Sunday, July 09, 2006


I've discovered a brand spanking new blogger. I'd like to introduce you to Chappyswife at Journey to the prize. Take a minute when you can and scoot on over and give her a welcome. She has tagged me with the ABC's. Now I've done them once a couple months ago before I had my own blog. How did I do that without a blog, you ask? Well, back in them days Shalee would tag me and let me do the meme's in her comments section. So I redid them so I could actually have it within my own blog and a couple of the questions were just a bit different so here it is. Susanne's ABC's - The Sequel.

ACCENT: None that I know of unless Western Canadians have an accent

BIBLE BOOK THAT I LIKE: Romans & I John have been my enduring faves, the ones most underlined & written in. But this changes as I study different books. Proverbs has changed our lives in this household, Esther 'cause she was so couragous.

CHORE THAT I DON'T CARE FOR: ironing nuf said, gardening I'm not on speaking terms with wasps & bees, dusting Probably 'cause that was my job as a teen and I figure somebody else oughta be doing it for me by now

DOG OR CAT: We have 1 dog, 2 cats. Love both but I don't think we'll have cats after these two as there is a real push here to license cats & not let them be outside.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Tv, dvd player, computer not that I'm savvy but what would I do if I couldn't check on you all each day?

FAVORITE MOVIE: Just one? Pirates of the Caribbean, no, Ever After, no um, Cool Runnings, I mean, Paycheck, or, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, ahh, It's a Wonderful Life, National Treasure, Apollo 13. I give up. I can't pick just one.

GOLD OR SILVER: Love, love, love tri-color gold!!

HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: for winter a navy/cream leather purse, for summer, varies. Has to be big enough to carry chequebook wallet, cell phone, small bag for various meds 'cause with 3 kids you never know what you'll need, keys, pen, sunglasses (can't live without them), gum,and finally kleenex. Wow that's probably too much information but oh well.

INSOMNIA: never, thank God

JOB TITLES: wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, childcare provider and everything you can think of that comes with family/household, & lots of children around. Probably the only thing not on the list is roofer.

KIDS: 2 girls, 1 boy all of whom are loved dearly and am so proud of and in spite of 2 being in the teenage years wouldn't trade them for nothing. Except maybe orange velencia coffee & vanilla slices. Nah ,not even for a hundred of those!

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Nice mid size bungalow with a nice mid size mortgage we can handle in a nice mid size city in the best province in the best country. I know, I know it's a matter of opinion on that.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: My wedding and the birth of my babes.

NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: Do I dare admit this one. I still feel sick inside everytime I think of it. One winter me and a friend put snow into a mailbox thinking the mailman would be so suprised when he opened it and had snow fall all over him. We didn't think it through (what kids do?) that if it got warm the snow would melt and ruin all the letters in there. When I think of it now it makes me sick to my stomach. People's bills & cheques & letters to loved ones. Sigh.

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: tonsils (5 yrs. old), tailbone prob (teen), 3 kids, vein operation (adult)

PHOBIAS: The above mentioned wasps & bees. Bees not so much 'cause they just want flowers, but wasps & hornets. My hair stands up on my arms & neck & it takes everything in me to pretend it's nothing in front of the kids. Though I've been known to call beloved hubby at work or my mom to come get one out of the house. And if you swat one in my house & then can't locate it you are under house arrest until you find it & make sure it's good & dead

.QUOTES: I love quotes & collect them in a journal. These are a few of my faves:"We never know the love of the parent till we become parents ourselves" -unknown "The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, or ethnic background is that we all believe we are above-average drivers" - Dave Barry "In matters of principal, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current." - unknown "Rum is vile drink that turns even the most respectful men into complete scoundrels" -Elizabeth Pirates of the Caribbean "You live & learn" -my wonderful Godmom as she extended grace & mercy to me whenever I made a mistake

RELIGION: To love God with all that I am, think & say, to believe that Christ was born as a man, died on a cross for my sin, and rose on the third day that I might have eternal life, to develop my relationship with Him starting here on earth & continue into eternity & to follow His Word which is His manufacturer's handbook for me to the best of my ability by the power of the Holy Spirit.

SIBLINGS: 1 sister who once was my rival and has now become my friend.


UNUSUAL TALENT OR SKILL: Dont' know how unusual but I'm pretty observant

VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: swiss chard, beet tops otherwise I love veggies

WORST HABIT: telling hubby or kids to do something new in the middle of them doing the something I had just a minute ago asked them to do.

X-RAYS: Never been zapped that I know of.

YUMMY STUFF I COOK: soft tacos, paprikash chicken/tiny dumplings, stuffed meatloaf, cheeseburger soup


I'm not sure who's done this one before but I'll tag Melanie at This Ain't New York, Dianne at Unfinished Work and Janice at 5 Minutes for Mom. And if anyone has not done it and would like to, go for it. Just let me know in the comments so I can check it out!


Melanie said...

Will do! Thanks for the challange!

Chappyswife said...

Thanks for the welcome, Susanne. You have indeed made me feel welcome. I really enjoyed your answers, especially the religion answer~great way to put it. As for your worst habit-my oldest son is always onto me for doing that to him! Sounds like you're a good cook!

Dianne said...

Thanks! This was kind of fun!

HolyMama! said...

tri color gold?! what's that?

Sheri said...

Cruised in from Family Friendly and had to say: Okay, how cute is your little caricature up there!!!

Susanne said...

holymama: tricolor gold has three colors to it somehow worked in. Usually a yellow tone, pink tone and green tone. Like if in a chain, the chain would have 3 strand, 1 of each color, twirled or woven together, or let's say a flower pendant the petals would be the three different colors. It's really pretty!

sheri: thanks for stopping by. Ya she is sort of cute isn't she. Found her thru the place where Susie at recommended.

momrn2 said...

Cheeseburger soup?? Never heard of it.

Was fun to learn more about you! I have been tagged also and I hope to get mine up soon!