Monday, June 19, 2006

Proverb Italiani

A couple weeks ago, Beloved Hubby took us to a really nice Italian Resteraunt for a treat. It's in our city's old original fire station and is really quite cool. On nice days the big front doors where the engines drove in and out are opened up and the resteraunt is open to the outside fresh air. All sorts of nice memorabilia is in there also and the fireman's pole is still standing. Cool place. On the back of their menu was written the "Italian Proverbs" so I thought I'd put them up for you to read, too. Feel free to add your own Italian accent as you proceed!

Chi respetta sara rispettato
Respect others & you shall be respected

A tavola non s' invecchia
We do not age at the dinner table

Uva Catliva non fa buon vino
You can't make good wine from bad grapes

Amicizie i maccheroni, sono megali caldi
Friendship & macaroni are best when warm

Nulla si fa senza volonta
Without commitment nothing gets done

L'amicizia rimane un ancora fedele
Friendship remains a faithful anchor

Il riso e la migliore medicina
Laughter is the best medicine

Chi Mangia bene, vive bene
Who eats well, lives well

Bouna salute e la vera ricchezza
Good health is true wealth

For what they are worth I thought they were neat and I will whenever I eat warm macaroni, think of you, my blogging friends! :D


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Saw you visited my site and stopped by to say hello. I see youre from Canada, we're not too far south (Pennsylvania). Also in your profile was John Tesh at Red Rocks; my husband grew up in Boulder, Colorado and you have to go to Red Rocks to believe it. Awesome way to spend the evening, isn't it.

MommaB said...

Merci' Ms. Susanne! What wonderful proverbs... in ANY language!