Friday, April 27, 2007

Show me your bag and other sundry revelations

My friend Laura over at I'm an Organizing Junkie has tagged me with a bag tag. As in "Show us your handbag". I'm participating because I'm just glad she didn't say "Show us your closests" or "Show us your junk drawer" or the big one to avoid: "Show us what you've got done on the organizational challenge". So in an effort to throw her off my trail, I'll play along with the game! :v)

Here it is in all it's gorgeousness. This is the purse that I got for a great deal on our holidays last year. You all are lucky. I actually just pulled it out of the closet to changed from my winter purse. Yes, I change purses throughtout the year. I'm just like that. Anyway, you get to see it looking fairly neat and organized as opposed to showing it to you, say in June or something. By that time I'll have a few mints, bills crumpled up, missing pens, and who knows what else in the bottom.

Now you get to see this.

Fairly neat, yet. I like bags. I don't like little wallets on strings. Sorry Laura! :v) I went through the small purse stage and I was glad to see normal size purses coming back. I just could not squish everything I needed into those little things. And invariably I would end up needing something that got left in the car or at home. So bless the bigger bag designers.

Essentials include my wallet, sunglasses, my mini pharmacy, paper, pens, a loonie hidden away for those pesky shopping carts you have to pay for. The paper you see in there are the coupons for extra club Z points that I always forget at home, so now I stuff them in there.

And my favorite part of this bag, other than the grape phony crocodile-ness of it all, is this side pocket. No longer do I have to take my eyes off the road to hunt in a bottomless pit for the essentials of cell phone, kleenex, gum or lip chap. It's right there.

OOPS! As usual totally forgot to tag. So here goes: Gibee, Barb, Katherine and Tammi. Show me the money, I mean, your bag!

Moving right along now. I went to Costco yesterday and look what I found.

And can I say I have been literally drooling while going through it. This was a totally frivalous, unneeded purchase. There is no way that I can think of to justify purchasing this cookbook other than the fact that cream cheese is in the same catagory as chocolate in this life. There that is all I have to say about that other than it only cost $6.49. So in the spirit of forgiveness, I am forgiving myself for my total lack of discipline in the purchase of this item.

I also bought this:

to replace this:

This was my very first cookbook bought when I was engaged and figured I need help big time. It is very well used. The new one is beautiful. And in a binder. But I'm torn. I can't bring myself to give the old one the burial it is begging for. I just know some of my 1970's recipes from the first one are just not going to be in the new one. Probably something to do with over the top cholestrol, salt and caloric intake calculations, but I'm not sure. So what to do, what to do. Now I have two Betty Crocker cookbooks.

So aren't you glad you came by today. You now know way more about me than you probably ever wanted to know.


org junkie said...

Susanne, I LOVE your bag. How cute is that! I think if I found the perfect bag I might be inclined to use it more often. Mine doesn't have any great pockets like yours does so its more annoying than anything.

I also LOVE cream cheese. What an awesome purchase and if you are going to be wild and crazy like that than $6.49 is the way to go. Gosh you can beat that.

As for the TWO Betty Crocker know what I'm going to say about that don't you...THROW ONE OUT! You can do it. I know you can. Now you even have a picture of it to remember it by :)

Okay I better stop rambling. Maybe next week it'll be show me your________??? He he, just think of the possibilities!


momrn2 said...

Cute, cute bag. Mine is not nearly as cute or as neat!

I had no idea there could be a recipe book based on cream cheese! Who knew there could be so many options?? Not me... until now! Thanks for the new tidbit of info! :-)

Happy Friday friend!

{Karla} said...

you DON'T want to see my bag...


Barb said...

Oh, man. Wait until you see my purse. It's really going to date me. I've had it forever (OK, five years) and never change it - I use it year round. It's,'s a "classic." LOL

But I'm game. I'll play along. Let's see. First I have to recharge the camera. Then I have to wait until Cameron's gone home. Then Rob and I may go out tonight to celebrate. Then. Then I'm out of excuses. So be on the lookout tomorrow. :-)

By the way, I'm soooo glad you bought the new Betty Crocker cookbook. Your own one was a little pathetic looking. Poor thing.

Cyndee said...

I have been stopping by often, but haven't commented. The bag is great, but I am just too forgetful to carry around that big of bag - stolen too many times when I leave it behind.

I have the same old cookbook that you have, but in a little better shape. I might have to get the newer version...

God Bless

Barbara H. said...

Oh, my -- I have that same exact Betty Crocker cookbook in almost the same condition. :D The spine is broken off and a couple of pages are loosened, but I don't have it taped up -- yet. I have resisted buying a new one for the same reason -- not sure if the new one would have the same recipes as the old one. But I guess since my old one is on the verge of falling apart I could just cut out the recipes I use and put them with the clipped-from-magazine recipes.

