog for quite some time. Anybody that turns daily life into an interesting read is worth bookmarking, and you do it regularly. Thanks, Julee

Shalee said...


I'm so sorry I missed your post on your godmother. Losing a true treasure is never easy, even when you know she's in heaven.

And your story about Kay made my heart stop! That big goober.

And I hope you get a lot done on the house. I'm glad I'm not you!

gail@more than a song said...

Enjoyed catching up with this post...the creamer sounds good!
Sorry your daughter was so close yet so far away! You've been closed this week but maybe doing a lot of work anyway, hope it's been a good week!

Carmen said...