Thursday, June 21, 2007

Book Review ~ "Before I Wake"

"Before I Wake" by Dee Henderson

Dee Henderson is one of my favorite authors and she has introduced a new series with "Before I Wake". With an investigation going wrong, Rae Gabriella has left the FBI and has taken a job working with an ex-boyfriend in his private eye business. An ex-boyfriend who wishes he had had the courage to ask her to marry him. Moving to the town of Justice seems to be the place to start a new life in a new career. But when she arrives instead of the slower paced work her first case lands her in the middle of an investigation of an apparent murder of a young reporter. While the coroner has ruled "natural causes", the young woman's parents do not believe it is. Working with her partner and the sherriff of the the town, Rae is in more danger than she or the others know, as they seek out answers to why women are being murdered in Justice.

There is lots of conversation in this story, but I believe that is how Dee Henderson develops the characters. You are given their background info through their conversations. Once again, she has given characters that the reader can really like. The story is complex with lots of angles and therefore really kept me interested. The suspense and intrigue in it has enough twists that you never quite figure it out. It is a cliffhanger ending with quite a few loose ends, so some have been disappointed and have felt there was no ending to the book. Knowing it was to be a series, though, I didn't see it that way. I also really liked how the author is developing the story line revolving around the main character's faith. She is struggling. But in the revealing of her story you understand why she is struggling with her faith and I'm interested to read how this plays out in future books within the series.

While it is hard to come up to the O'Malley series in my eyes, this was a really good read and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.


Barbara H. said...

I love most anything Dee Henderson has written, and this book was no exception. I hadn't known it was a series when I started it, so I was surprised at the couple of things that weren't wrapped up at the end. But knowing there is a sequel gives me something to look forward to. :)

Lana G! said...

Love the O'Malley series also. I read this one as well and I am looking forward to rest in the series.


annie said...

I loved the O'Malleys too. I haven't read anything since I finished that series.

That is a good idea letting Amanda write about her trip, she is a girl of few words (on the quiet side) but I'll see if I can persuade her.

Kate said...

The O'Malley series is on my list. I will definitely add this one too after your good review. :)

Emily said...

Is there a sequel to Before I Wake? I can’t locate it;(

Susanne said...

I think Before I Wake is written as a standalone. At least that is how it is listed here: