Monday, July 03, 2006

Links that lead to more links

Well a whole month has come & gone. A whole month of what? I'm glad you asked! Well, I say, a whole month since I started to blog. Wow, I can't believe I'd have so much to say! But I made it a whole month now. And you know what, I'm loving it. Considering I was terrified to start it's been great!

I was just sitting here thinking how it all started and was quite amazed at the roundabout way I found this circle of blogging friends. It actually started with a site that I visit regularly to get a perspective of what a movie is about, the ratings on it, and how it holds up to my beliefs as a Christian before I shell out the money to see it or send my children to be exposed to something I might not want them to see. (Go here if you'd like to be informed of past, present and coming movies). Anyhoo, I was looking at the review of the movie "The End of the Spear". On a sidebar they had a link to a site that was holding a discussion forum on a controversy associated with the lead actor and a response from the director. On a sidebar of that site was a list titled "Blogging 4 Jesus. I clicked on one named "Amy's Humble Musings".

I read her for about a month, fascinated that someone would write about their life and put it up for all to read. While it was great fun laughing along with her family's antics, reading life lessons about God, etc. I have to admit I did feel sort of like I was snooping. Then I noticed a little word down at the bottom of her writings. The word was "comments". So I clicked on it and what do you know but here were all these people commenting on what she'd written. It took me another month to figure out that if I clicked on a name it linked me to another site.

Whaaat? There were more people that did this? Wow! That link led me to this site. Which in turn gave me this lady's blog and this lady's blog. I read and clicked and couldn't believe the world I'd found. I started to leave a few comments on Shalee's site and lo and behold, she'd answer back. This was great. We commented back and forth for a few months and I started to leave some comments here and there on site's that I linked from hers.

The rest as they say is history. Shalee, (who you can get to know here), with her cheerful and befriending nature, became my friend. And knowing that I was totally computer illiterate, she even called me, major long distance that is, to help walk me thru blogger to set up and assure me she was not an axe murderer.

So with my one month celebration, I'd like to send Shalee an bouquet of thanks for being so infectous and helpful and well, friendly. Thanks, lady.
So in a world of links, this is the linkage that got me where I am in blog world today. Which gets me thinking. How did you get here? What got you blogging? Enquiring minds want to know!

And P.S.: Is there a prize for the most links in one post?

P.S.S. Sorry for those on bloglines, I'm coming up again 'cause Heather was so observant and noticed my wrong date and I wouldn't want anyone confused!


Heather Smith said...

Hey Susanne! Congrats on a month of blogging! I understand completely. I was kinda scared when I started "The Roller Coaster Ride of My Life" But now I have two blogs, and I'm loving it!
Just a side question, your post is dated July 9th. Here in the states we haven't even celebrated the 4th yet. Are you ahead of time way up there in Canada?'
If so, don't tell me what happens I like to be surprised! J/K! Have a good one!
And I hope you had a good Canada Day!

Shalee said...

To answer your question about how I got blogging, someone sent me a link to Antique Mommy and I just had to make a comment to her because she had me rolling on the floor. But she had her blog set up to take comments from blogger members only and I somehow I stubbled upon my own blogger account, thinking "Do I have to do all this work everytime I leave a comment?!" A couple of months later I looked at the blogger account and thought, "I can do this (gulp)" and that's the beginning of my story.

What is not to like about you? I loved your sense of humor, your outgoing, positive attitude and the way you totally opened yourself up to me in emails. You are just as big of a blessing to me in return...

Oh Susanne! How incredibly kind of you to give me flowers. I'm feeling the love across the miles!

But I hope by infectious, you don't mean that I'm like some kind of disease...

Susanne said...

Heather: Aren't you the observant one! Changing that right now! I put that up before having my first coffee so early this A.M. That'll teach priorities! Coffee first from now on!

Shalee: That's funny. All that work to comment and now look at you. Umm, infectious as in aahh, you drew me in and got me going. So ya like basically, it's all your fault. You infected me with this blogging thing. :D

Lauren said...

Hi Susanne,
Congratulations on your one month anniversary!! And your design!!! It's so beautiful and it gives me a better sense of who you are. I'm so behind in my blog reading and won't be able to even attempt to catch up until next week. Miss you!

Susanne said...

Lauren: Missed you too on your this weekend. Don't worry, I'll be here. And ya, I'm not hard to figure out. Coffeeholic all the way! When did you say you're getting your roaster? I'm coming for coffee!

Laura- Swank Mom said...

Happy One Month! :)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Your new design looks great!!

Wow - for one month you are doing so great!! I love how Shalee helped you get started.

I can't even remember the first blog I read. Then I did a bunch of research before starting out on my own blog. But I could never have done it without my twin sister. She was a software developer and does all things techie for our sites. (We have online stores that we started a coupld years ago.) so that is a bit of my story. Yours is a much cooler story!!

Great work girl - I can't even imagine where you will be in one year!!

MommaB said...

Hey, Susanne! Congrats on a month well-written! I found you through Shalee and found Shalee through someone else and found someone else through... well, you know how it goes! I'm SO GLAD that I did find you because in the last month you have not only inspired me through your wonderfully written posts, but your wonderfully encouraging comments to me. Looks like my blog is only older than yours by about a few days and yet you seem to have the skills and "new look" of a life-long blogger! Here's to you and many more months (and years) of your posts!!!

Susanne said...

Laura: thanks for visiting

Janice: Thank God for techie relatives and friends is all I can say!

MommaB: I love reading and coffeeing at your "place" too!

Dianne said...

Congrats on a month of blogging. Gee, I feel like the old lady blogging here, since I passed the 2-year mark last month. I can't even remember how I got started. Oh yeah, I got hooked up with several Christian writing sites and from there found several Christian authors websites and from there, I saw that one of them kept an online journal. I think that was Robin Lee Hatcher. I started off blogging at LiveJournal but it was mostly kids blogging there and it had no cool features. SOmehow I found Blogger and got hooked. My first month I blogged every single day! Needless to say, I love blogging and the wonderful community I've met in doing so.

Keep up the good work!

Susanne said...

Dianne: Wow, wow 2years! Interesting linking that got you going! I find it very interesting how people got going. 6 months ago I didn't even know what blogging was! And by the way, I looove Robin Lee Hathcher's books!

GiBee said...

Girl, you bless us over and over in your comments, and it's about time you started blabbing on a blog of your own so we can leave YOU comments! So fun! Congrats on your one month anniversary!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for that movie website link. I use, but it's great to have another resource.