Thursday, August 24, 2006

Weird meme

Heather at her fun blog, funny thoughts about life's crazy happenings, has tagged me for a weird meme. As in I have to name 5 weird things about me or my pet. Well, seeing I'm real close to 100 posts and the tradition is to name 100 things about yourself, I'm gonna need all the help I can get to get anywhere near 100, so I'm gonna leave the weird things for there. So that leaves my pet. Well, I have a dog, 2 cats, and varied fish. So which one is the weirdest?

Okay let's go with the dog though they all come out about the same on the weird scale.

My dog's name is Samson. Not because he's big and strong, he's actually the opposite. Quite small, so it's sort of a fun name. And also because if we don't get his hair cut it get's real long!

He also answers to Spuds, Schpudly, Sammy Boy and Sam.

When I call "Supper's ready" for my family he knows what it means and starts barking and running to the kitchen.

When we're getting ready to go for a walk, he'll run to his food dish and try to eat as much as he can before we go out the door.

His howl is really quite pathetic. Two german shepards two doors down taught him how to do this. Whenever a siren goes, which could be often as we live close to a hospital, the shepards would start howling, one high, one low. Sam would try to join in except his was almost non-existant. He'd be showing all the signs of a real good howl, really looking like he was gonna lay an egg from the effort, but all that would come out was this little arooo. Sad.

Picture by strapping son entitled "Spuds in a Bucket"

UPDATE: Silly of me yet again, I forgot to tag people and the rules are I have to tag 5 for this one! Okay who do I want to know weird things about? Hmmm! Gotta be Shalee, Dee, Dianne, Bev, and last but not least, Beck


Peach said...

Aww . . . he's sweet. I have a friend who named his small dog Thor, just to give him a little boost. Samson seems to have that same big dog personality all rolled up in a small dog package : )

Heather Smith said...

He's a cute little dog! My chihuahua tries to howl too, and it's the funniest thing ever! Thanks for playing along!

Dee said...

ADORABLE!! we had a small terrier mix who believed she was a rottweiler. great personality --- although she was a pretty good howler, because she was mixed with beagle!! :)

Shalee said...

That is the cutest little thing... My daughter can't see him because that will be the next pet request on her list!

Beck said...

Your dog is so cute. So very, very cute. My husband won't let me get a dog, since he hates 'em. I luv dogs. Sigh.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

We generally have dogs as big as horses, but I always thought it would be fun to have a wee little one and name him something like Rocky. Samson is right up there. Cute post. I'm trying to decide who's the more strange - me or the dog? I'll think on it and do this meme tomorrow with the other one I still owe - the novel one....oh when are we bloggers to sleep???

Tammy said...

He's a little cutie! :D

I always paying attention to doggies these days since we'll be getting our first new puppy later this fall! That one sure looks like cute breed...weird, and all! :)

Katherine@Raising Five said...

What a cute dog. Precious photo. I have a would-be howler, too!

Chappyswife said...

That picture is adorable. I'd love to just squeeze him. He sounds like a very funny dog - just part of the family, huh?