Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday's Fave Five # 193

My goodness, where did the week go?  One minute it was the weekend and the next here we are at Friday once more.  I'm not sure what kept me so busy this week that it just flew by but I know this is the perfect time to look back and find blessings in my days.  Please join me in sharing five of your favorites from the week.

1.  Celebrating new babies.  Monday evening my ladies bible study blessed one of our group by taking her out to a favorite restaurant to celebrate her new baby.  It was her second and she didn't want a shower but was so blessed just to have an evening out.  It was a fun evening with good people, yummy appetizers and oohing and aahing over a cute newborn.

2.  Bedding out plants finally out in their beds.   It has been late getting them out.  There was a time when it was Victoria Day weekend that signaled it was time to put plants out but it seems to have moved more towards the end of May.  Nights were still getting down to freezing or close to it and one morning we even had frost.  But it's all good now and they are happily laying down roots in the soil.

3.  Iced Tea.  For whatever reason it's been going down good this week and tasting especially good.

4.  New blanket for a great price.  We needed a new lighter blanket on the bed and after a long time looking I finally found one at Costco and it's perfect.  Not as hot and heavy as our winter comforter and not as minimal as our summer one. It's comfortable and light and just right.  At at $29.99 the price was right.  

5.  Arrangements made for son's EMT exams.  He has to travel to another city to take them and all the arrangements always cause me stress but he took care of them with minimal help.  The hotel is booked, the arrangements to get there and back made. It's such a relief.   He's been studying hard and I know he will do well. 

Thanks for joining us in looking for and sharing our blessings.  Have a nice weekend everyone! 


nikkipolani said...

What a nice way to celebrate with one of your study ladies. It sounds like you are heading for summer for real -- plants planted, refreshed by iced tea. Best wishes to your son for his exams.

Gattina said...

I don't know if you like to work in the yard, I am happy to have finished or nearly ! I am so fed up !
Can't you take this word verification out ? it becomes more and more difficult and takes time to guess ! because you can't read it !

Willow said...

How fun to celebrate a new baby that way.
Putting in the bedding plants is great--a sure sign that summer is coming!

LivingforGod said...

Glad you found the right blanket at the right price! Iced tea sounds quite refreshing.

Have a blessed weekend in the Lord!

Jientje said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate a new baby! I haven't bought any hanging plants yet this year, it's been cold for a long time here as well. I'm sure your son will do well with his exams. Hope you'll have a nice weekend and a great week ahead!

Faith said...

Sounds like a nice newborn amazing to see God's handiwork!! and yay for iced tea (i wrote about lemonade!!). Saying a prayer for your son and his EMT work!! have a happy weekend!34

Mary said...

Best of luck to your son!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

What a great way to celebrate a new baby -- great for Mom, especially. I love it when all the bedding plants are out and blooming. Something we haven't found time to do this year...there will be another time. Hoping all goes well for your son's exam!

Have a great week.

Barbara H. said...

The baby celebration sounds fun!

We got some plants in hangers and pots Mother's Day weekend. I love the way they brighten up the place!

Hope your son' EMT exams go well! I can feel a little pressured about needing to make arrangements for things like that, as well, and it's so nice to have it done -- especially as older kids are able to take on this kind of thing themselves.

Mom24 said...

What a great list! I wish your son the best of luck, I love how you celebrated that new baby, enjoy those plants. :) We drink a lot of tea around here too, unfortunately it's sweet tea, I became enthralled with it a few years ago on a trip in the south and I just can't seem to go back. With a little lemon it's delicious!

Sandra said...

That's a sweet way to celebrate a new baby, and I'm sure she appreciate it immensely :)

Brenda said...

Costco is so good for finding a quality item and a reasonable price, I love that I have a costco close to my house now!

Can't wait to hear how your son does on his exams, I'm sure he'll do great!

Jerralea said...

Oh,I love to celebrate new babies!

And I'm a BIG time iced tea drinker.

Have an awesome weekend!

Kathie said...

Getting caught up on all your fff news Susanne. Hope your son gets excellent results for all his hard work! And hope you find some time to enjoy iced tea and your lovely newly planted flowerbeds. I'm hoping to get mine done this week too! have a great week!