Friday, December 01, 2006


"All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: "The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel - which means, "God with us."" Matthew 1:22-23

Here are the pictures of the nativity that my beloved hubby got me that I refered to here.

I've always wanted a really nice nativity that would be a real focal point in the living room. First I had to have a mantle though! :v)

That we got a couple years ago. Hubby surprised me with this mantle a few years ago and the nativity a few weeks ago. I had asked for it but he seemed reluctant, being the budgeter of the family and all, but when I showed him other nativities in other stores and how they were 2 to 3 times the price for not as nice ones he went straight to Costco and bought it. It's so detailed. Joseph even has bags under his eyes. I'm thinking he might have been a little stressed that night. :v)

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The reason I liked this nativity so much is because of that kind of detail. The clothing is real material. The wise man have jewels on their belt buckles, staffs, head gear, and that is even a free swinging little pearl necklace in the jewel box. His sword is free hanging and the camel's bags are real material and yes, that is real fake fur on the trim of one wise man. It's all very detailed.

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And speaking of nativity's, look what someone told me about!

Available here:

And the shepards available here:


Jennifer said...

That's really beautiful.

I have seen those Fisher Prices ones. I love that little border collie looking dog with the shepherds. I hadn't seen that before! I may have to look into something like that this year, since I have a very hands on toddler. I'll put my glass one up high.

Barb said...

Here's what's weird. Half of your photos are showing for me and half of them are those annoying little red exes. I just do NOT get it.

But the two I'm seeing are beautiful. Of all my Christmas things, my Nativity is by far my very favorite. I keep it out all year long - I could never pack it away.

By the way, congratulations! You do know, don't you, that you've been nominated for the Artistic Blog Skin Award at Christian Women Online? I'm so proud of you - you deserve this!

momrn2 said...

LOVE THEM! I collect nativities and these are both new to me. The mantle one is lovely and the little people one... how very fun!

Beck said...

I wish I could afford the Fisher Price one - my toddler loves those and wouldn't that be sweet for her?
Your nativity set is LOVELY. I have a small, inexpensive one, and it does nicely for now but someday, I want something beautiful, like yours.

Erna said...

We got the Fisher Price set last year from my parents for the girls. I always wondered why they didn't have shepherds. Now I know they have a little set. Thanks for sharing! I have to catch up a bit more here in the near future. Have a good one! Congrats on being nominated for a unique blog design. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful nativity.

and I just love the little people sets that one is the best! :)

gail said...

Your nativity set is beautiful...and the Fisher Price one is so cute, never knew they had those.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty.

I love the Fisher Price one too.

Christine said...

We have the fisher price nativity and it's been through all 3 kids. They love it! Congrats on your nomination! Isn't Susie great? She did mine too!

Kate said...

I love nativity sets. This one is just beautiful. I bought my first nice one last year at Costco. It too is detailed like this one. I know your children will remember it always.

Jen said...

love your nativity
and the toy one is cute