Thursday, June 01, 2006

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Ah, the great dilemma. Yes I know. Hamlet had the original dilemma: "To be or not to be...". Personally, I have no problem "to be". I never question that. I figure that God made me, so there has to be a reaon I'm here, so "being" as never been an issue. But lately, I have been in turmoil about "To Blog Or Not To Blog". That is the big question.

Let me back up. Last December or January, quite by accident, I came across my first blog. I'd never heard of such a thing. I returned over and over in fascination and found I really enjoyed this Christian lady and how she wrote of her family and thoughts. And yes, I finally left a comment. And one time, she responded specifically to me. Oh my. This was a two way street. I was hooked. I discovered that if I clicked on a name of someone leaving a comment it took me to a new blog. Heavens, there was a whole world out there I had no idea even existed!

During the next few months, I gave myself strained mouse finger as I clicked away on all sorts of names. (Bet you didn't know there was such a condition). Each led me to a whole new world, a whole new person, a whole new discovery of lives, thoughts, and senses of humor. And then I came across a blog that had a contest running and I found a pic of a lady that had stuffed herself into a wash machine & taken a picture in order to win a book. (You know who you are!!). I thought: "That's my kind of person." So away I went to her blog eventually leaving a comment. And she would respond back. It thrilled me! We commented back and forth for a month or so and then I'm red faced to say I hi jacked her comment section and did a meme in there. I was just so excited and new nothing of blog manners. She didn't even get upset. What a "Whole New World"! To make a long story short I'm proud to now consider her my friend. Shalee (Shalee's Thoughts), it's all your fault, you drew me in with your infectious personality and openness!

But back to the great dilemma. Should I blog or not. Leaving comments was one thing. Writing mine on a regular basis was another. To say nothing of the issue of putting myself out there in the public realm. Really scary to me. And to say nothing of the fact I am pretty much basically computer illiterate. But what absolutely clenched the deal, other than
Shalee's, Shannon's (Rock's in My Dryer) and Addie's (Life with Little Women) encouragement, was what I consider to be a miracle before my eyes that happened in the blog world. And a lot of you were a part of it. I'm talking of the wonderful drawing together of ladies as they heard that a fellow blogger needed prayer for a desperate situation. In one day, over 100 ladies, none of whom knew this blogger personally and who basically is anonymous on her blog, drew together in a huge prayer chain and show of support and kept at it.

That sealed it for me. I want to be part of this wonderful community of Christian ladies. So for better or worse, here I am. The great question has been answered with "To Blog". I will now push the publish button. God help me.

P.S. I will figure out how to link when I mention people. Sometime.


Shalee said...

Yay Susanne! I am sooo glad that you joined the blogging world! It's so nice to have another friendly warm place to love and be loved.

(And I'll explain the linking thing in my next email to you!)

Love you lady, and I look forward to reading you often!

Susanne said...

My first comment! This is so exciting! Thanks, Shalee. I hope I make you proud & don't "crash" the whole blogging world with a silly mistake! :)

shannon @ rocks in my dryer said...

Hooray! Shoot, I wish I could've been your first comment. Thank you for the kind words--that means more than you could know.

When I first started blogging, it took me a few months to get in my "groove"--figuring out how to fit it into my schedule, handling communication w/ other bloggers. It really can take over your life! So don't be frustrated if it takes you a while to get the hang of it (though it certainly sounds like you're on your way).

E-mail me if I can do anything to help. I had lots of people help me when I first got started.

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Heather said...


Link: Highlight > click the symbol that looks like a world with an infinity symbol > enter http.

viola. :)

Susanne said...

Shannon: You made it into the first three, how's that? You are a very encouraging individual & you made it sound so fun!

Heather: Thanks for the welcome and the help.

Islandsparrow said...

Hi Suzanne - thanks for dropping by my blog and welcome to the blogosphere!!

Susanne said...

islandsparrow: Thanks for the welcome.

Lauren said...

Hey, is this THE Susanne? The canadian with a great sense of humor SUSANNE? Wow, how exciting you have a blog and you didn't even tell me?

Oh, and the answer is always, To Blog!


Susanne said...

Lauren: Thank you for the welcome! Yes tis me, although you've got the sense of humor thing hands down over me. I haven't got around to letting too many people know yet. Thought I'd get my feet wet first and try not to 'cause the blog world to crash with a mistake. :)

Addie said...

Dost my eye deceive me? Yay! You have a blog! You didn't even say anything. It's funny, because I read your comments and enjoyed them as always, but FAILED to NOTICE the cute little picture and the tell tale underlining of your name.

I just now saw your note on Lauren's and realized what you had done! Yipee, can't wait to read it. You're goin' in bloglines for sure! :D

Susanne said...

Addie: Thanks for the welcome! If I do good let me know ok? If not, talk to Shalee. It's all her fault, ya know.

Peach said...

Yes!! So glad you now have a home I can visit. I thought the same thing as Lauren, is this THE Susannne? I'm so happy for you. Don't worry about making mistakes. Blogland crashes at times even without our help!!

Welcome, friend!!

Susanne said...

Peach: Thanks so much! Your site has been a blessing so I hope mine can be the same for you.

Carol said...

Hey, this is great! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us. Sometimes I wonder if this is some bizarre closed society of folks who meme each other and get all linked up on each other's blogs. Now I see that we can actually encourage and include folks who don't even have a blog. (And influence them to start one? Oh my!)

Thanks, too for participating in the 7 Days!

blestwithsons said...

Strained Mouse Finger?

Sounds Cheesy.

Wacka Wacka Wacka!!

Good post! Welcome to blogging!

GiBee said...

Oh my gosh, oh, my gosh ... OH MY GOSH!!! Is this THE Susanne??? THE SUSANNE???

Oh, no, I'm so stinking excited I can't contain my self!!! Yeah, Susanne, and welcome, welcome, WELCOME to the world of blog!

Like Shannon, it took me several months to get the hang of it, but girl... you can already link and that's about 3 months faster than me! Yay Susanne!

And, I'm so sad I had to "stumble" across your blog through Lauren's blog! Girl, you need to drop us some notes telling us what's going on!

Susanne said...

gibee: Thank you so much. Sorry for the "stumbling". I'm pretty much computer illiterate so I wasn't sure what would happen the first couple times out. I was gonna let you all know this week, honest!

Susanne said...

carol: thank you. I love reading your posts!

blestwithsons: Haaaa! Thank you for the welcome!

gibee: It's me! SURPRISE!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

You are a natural. I'm new, too, but I love being a part of what's going on here. Welcome!

Susanne said...

katherine: welcome to you to!