Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bits of This and That

First Yipee: Found the little black blog book! Well, I didn't find it. My son did. At first I had Ida Know and Not Me visiting again. Each child whom I asked if they'd seen the elusive book blamed it on these two again. Here I thought they went and visited a few of you for a while but it looks like they are back. But then I got smart. I offered a DQ blizzard to the one who found it, thinking eventually one would make a bit of effort and locate it. It took strapping son exactly 43 seconds to locate the missing book. Which brings up the big question. Did he just have good luck and happen to look in the right spot right off the bat or did the offer of a payoff trigger his memory causing him to kick aside Ida Know as he dove for the correct location in order to procure his reward. Hmmmm. I wonder.

Second Yipee: Colts won. Whoo Hoo. Moving on.

Jenny at Home is Where You Start From tagged me for this meme.

The Priceless 5

5 - the number of boys in my dayhome in my house

4 - bedrooms in my house.

3 - teenagers in my house

2 - cats in my house

1 - dog in my house

Priceless: a hubby who makes me a fresh pot of coffee before he goes to work to help me wake up and get my day started in this house!

UPDATE: Forgot to tag someone, so consider this an open tag. If you'd like to do it, let me know in the comments so I can make sure I come over and see your answers!

Monday: leftovers from weekend

Tuesday: chicken drumsticks with spicey sauce, parmesan linguine, mixed veggies

Wednesday: southwest pork chops, rice, carrot sticks/dip

Thursday: crockpot potato soup, cheese toast

Friday: hot dogs, macaroni salad

Saturday: smokey crockpot bbq ribs, baked potatoe, coleslaw

Sunday: Beef/barley bake (bumped from last week)


PastorMac's Ann said...

Amazing how the offer of a reward can miraculously jog a child's memory. Glad you found your book.

Love your list.

Hope your Monday is wonderful.

Susie said...

And all this time I thought I was the only mom who offered little bribes on occassion. Cute meme, and what a sweet husband you have!

Anonymous said...

Great looking menu for the week! SO glad you found your book! :o)

Jane said...

Yea, so happy you found your book!

Kate said...

That's an awesome list. A house full of love for sure :)

Beck said...

Yay! Your book is back!
FOUR bedrooms? My house has two. We're building another.... someday. We do have two cats, though. Two dumb hairy cats.

Rona's Home Page said...

Chicken Drumsticks with Spicy Sauce. That sounds interesting.
Happy Library Lover's Month.

Lisa said...

I too offer the occasional bribe, I mean reward, for finding certain lost items. Funny story: one day we were frantically trying to get out the door and could not find my youngest son's shoes anywhere. I offer my usual dollar to whomever can retrieve the missing shoes...we turn the house upside down...all to no avail. Finally I get the bright idea to look in, of all places, the shoe bag in his closet, and eureka! there they were! Not a one of us thought to look in the one place they actually BELONGED! :-)

Barbie said...

Your menu makes me hungry.... lots of yummy food:)

Creative Meme:) Wow 5 boys, what's that like???

Jenny in Ca said...

glad you did the meme, fun answers!!

I have put up money in desperation for lost things, such as library books. Figured it was well worth offering $1 as a reward as opposed to having to pay for the does work rather effectively.

glad you found your book!

Shalee said...

Praise God and DQ for the son finding your black book.

You moved on much too quickly from the Colts' win...

But that meme makes up for it! I love that your love for your man shows through.

Susanne said...

Lisa: That's hilarious and has happened here more than once.

Barbie: Loud, very loud! ;vP

Jen said...

yaye pleased youve got little black book back bless youre son

whata houseful LOL
bless youre hubby

Barb said...

I can't believe you didn't tell us where it was. I've been worried about that little book all weekend. Where was it hiding?

That's a lot of little boys. I have ONE. And ONE'S a lot! LOL

Laurel Wreath said...

OH my goodness, sounds like my boys. Glad you found your blog book. Now I know how you remember everything, hehehe.

Linda said...

Yeah!!! Glad you found your little book. Your list is a good one. That is definitely priceless.

org junkie said...

I'm loving the sound of the crockpot bbq ribs...yummy!!

Wow you are a busy lady during the day with all those kids...I can barely keep up with the one I have at home during the day!!

So happy "you" found your book!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yeah, glad you found your book! Nothing like a little motivation, a blizzard would probably motivate me too :)

A hubby who makes coffee is priceless, I agree!

And your menu sounds great, I think I'll stop by for that parmesan linguine, the pork chops, the potato soup and definite the ribs with all the trimmings. Yummy!

Have a wonderful week!

Pretty Lady said...

I am tagging myself, it is an easy one and close to my heart, specially the hubby/coffee part. Always so uplifting coming to visit your blog. Blessings, PL

gail said...

I like that, a DQ bribe! I should have tried things like that more often.
I'll come by to have some soup. Been gone and didn't get to do a menu this week...yours looks good!

Linda said...

Susanne, if you had offered ME that DQ bribe, I would have traveled to your house and found that book.

Jennifer said...

I have lost my reading journal, where I keep notes on books I'm reading so that I can review them. Will you send your son over to find it? It literally disappeared from my kitchen table in a flash.