Monday, October 02, 2006

Menu Plan Monday


Monday: Baked Pasta & cheese, green & yellow beans with italian dressing

Tuesday: Baked chicken with Bar-b-que spice rub, new red potatoes with Greek Feta dressing, sliced tomaoes

Wednesday: Sausage burgers/buns, tossed salad

Thursday: Taco Soup, cheese bread sticks

Friday: Cabbage Rolls

Last Wednesday was the day Teen Daughter and I planned as the day that she would help to cook supper so that she could start to learn how to cook. And even though she approached the event as something that Mom was making her do, it turned out fun. We did the hamburger soup which is so easy and economical and it was a good lesson for her that when she is on her own she can make a really good meal quickly with just a little effort. And one pot would feed her several meals so she could easily freeze some if she wanted. A good lesson in economics also. For as much as it would cost her to eat out she made a delicious dinner that would feed her many times over. She did a great job!

UPDATE: Sausage Burgers are just basically Mennonite Sausage that has been made into patties by the butcher rather than into links. If your local store or butcher does not do that you can do it yourself by snipping the link and squeezing the sausage meat out of the link and forming your own patties. It's already seasoned so you don't have to add anything. You can do this with any of your favorite kind of sausage. I just broil mine under the broiler approximately 5 minutes on each side until browned and cooked through and serve with all the regular favorite burger fixin's. Makes a wonderful change.


Gail said...

Baked pasta sounds good and we love Taco soup. Good menu.
It's good to teach the kids to cook I think....we tried to do that too but I'm not sure if it took on any of them or not!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, that all sounds good! I love hearing that your daughter cooked with you last week - is she helping again this week?! :) Hope you guys have a wonderful week!

org junkie said...

Okay this is probably a silly question but what are sausage burgers? Do you make them yourself? Have a great day! Laura

Betty said...

Cool Menu. Taco soup and the cabbage rolls sounds good. I love getting new ideas from everyone.

Enjoy your week

Kate said...

Oh that is so cool! I look forward to the day I get to do this with my two girls... My oldest who is 12 now just asked me this morning to show him how to do his laundry. Some say I am behind on this, but I'm so excited he asked instead of me dragging him in there for a lesson!

You are so inspiring to me with your weekly menu. I was thinking, gee, I should just use Susanne's every week! But I do want to get the recipe for the Cabbage Rolls. Sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Your menu sounds devine I love feta cheese.

Barb said...

(I'd like the recipe for the cabbage rolls, too, please.)

It's great that you're teaching your daughter how to cook. My girls fell into the habit of just getting a recipe from me. It's so much better if they actually help you make it. Otherwise, when they DO decide to try it on their own, you can expect about half a dozen phone calls. :-) Trust me. I know.

Jammy said...

These are precious times and memory-makers, you taking the time and interest to cook w/your daughter. Take some pics, too. :D