Friday, January 05, 2007

And We Have Lift-Off!

After rereading my things to accomplish this year list from yesterday, today, a whole day after I wrote it, I'm feeling the same old sense of panic overtake me. That same old monkey on my back whose name is fear of failure. And now it's sorta magnified because I posted it for you all to read and see which calls for some accountability on my part. Sigh. This is why I never make resolutions.

But then my heart speaks up and says these were not resolutions. These were actual things I had prayed over, asked God about, not just flipped off the top of my head so I had something to write. The coffee one almost killed me writing that, because, well, as if you didn't know, I do love my coffee!

Speaking of which, on a little bunny trail here, look what I found. Remember this that I found containing coffee? Well, check this out: Polo Double Black. Men's Cologne. (Not to be confused with Polo Black which is a whole different smell. But same company. I know. Whaaaat? went through my head too!) Ya, so what you say?! Well, let me read you the description.

Spiced fruits: fiery blend of mango and pepper that creates a tantalizing contrast in the overall introduction.

Spiced espresso; a robust burst of roasted coffee is enhanced by our signature spice, Indonesian nutmeg, providing a warm and distinctive flavor.

Spiced woods: the timeless masculine appeal of rich woods merged with the smooth spices cardamom and juniper berry.

Did you catch what was in the midnote? Espresso, roasted coffee. Who knew you could find it in places like this! Maybe if I get it for hubby, everytime I need a caffienne fix I can just go smell his neck.

Now back to our regular blogging. Yes, I was saying I've had on my heart to cut back on my coffee consumption for the sake of my health and the emotional and mental well being of my family who face the fallout when mommy is coming off the caffienne rush. I'm doing baby steps though, because, frankly, I can do without the huge headache that comes with the major cutback. So I'll let you know when and if I take it down anymore, because I know you will all just be waiting with bated breath for that info. Meanwhile, I keep looking for more wonderful stuff to tickle your coffee fancy.

Also from my little list, I gave myself a goal of 30 books to read in 2007. With Katrina's Fall into Reading Challenge, I came across so many great books and I kept a list as I saw them in your lists. So I've published those in my side bar as "Want to Reads". I'll be adding to that continuously as I find more I want to add. Then I'm going to have the list that contains what I actually did read, maybe with a rating, for my own encouragement to accomplish the goal. I've also found sometimes I want to reread a book a few years later, but can just remember the story but can't remember the name or author. So I'm hoping this list will help that. So, I accomplished a goal and made the lists. Yaa!

Now if anyone out there knows how I can actually add a running list into the sidebar without it actually coming up in your bloglines everytime I add something to it, let me in on it would you?

So, to tie in the title of my post, we have lift off on two things on the list. Whew, feeling a little better now.


Karla Porter Archer said...

there really is a difference between a resolution and an honest prayer sent up to the Lord.

I completely forgot yesterday was thurs (for my T13) until last night... can't believe it slipped me by!


Beck said...

Let me know if that cologne smells good! I'm trying to find something to replace my husband's current dire cologne (that I also bought for him).

Shalee said...

Mr. Right wears Polo... Perhaps I can switch it to Polo Black and I can get my fix orally and ofactorily. Ahhh... one more way to wake up and smell the coffee. What a way to awaken the senses!

GiBee said...

Oh, MY WORD. Only Shalee would find a way to use ofactorily in a sentence. Ummm ... I think ther's an "l" missing in that word ... "olfactorily" -- I'm just saying!

Please -- go smell it and report back to the rest of us crazy coffee nuts how wonderful it smells... 'kay?

Liza on Maui said...

Polo cologne and Coffee - wow, Ive got to check that out!

Hubby uses Polo (the Original in Green Bottle)...and he also has the black. But Dark Black? hmmm...

We're coffee lovers too :)

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Speaking from very recent experience, the coffee headache is not fun. However, I've decided I'm too much of an "all or nothing" person - I think cold turkey is the way I had to do it (same way I did with Diet Coke). Now I hover lovingly over my pot of decaf tea every morning. Not quite the same, but it can work in a pinch if you add enough half and half. You can do it!

Barb said...

Mine's an Old Spice man. But then, mine's also an old man. Sort of. Comparatively speaking, I mean. Shoot. I LOVE Old Spice. It takes me all the way back to when my father kissed us goodbye in the morning.

Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper just to spray coffee on him?

Really, how much of an excuse do you really need to sniff his neck! Or lick it. Or sprinkle creamer on it and just go for it!

OK, I'm leaving now.

Eden said...

That cologne sounds like it would be nice. Steve does have a b-day coming up this month. I'll have to check it out.


gail@more than a song said...

Those caffeine headaches are sure no fun! I had to quit coke/diet coke cold turkey too but felt better when I did. I do love the smell of coffee but I try to keep my intake down or go the decaf route. But my daughter thinks the decaf just doesn't taste right! Wonder if there is a good decaf brand out there.

Laura said...

I'm sitting here laughing out loud over Barb's comment about just spraying hubbie with that I'd like to see!

I'm in the same boat as you with the running lists and it coming up in the bloglines. Please please tell me if you figure out a way around this. Maybe the BB101 girls can help us out!


Carol said...

You and I are alike on the whole resolution/goals thing. I depress myself when I think I might fail to achieve something I've laid out to do. So, I tend to "wing it" a lot.

And you have me jonesing for coffee, but it's too late in the day for all that. I'd need a sleeping pill later. Wait! I actually have one!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Good for you; I know you can do it because you're not completely relying on your own strength. I wish I could help with the bloglines, but once I tried going there just to see where people are finding my site from, and I couldn't even "get in." I'm hopeless. I admire you for reading so much. I just can't seem to fit it in, and it's one of my favorite things in life.

Janis Rodgers said...

Cologne with espresso notes. HMMMM...I may stay connect to my hubby. I just love that smell! You made steps on your list, which is more than I have done. You get the gold star! Blessings!

Lisa Spence said...

Give up coffee? And why, exactly? I'm thinking it's like one of the food groups...or should be!

I know the fear of failure well. I have written in the front of my Bible a quote attributed to Mother Teresa: "Faithfulness, not success." It reminds me that God has not called me to some measure of success nor to even mark items off a to-do list (as fulfilling as that is)...He has called me to walk faithfully before Him, wherever He leads, in whatever circumstances or area of influence I find myself TODAY.

May 2007 find us faithful...

Hen Jen said...


you make me laugh!
go easy on the cutting back, those headaches are not fun...

Jenny in Ca

Dianne said...

I'm with you on the coffee thing. Only several years ago I had to switch to decaf b/c it was bothering my stomach. It is nice to drink coffee because I enjoy it and not because I have that "gimme my coffee before someone gets hurt" feeling! My suggestion - start cutting back on the caffeine in your regular coffee - adding more and more decaf gradually.

And I feel the same about resolutions. Mine were more like a prayer, which is why I really didn't share much on my blog.

Christina said...

I am trying to cut back on caffeine a little too. I think this is one of the hardest things there ever was to do. Caffeine is in everything.

I don't really know much about bloglines or running lists so I will have to read the others comments for some help myself.

Christina said...

The cologne sounds nice. My hubby wears Tribute from Mary Kay although they don't really make this anymore I still get some. I can always tell when a man walks by wearing this. It drives me wild.

Linda said...

Your post was such fun. I think you're off to a good start. The wonderful thing about the Lord is how willing He is to give us a "do over". We just need to keep plugging along.