Sunday, July 08, 2007

Google Searches & Menu Plan Monday

Did you all know that your site could be googled by a word someone mentions in your comments? Okay, you all probably did know that. But I'm a little slow on the uptake and I just realized that. So some of these google searches came to me because of a comment one of you left. Interesting. Another good reason to dump those weirded out comments that are about 5 to 100 pages long. You never know who those will bring to your site. Shiver. And some are just plain weird that they would direct them to my site. Anyway for your entertainment, these were in my last group of google searches that led people to my site.

1. How to sew a valence. You won't learn that from me seeing the last one I sewed was 18 years ago and it gave me bursitis in my elbow. They need to be directed to Barb.

2. Story behind "When I survey the Wondrous Cross". The greatest thing to be googled for. Hopefully my site mentions the Wondrous Cross of Christ and what He has done for us a lot. I wish I got more of these searches.

3. Gene Kranz 2007. I must have mentioned the Apollo 13 movie somewhere.

4. Video group of ladies sharing show* er. Not here, mac! Not now, not ever!

5. Throbbing in big toe/smashed toe. Well, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that drops dresser drawers on their big toes.

6. Chi respect sara rispettato. Uhmmm, not sure what that means but it lead to a post I did on Italian Proverbs.

7. Living with chaotic mess. LOL! Geez, just when I thought I had it under control, too!

8. MacLaren Imperial Sharp Cheese. I get lots of googles for these. Apparently there is lots of people looking for recipes using this wonderful Canadian product.

9. What is quick cook barley? Barley that cooks quickly. I think.

10. Strikethrough Blogger. To my knowledge I've never said I wanted to strikethrough blogger. I might have thought it at times, but I've never said it out loud. :vD

Monday: baked ham, potatoe salad, fresh cut veggies
Tuesday: cheeseburgers, coleslaw
Wednesday: Tandoori grilled chicken breast, over garden salad
Thursday: honey garlic sausage skewers, grilled veggies, golden rice
Friday: pork stir fry
Saturday: scrounge day


ellen b said...

Google searches are hilarious and scarey at the same time. :)

Tammy said...

You know, I have never looked into this, Susanne...I think I'm a little nervous! ;)
But as you might remember, my long lost third grade friend googled her name just a week or so after I posted our class picture and found me! We're going to get together some time in August! :)

gail@more than a song said...

Honey garlic sausage skewers sounds really yummy!

Some of your google searches that led people your way were pretty funny! I don't think I've had that happen much, maybe that's good.

tegdirb92 said...

your meal plan sound delicious--I love the sound of scrounge day. Have a great Monday.

momrn2 said...

When I first started it seemed I had hardly any google searches. Now I think I get more traffic to my site via google searches than even those that regularly read. Not sure if that's good or bad?!

Some of mine are also quite strange. Some are encouraging to me that they are directed to my site through their search for things of God.

I might need to keep better track of my google searches and do a post sometime too. hhhmmmmm

Beck said...

I've never had any truly scary google searches (knocking frantically on wood), but I do get lots of people searching for cupcakes, which is funny.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Ok I always hear people talking about this, but I don't know how to see what searches lead people to my site.

Could you email me how to check?

You can just respond to this comment.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

These are so funny, and I just *loved* number 9. You're sooo funny, Susanne - barley that cooks quick, I think :)

I don't think the Google search thing applies to me. We run our own domain and website and don't allow Google and other "bots" to mine our site. At least, I don't think this happens for me. I'm an oddbody :)

Love the menu, it sounds delicious! I want to come over and eat when you have the sausage skewers and the stir fry, yummy! I might even come for scrounge day if there's any of those left, hehehe!

Have a great day and a terrific week :)

Barb said...

Those google searches cracked me up. I'm afraid to look at mine. LOL

Lisa writes... said...

Of course I don't have all that many hits, and correspondingly not so many google searches, but the funniest that came to my site: "bird poop."

Linda said...

I like when people share these. The one that comes up at mine all the time is biggest female biceps. Too funny. One thing I've never had is a really long comment like you mentioned.

Joy@Joy in the Journey said...

Those are funny, funny, funny!! All except for the show*er one...that kind of creepy.
Your menu plan looks yummy!

Linda said...

I am totally clueless about all the finer points of "computereze". I wouldn't know where to begin to find out all that stuff. I sometimes wonder if I need to get a bit smarter about all of this so I don't get into trouble!!

Kim said...

Funny...but I'm like you...I get a little paranoid and feel creepy about weirdo people reading my blog...


Anonymous said...

Hey! I Googled throbbing big toe!

A treasured and elusive comment :)

Anonymous said...

Lol, I've had some funny google searches. My most recent funny one was chirruping frogs...not sure why my site came up for that one!!

Org Junkie said...

Hello! I think that is my favorite part of checking my sitemeter. I love seeing how people found me, some of them are outrageous and I often have to think, did I really post something like that?? That's how I found out that comments apply.
Mmmm, honey garlic sausage, my favorite!!


Jenny in Ca said...

those were fun! I've gotten some weird ones, and I did have to remove a comment that wasn't bad, but listed a word I was getting hits for, and I didn't want to be identified with the word.

I like following the google searches, they give you a good laugh sometimes.

Scratchin' the Surface said...

I am honestly so clueless about this - no idea how to check into it, or if I should or need to. Maybe someone wants to write a post on this, explaining it all of us technologically challenged?????