Monday, June 05, 2006

Award in Blogland

Wow! What do you know! I've won a very prestigious award here in blogland. I've become the recipient of this weeks LOCA otherwise known as Laurens Outstanding Commenter Award. And all I had to do was tickle her funny bone with the comment to this post.

Thank you Lauren. But you made it so easy. Your own wonderful sense of humor just drew that right out of me!

Ya, I think I'm having way too much fun with all this blog stuff.


GiBee said...

Well, we all knew you were on red hot chile pepper!

Shalee said...

I am so jealous... One week on and you get an award! Grrr... I mean congratulations! How nice to be noticed!

(Okay, I really did mean the last bit in case you didn't know.)

Susanne said...

Thanks guys!

Lauren said...

WooHoo! You won an award, you won and award! One that you deserved, btw! Thanks for the laugh.