Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen 7

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With Boomama's Tour of Homes now listing 239 homes, I gotta say my mouse and keyboard are starting to smoke! And I'm still not thru them all. It was totally enjoyable and a big thanks to Boomama for all the work. Which brings me to my Thursday Thirteen.

ON :)

1. Major dusting
2. Cooking a meal that takes more than 20 minutes to cook
3. Grocery Shopping
4. Laundry
5. Reading my novel
6. Seeing the light of day
7. Exercise
8. Paperwork is piling high
9. Watering the lawn
10. Making my bed
11. Phone calls
12. Cleaning out my cupboards (Now 3 cupboards behind)
13. Sleep

Would I do it again you ask? Are house numbers in the front? Was there a kitchen in each home? Did Everyday Mommy try to pull one over on us? Of course. Did someone say there might be a Christmas one? Gotta add find, dust and clean the Christmas decorations to the list of things to do!


Heather Smith said...

I hope they do a Christmas one since I didn't get to do this one! I love Christmas decorations! Yay!

Beck said...

I never make my bed anymore, since I read that dust mites breed more readily in beds with the covers up. See? You're just looking after your health.
And what is this exercise thing you speak of?

Katrina said...

Oh, I'm with you - I'm far behind on a whole ton of stuff! But I would say the Home Tour was worth it!

Wendy said...

Always in need of sleep here.

Dianne said...

I"m behind on my blog reading and oh yeah, on my house cleaning of course :) BUT you enjoyed the conference right? My friend at work tells me I'll never get caught up so quit trying. I haven't bought that one yet.

Chappyswife said...

EXCELLENT TT! I think you got it right on the money with this one, Susanne, but now the novel is winning the battle at my house, so either way, I'm getting further behind! :0)