Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #276

Well here we are, the first week of March 2014 done and history.  I can't believe how fast this year is going. But I am so ready for spring, that it can't come fast enough,  This has been one long, cold winter!  It's supposed to be a nice weekend but so far this week none of their temperature predictions have come true, it being colder than they predicted.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  But anyway, onto the business at hand which is looking for the good things in our lives.  The weather may be frigid and uncooperative but there are other things I find that have lifted me.  What about you?  Care to join me in sharing five of your favorite blessings from the week?

1.  Getting caught up on some reading.  The last month I've made a concerted effort to knock some of the books of my reading pile.  Some were due back at the library so if I wanted to read them I had to get to it, one was a review book that I just got behind on because it was non-fiction and those always take me longer, and some have just been lingering in my book bag.  It felt good to get to some of those.

2.  Good discussions at ladies bible study.  This group is a great blessing to me.  They are always really good about jumping into the conversation and sharing their thoughts and/or knowledge.  It's so much better than me babbling on by myself!

3.  Pineapple Tea from Hawaii.  My friend introduced me to some lovely black tea with pineapple.  So delicious and because it's black tea it's providing me with flavinoids which apparently are low my diet.  But I just like that it's delicious.

4.  Good results from a medical test I had to have last week.  Getting that letter saying everything is just fine was a weight off my mind.

5.  My Panini maker.   Man I love panini sandwiches.  Regular sandwiches I can take a pass on but make that sandwich into a panini and it somehow turns into this flattened, toasted, melted  hot bite of flavor.  Pair it with a great soup like this one which I made on Monday to beat the cold and it was one good supper.

My faves this week were just seemingly simple things but they still were good things in my life.  That's the way blessings are:  sometimes simple, sometimes huge but any way they come it's good to look for them, take note of them and be thankful for them.  It's what makes life good!  What are your favorite five blessings from your week?



Willow said...

Sometimes the simple blessings are the best gifts. I think that books Bible studies, and tea could consistently make my top ten list.

Susan said...

The soup looks great. It is now on my list to try soon.

I checked out your book review on David and Goliath. I had been wondering what it was like. I thought it had more "spiritual" input too.

I agree. It is great when the ladies in group speak up. I want to hear their questions, wisdom, and experiences. I think they learn more and remember better if they get to verbalize their thoughts.

Have a good weekend, Susanne.

PS Click on the link for the Birds on wires at my FFF. When I saw the post on fb, I thought it was someone posting their FFF.

Gattina said...

We had no winter at all ! only rain and now spring moves in far too early, the poor farmers ! I don't know exactly what a panini sandwich is, because panini means already "small bread" in Italian, lol !

Faith said...

Oh I love potato soup!!! And broccoli but for some reason as I've gotten older I can't tolerate broccoli soup......but insure love paninis too!! Great list of faves, especially the completion of books!!!!! I always enjoy reading your reviews😄

Hazel Ceej said...

I love panini sandwiches too! Simple things could bring great joy. Great weekend to you Susanne.

Kathie said...

Rushing out the door to World Day of Prayer service but I'll be back for a visit!

ellen b. said...

Glad you had good results from your tests. Nothing like a good sandwich and a bowl of soup. Hope the weekend predictions come true and you have a nice mild one!

nikkipolani said...

Willow has my sentiments exactly -- recognizing simple blessings is a good thing, keeping our hearts grateful. I've never heard of pineapple tea. Sounds terrific. Your Bible study group must have lively discussions, the very best kind!

Deb said...

Sounds like a good week for you. A week when you can read a lot is always a good one!
Enjoy your weekend.

Joyful Reader said...

This week I had to really dig. It was a hard week at work, at home, all around tough week. But, we can still find nuggets! I love pineapple but one bite of it breaks my mouth out in blisters. I wonder if tea would do the same...
Glad your test results were good!
I agree about nonfiction. I think that and the size of my fiction book has really slowed me down a lot!
Hope you have a great weekend and the weather turns out to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Simple blessings are the best!

I understand that relief when medical tests show there is no problem.

Tea is wonderful! It was lovely of your friend to bring you a special treat.

Interactive Bible study is so much better than when those of us who are leading it up drone on with no questions or comments.

Jerralea said...

It's the little things that make life worth living, I always think.

My, you try out flavors of tea that I never knew existed! I'm more open to trying new teas and coffees just because I've read about all the flavors you have tried.

Kathie said...

I think we'll all be glad for springtime this year - it's been quite an old-fashioned winter! Do you use regular bread for your panini sandwiches Susanne? Or is it a special kind of bread. I think I'd like them better than regular sandwiches too.

Mmm Pineapple Tea sounds yummy!

Glad you're enjoying your Bible study - I'm doing the Daniel Plan from Saddleback and really liking it too.

Happy weekend!

Kathie said...

PS-so glad your tests results were good!

Barbara H. said...

Glad your test came back ok! I think the weeks of simple everyday faves are some of the best - too often we overlook them.

This was the first time in a long time I wasn't able to do a FFF - it was just a whirlwind of a week, and even if I could have come up with a post, I wouldn't have had time to visit with other participants, at least not for several days. But I am looking forward to being back this week!