Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen 5

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by what is in their fridge. So here's your chance.

Thirteen Things in My Fridge Right Now

1. Half a seedless watermelon

2. A bottle of Jamaican-Style Ginger Beer

3. A Large Bottle of Southern Butter Pecan Internation Delight Creamer

4. Asparagus

5. Leftover meatloaf

6. Dill Ranch Dressing

7. Yellow and Orange Peppers

8. One hot dog

9. Cherry Vanilla Coke

10. Pork Souvlaki on sticks

11. Kentucky Clucky Gravy(left over from here)

12. The usual mishmash of condiments

13. Beauti Control Spa Nourishing Eye Pads

So "What say you?" As Jack Sparrow would say. What does my fridge say about me?


Katrina said...

Well, for one thing, it says that you'd be a great person to visit for coffee - #3 sounds delicious! :) I'm not brave enough to explore the depths of my fridge today...I'm sure the contents would be a bit scarier than yours.

Beck said...

Ack! I think that we have many of the same things in our fridge - are we long-lost fridge twins? Perhaps.

Shalee said...

It says that you need to buy some sausage if you ever want me to make it your way. Savvy?

And do the eye pads work?

PS I've got the mother of all word verifications down below. I'm not even sure they're all letters in the english alphabet... Wish me luck!

Heather Smith said...

Your fridge sounds interesting. Asparagus but no tomatoes or cucumbers or squash? I don't eat any of those things, but they seem to be the vegetables of choice here! I don't eat asparagus either. I really need to learn to like more veggies. There, your refrigerator made me feel guilty. Are you happy! LOL!
Mine are up here and here!

Susanne said...

Katrina: A little secrect. I did this TT a couple days after grocery shopping so the weekly clear out had already happened and I had some nice things to put in the list. Call me cheater, I know.

Beck: We'll comfortable at each other's houses then if we ever meet for coffee

Shalee: Guess what! Had some garlic sausage that I bar-b-qued for supper in there, too! But, savvy, I'll buy fresh for you I promise! The eye pads feel great when your eyes are tired! And can you tell us this this word? An extra sausage and cup of coffee if you can remember it!

Heather: silly girl, tomatoes should never be put in the fridge! They are on my counter but that's a whole other TT list! When you come to Canada I'll help you expand your veggie repratoire!

twiga92 said...

Eye pads? That's interesting. Hee, hee - I might just try this list sometime. Could be rather funny.

Melanie said...

I might just have to put some that of that gravy over that meatloaf, (pause- I have to fix a paper rocket...Ok. I'm back),have some asparagus, then have a coffee with that great creamer, put on those eye pads, and relax. Can you tell I haven't had lunch? Great list!

Chappyswife said...

Usually we so much in common, Susanne, but the only thing that matches mine is the condiments, & we may have a hot dog. Neat idea for a TT!

Caryn said...

What a fun idea for a TT! The funny thing is, you have some delectable things in your friedge, yet only #6 (homemade, my recipe here: and #12 (the condiments) match what I have in my refrigerator, too. However, I'm probably going to make some meatloaf soon, if that counts.

Barb said...

OK. I'm a little embarrassed to say there are two things on this list I've never heard of. 9 & 10.Everything else sound perfectly normal to me, especially the eye pads. Not sure I'd be brave enough to reveal the contents of my fridge!

Susanne said...

twiga92: welcome! the coolness of the eye pads is great when your eyes are swollen or tired!

melanie: do all that and go put your feet up!

chappyswife: what? Not even a matching meatloat or yellow pepper?

caryn: welcome. I'm gonna check out your recipe

barb: get yourself to the store and try the black cherry vanilla coke. It's awesome! Pork souvlaki is a greek spiced pork and it's on a kabob stick so I can grill it. It's my first time trying it.

Shalee said...

It had a ton of letters... more than I've ever seen. It had a bunch of q's z' and x's with a few other letters thrown in for grins and giggles.

But I did get it on the first try.

Can that get me something?

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

you sound like a well balanced person with a great personality

i too have had the ginger beer. years ago, when i was very ill with my illness and had constant nauseau, i would drink galloons of it. very good for the nauseau.

agodlyhomemaker said...

i love this idea! i'm gonna post it on my blog and then i'll link back to you. i hope it's ok to do that?