Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Faith Lifts Today

Do you like to watch the Amazing Race? Did you know you are in an Amazing Race and there is no standing by watching! You are one who is racing! You are in it to win the ultimate prize. Come on over to Faith Lifts and pick up your clues.


Islandsparrow said...

Such a good analogy Suzanne - an analogy within an analogy!

I's like to share this with my adult Christian Ed. class if it's alright with you.

Barb said...

You know, you and I might just as well live next door to each other. I'm sitting here reading your post at Faith Lifts and at the same moment, you're leaving a comment on my newest post. LOL

I said this over there but I'll say it here, too. I'll never look at The Amazing Race the same way again. What a clever analogy!

PS...I've decided I don't care for Myrna. Love Charla but Myrna irks me. So I'm rooting for the Barbie Dolls now.

Chris said...

It's a good one! Loved it!

Jane said...

Making my way over there now!

Linda said...

Eye-opening, as usual, Susanne. I commented at Faith Lifts that we are so lucky, blessed, not to have to follow clues but have been told exactly how to finish well. Now if I could only get myself to do what I know I should be doing daily!