Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thurday Thirteen

Banner by Caryn at Novelist in Training


1. I'm go glad it rained today to cool it off

2. And to get rid of the the 2 million wasps in the backyard!

3. The smell of rain, since I was a kid, makes me think it God's cologne.

4. I still need to get strapping son new socks for school

5. Can't believe school starts Tuesday.

6. Our last summer big hurrah weekend.

7. Hubby has to work. Dang.

8. I'm so sad that school starts already. Gonna miss my kids.

9. I'm so glad school starts, back to some kind of routine.

10. I wonder if we used our swim passes enough to warrant paying for a pass?

11. How am I gonna get these guys on the school bus?

12. Yikes. Gotta color hair. Major root syndrome happening.

13. Where, on earth, did I put my to-do-list?


Heather Smith said...

Hey Susanne! This is such a cute 13! It started raining here last night too, thanks to Ernesto, we needed the rain, so thank God for it!

Katrina said...

I'm right with you on #8 & 9! And I love your #3 - beautiful thought!

Nikkie said...

That is a very cute list! I hope it got rid of the wasps in the back yard, we've been having that problem too!

Shalee said...

You left your list at MY HOUSE... Come and get it, would you?

Tammy said...

Major root syndrome happening over here, too!
Sounds like some of my rambling, I didn't post a 13 (posted pizza meme instead, that Brenda got me!);) But still, we officially start homeschooling Tuesday and I have a thousand things like this jumbling around in my head!
Fun post!

Chappyswife said...

My mind is always swirling in all these different directions. I thought it was just me. :)