Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Serious and Then Not So Serious

A Group Blog for Christian MomsFirst starting with the serious, I'm over at Faith Lifts today. Please come on over and join me there for the last post on purpose. It's only a click away on the Faith Lifts button. Afterward refresh your coffee and come on back for something not so serious.

Are you back? Now for the not so serious. Pastormac's Ann from It's Always a Production has tagged me for a "Nine Weird Things Meme". Apparently there is a least nine weird things that Ann would like to find out about me. Well Ann, you asked for it. Here it is.


~I tend to repeat myself over & over when I'm nervous. To the point where I'm telling myself in my head to shut up, Sue!

~When I have to have a discussion with someone about something important, I plan out the whole conversation in my head, with every possible way the conversation could go and how I would react to each option.

~My daughter says I laugh outrageously at my own jokes in a conversation.

~When I get into bed, as soon as I put my head on the pillow, I have to flip the pillow.

~I always flip it top to bottom.

~I like peanut butter on my bread when I eat stew.

~I like my hard ice cream melted just a touch.

~I'd rather vacuum the house twice than dust. I hate to dust.

~I love sour cream. I put it on pancakes with syrup, on cabbage rolls and in homemade cauliflower/veggie soup. I add onion powder and dip chips into it. I've even been known to snitch a spoon here and there right out of the container.

Now I'm tagging Katherine, Tammy, Carol, & Beck. 'Cause I just gotta know how weird you really are.


Beck said...

Hey, I've been tagged! Well, good - I had no idea what to write about today.
And I like sour cream on my cabbage rolls too. Yum. Now I want cabbage rolls.

Tammy said...

I was giggling here at your "weirdness" and then saw at the end that I was tagged!
I will do this one, for sure! I just hope I can limit them to nine! ;)

(Peanut butter on bread with stew? Sorry, Susanne, but when I first wake up here, that doesn't sound too appealing...) ;)

Susanne said...

Tammy, yes it sounds weird but it is good. You don't put the stew on the bread, you know that don't you? It's just pnut butter bread instead of plain or butter. Listen to me trying to explain my weirdness and make it sound not weird. Hahaha.

Hen Jen said...

I like your weird list, it's interesting to find out the quirky things about someone that make them unique, and then you ponder your own quirkiness.

nice meme,
Jenny in Ca

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is so pretty! I love your meme for today! Very interesting!


Shalee said...

Oh, Sue... you may be even too weird for me to visit. Naaah! It's reasons like this that make me call you a kindred spirit.

Anonymous said...

This was a fun post Susanne, loved learning all these "weird" things about you LOL

Have a wonderful Halloween :)


Julie said...

You're not weird, just quirkily cute.

BTW~ I ALWAYS laugh at the things I say, too. My kids roll their eyes, but, hey, I'm having a good time!


Ms. Kathleen said...

You do have some eccentricities there but who doesn't? They are what make you - wonderful you! Awesome!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hey, at least you can TELL a joke (Oh hey, there's one. I have no mind for telling jokes). I'm so with you on the dusting. It's just going to look dusty again tomorrow - what's the use?

PastormacsAnn said...

Susanne! Awesome list! Thanks so much for playing along, my friend! Now I feel like I know you a little better - even if it is just the weird stuff I know more of now. ;-)

I love.love.love sour cream with blueberries and strawberries! Yum. I'm going to have to try it with pancakes and syrup sometime soon.

Carol said...

It's true. Everybody is weird.

Is Friday too late to put mine up?

Barb said...

I must be weird too because I don't think some of these are weird at all. I'd rather do almost anything in this house than dust. It's truly my least favorite housecleaning chore.

OK, that sour cream thing might be a little weird. But other than that, you sound pretty normal to me. :-)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

my son loves sour cream too - eats it straight. I really love it too - but not on pancakes!

I am with you on some of those espe the first two and the ice cream thing. But peanut butter and stew!!!! girl that is weird.

ps your link in my comments is wrong. just so you know.

Laura said...

Hilarious! I love that you laugh at your own jokes....I do too...all the time....I crack myself up. Rarely do I let myself wonder why no one else is laughing....he he. I enjoyed reading your list! Laura
PS: I like to melt my hard ice crea too.

Unknown said...

Is it a compliment or an insult if I say, "Yeah, that's really weird."

I'm with you at laughing at my own jokes, and the sour cream, but the PB and bread with stew. . . . hmmm.

I think that I'm a side to side pillow flipper.