Monday, February 12, 2007

It's so cold....

It's a tad chilly over here. I woke up to a house that was 5 degrees F cooler than usual. The furnace is blowing cold air instead of hot. There is no way to get a hold of hubby at work unless it's a bonafide emergency. The weather outside is cold and snowing and the temperature is -17 Celcius (1.4 degrees Farenheit). Two children arrived today in T-shirts with no other shirts packed into their backpacks. So I'm forgetting my limit of 4 cups of coffee a day and I'm making a pot of nice hot coffee and I'm putting on my biggest sweater and my socks and slippers. And I'll give you a meme that I had done up in my draftswhile I go figure out what to do to get some heat going in this place. Hmmm, I wonder if my fingers being too cold and stiff to blog constitutes as a "real" emergency?

This meme I stole from Sarah at Faith, Hope and Love.
(I will try to answer the questions in one answer but you know me, one answer is usually too hard so there are no guarentees)

Media Meme

Action – Favorite action movie? Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man's Chest, Paycheck, National Treasure

Beautiful – Most beautiful performer? This question confuses me a bit. Is it most beautiful as in looks or most beautiful as in ability? If in looks I think Ashley Judd is a classic beauty. If in performance I think the group Il Divo have beautiful voices that blend together just beautifully.

Comedy – Favorite comedy (TV or movie)? Movie - gotta be "Cool Runnings" , on TV it's "I Love Lucy" or "Cosby Show"

Drama – Favorite drama (TV or movie)? Movie: Apollo 13, Radio, Luther/ Tv: Doc, Early Edition

Event – Historic event that kept you riveted to the TV? Bar none, it was 911

Favorite – If you could only own and watch one DVD the rest of your life, what would it be? This one is too hard. I like variety. But if I have to put something down I'll say the Anne of Green Gables series with Megan Fallow

G – Favorite G rated movie? Fox and the Hound

Head over heels – Which star were you in love with when you were younger? Robby Benson when I was a teen.

Ice – Did you see the “Miracle on Ice” live (tape delayed) in 1980? Umm what??

Justice – Did you watch any of the famous O.J. Simpson chase down the freeway? For about 2 seconds.

King of the Thriller – Favorite Hitchcock movie? I don't think I've ever seen a Hitchcock movie. I might have to remedy that.
Laettner – Did you see Duke’s Christian Laettner make the winning shot against Kentucky? Ummm, not that I know of.

MP3 Player – Do you own one? I don't but everyone else in the house does

Never get enough – Which movie have you watched the most times and how many times have you seen it? Apollo 13 and Pirates of the Caribbean (1st). When a teen I saw "Grease" alot.

Opie – Opie or the Beaver? As the characters, Beaver

Pride and Prejudice – Do you prefer A&E or 2005 release? The only one I've seen is an old black & white version

Quality – Best TV show of all time? The Cosby Show, I Love Lucy

Remote control – Who is in charge in your house? Mostly me and hubby

Super Bowl – Game or commercials? Game

Television – How many in your house? 3

Ultimate – Who is your favorite movie star? Tom Hanks & Ashley Judd

Victory – The best sporting event/game you’ve watched live on TV? The playoffs for the Stanley Cup between the Calgary Flames and Tampa Bay Lightning in 2004/2005 season

Walkman – Did you ever own a Sony Walkman? Hubby did

X – Movie you wish you had never watched? Jokes my Folks never told me. I was a pretty naive teen and had no idea this would be a filthy joke telling movie. We were about 15 or 16 and they let us into this R rated piece of garbage. When we realized what it was we were too embarrassed to get up and leave in case someone recognized us. I wish with all my heart we would have got up and left.

Yesterday – How many hours of media did you consume? Oy vay, you'd ask that after a movie marathon at my house wouldn't you? 2 movies and 1 Star Trek Next Generation episode

ZZZ’s – Best music to fall asleep to? The sound of peace, quiet and silence
Go ahead and grab the meme if you want and let me know in the comments so that I can come over and read your answers.


Shalee said...

Personally that would qualify as a bonafide emergency to me!

And I can't believe that you have seen neither the A&E or the new P&P! Get thee out there to the movie store and rent one now!

Beck said...

It is cold in your neck of the woods, isn't it! It's a bit better here - it's cold but there's no wind, but my house still feels chilly so I'm wearing my big fat blue sweater.
I LOVED Anne of Green Gables, too! You have to watch the A&E Pride and Prejudice - it's wonderful!

Linda said...

Get warm! Your squirrel is so cute. You must see a Hitchcock film, but not Psycho. North by Northwest or Rear Window. I think the miracle on ice ref. is about the US hockey team beating the Russians in the Olympics. ?

Linda said...

I'm so sorry you're so cold and the heater isn't working. In my book that is a definite emergency!!
Good job on the meme. I love Anne of Green Gables too!
I hope you get your heat back on soon.

Jen said...

hope u got somrthing sorted about the furnace
both "I Love Lucy" and "Cosby Show" are cool programmes

gail said...

I agree, sounds like an emergency!
Brr, sounds so cold....hope you got it all working and warmer.

org junkie said...

Oh I'm so excited...I've never met another person who loved "Cool Runnings"! You have no idea how excited I am by that. I laughed so hard over that movie.
Great meme, I enjoyed that one and may have to do it myself.

Dianne said...

You've got a lot of good movies here! I hope it's a bit warmer today. (Where's the early Spring Phil promised us?)

Susie said...

I hope today finds you relaxing in a warm cozy home. I would have definitely called this an emergency. I loved Robbie Benson. I saw "One on One" and "Ice Castles" about a bizillion times. Cute meme to read.

Peach said...

Oh Bless your heart, Susanne! I'll be praying the heating problem finds a solution quickly.

Anne is one of my all-time faves, and I thought Robby Benson was cute, too.

Jen said...

I enjoyed Cool Runnings too....laughed so hard...enjoy your week.