Thursday, June 15, 2006



1. My dad getting down on the floor with us to play wrestle & tickle.

2. My dad putting a 45 on the record player and watching & listening as me & my sister sang to the song.

3. My dad holding my hand in one of his and my sisters in the other as he led us into the wave pool in Hungary when I was 10.

4. My dad giggling like crazy as he led us into that pool as the waves were coming up our legs.

5. My dad taking the family to his favorite resteraunt once in a while after church. He always got liver and onions, me and my mom always got veal cutlets, and my sister always got a hamburger.

6. My dad taking us to the mountains for a picnic.

7. My dad playing soccer with us at these trips.

8. My dad at the zoo getting his picture taken with his two girls who were dressed in matching red polka dot dresses and his smile being ear to ear.

9. My dad being the protector of his girls no matter what whether telling the ferris wheel controller to get us down NOW when a wind storm came up or questioning boyfriends.

10. My dad being a hard worker so we could have a decent life. He held 2 jobs at a time for a lot of my growing up years.

11. My dad hiking thru knee deep snow about 12 blocks one way to get to the one store on our side of town that was open to get us groceries after a snow storm.

12. My dad starting water fights over the fence with the neighbor lady that within minutes turned into a neighborhood all out waterfight with adults, kids and every tap within a 4 house radius being commissioned into use.

13. My dad crying all the way down the aisle as he walked me down on my wedding day!

There is plenty more but these were ones that jumped out at me today!


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Heather Smith said...

Great list! I'm a total daddy's girl! One of my favorite memories is singing with my daddy. Actually I still do that, but I love every minute of it! Mine are up here and here!

Carol said...

What a blessing to have the love of a father. How much more blessed we are to have the love of the Perfect Father.

Beautiful T-13!

Lauren said...

He sounds like a wonderful dad. #13 is so sweeeet.

Addie said...

What a great dad you have! I loved reading those memories! :-)