But that book is like an old friend and trusted consultant -- I know right where most of the best recipes are without having to look them up in the index. It would be really hard to toss it out!

The handbag is cute, too. :)

Linda said...

I am glad I stopped by. I love visiting your blog. Your purse looks nicely organized. I wish I could use a cute little purse (it would be nice not to have that weight on my shoulder) but I just can't fit all my stuff in them.
The cookbooks look great. I think it was perfectly all right to buy them. Don't you feel better now?

GiBee said...

What in the world is a LOONIE ???

Can I do this next week?

And, girl ... cute bag!!!

Oh, and I have the exact same cook book ... look at everyone that said they do ... you know what I have to say about that ... great minds think alike!!!

Tammy said...

That is an adorable bag! :) Hmmm...I'm still using my winter bag, but I guess I can show the world. As long as I don't show the inside! :)

That cream cheese cookbook sounds right up my the cover and I love cream cheese! :)

gail said...

I LOVE your bag! So cute....I got tagged for this one too and it's fun to see all the different ones.

You totally needed that cream cheese cookbook, no need to justify it!
Hard call on the other one, my girls would tell me to throw it out if it was mine!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad I came by! I love the little outside pocket on a purse, too, because I can never find my keys or cell phone either.

You just can't resist all those great Costco book deals! Yes, maybe the first one was unneeded (but appreciated, so that should count, right?), but I back you up on the second one.

Fun post. You made me laugh.

org junkie said...

Me again, I meant to say "Gosh you CAN'T beat that"...oops.

I also laughed at Gibee's comment. It is a weird name isn't it. Gibee a loonie is our $1 coin here in Canada.


Susanne said...

Now Barbara H. You totally get why I can't throw it out. Not to mention the nostalgic value of it saving my poor brand new hubby from another night of hot dogs and KD.

Susanne said...
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Rona's Home Page said...

Wow! I thought I was the only one that kept their cookbooks till they were falling apart. You've got me beat!

Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook Fan

Linda said...

I have that same old cookbook and need to replace it. I've been relynig on Quick Cooking's books for years now, though, and I like them. The purse is GORGIE! Purple is my favorite color. You go, Girl.

Islandsparrow said...

You deserve a new BC cookbook - you have worn that old to a frazzle - and the ones in a binder are so handy. Why don't you take out some of the old recipes that might not be in the new book - favourite ones - and put them in a clear plastic sheet binder holder thingy - I don't know what they're called but you know what I mean - and then add it to your new cookbook? That's what I do for the recipes that I print off - I put them in the plastic sheets and add them to a binder. They are neatly organized and you can also wipe them clean.

And I'm ok with the Phil cream cheese cookbook for $6.49 - esp if you share the recipes with us :)

Melanie said...

CUTE!!! I love it! Now if you could just make some room for a block of cream cheese.

Rhonda said...

Love the purse. Very pretty colour. I like big bags too. My favourite store for bigger, yet not-too big purses is Aldo. I like the big bag, but with my 5'2" frame, I don't want there to be more purse than me.

And, I've got too many cookbooks. But, love buying new ones. My faithful one that I need to replace is a Better Homes and Garden one that I received for a wedding gift. I did see that Costco had it too. Just wish my Costco wasn't an hour away. :(

PastorMac's Ann said...

It's always nice to get to know you a little better Susanne!

I love cookbooks! These look fun. I might check the new one for any recipes that I would miss if they were missing in the new one and take out those pages (and put them in a binder) and then I chuck the old one. If you haven't tried a recipe from that one already you're probably not going to now. ;-)

Your bag is so cool!

dcrmom said...

Save your old Betty. They do alter the recipes!

And what a fun meme. I might just have to snag it!

dcrmom said...

OH, I meant to say, I love the pink croc bag. :0)

Kim said...

What cute bag! Love that!


Jen said...

wow what a very well used recipe book

GiBee said...

Okay -- my purse post is up now.

Lisa writes... said...

Love the snazzy pink crock bag! It's funny how you feel like you know something about someone just based on their purse!

And by the mean not everyone changes their purses for no reason at all? I sure do!

A little envious of your cream cheese book--ANYTHING with cream cheese in it is my favorite! :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Carmen in California said...

This is super! Very funny! And you made me laugh my heart out!!! thank you! But now I am so curious about your closets, I should tag you, LOL
Enjoy life, Friendly. Carmen

Katherine@Raising Five said...

I have that SAME cookbook. But the 1985 version was in a binder, so mine actually looks pretty good still, just a few pages in the desserts section worn competely out...

I'm coming back to life here so I'm thinking about my bag...